Harbor Village – Detox and Addiction Treatment Center Review

Located 10 miles north of central Miami, Harbor Village is a well-established rehab center that offers detox, residential programming, and outpatient care for adults struggling with addiction and dual diagnosis.

Employing the most caring and compassionate staff, this effective luxury drug rehab is dedicated to painlessly guiding patients through withdrawal and obtaining life-long sobriety.

1.      Treatment

The center’s detox treatment plan helps patients overcome physical and psychological dependencies from addictive substances. Patients here get medical treatment from expert medical doctors, counselors, and psychiatrists, continual medical treatment, gourmet meals for holistic health, as well as relaxation sessions including yoga, meditation, and acupuncture.

Patients in residential treatment participate in one-on-one therapy and group therapy to figure out the underlying reasons for substance abuse. Here, they learn healthy coping skills and management strategies to replace harmful habits. They participate in 12-step programs, receive CBT, get visits from friends and family, and engage in holistic therapies. Residential treatment usually lasts from 30 to 90 days, depending on the patient’s specific situation.

The outpatient treatment program helps patients get back to their professional life, hobbies, and loved ones. Patients visit Harbor Village 3-5 days out of the week for cognitive behavioral therapy, pharmacological therapy, family therapy, and life coaching.

Harbor Village’s sober living community program’s mission is to help patients reestablish their lives after residential rehabilitation. The center helps recovering individuals with job placement, interview training, life skills, semi-independent living, and community service opportunities. Patients here learn how to survive on their own, without the necessity of 24 hour treatment.

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2.      Accommodation and Food

Harbor Village facility is located in a residential area 10 miles north of central Miami and three miles from the beach. Here, clients can enjoy luxurious and comfortable amenities in a resort-style setting. Here, patients can immerse in the tropical South Florida climate, and enjoy a 30,000 sq. feet of outdoor lounge area, open-sky gazebo, and serene pond oasis.

The center’s detox facility can accommodate up to 40 clients, while the residential program can house up to 80. Patients live in private or semi-private rooms, equipped with en-suite bathrooms, flat screen TVs, and X-Box consoles with streaming services. Furthermore, patients have full access to spa and salon services, continual 24/7 open access to medical service, and family oriented outdoor amenities, such as movies under the stars and weekly barbecues.

A private chef prepares all buffet-style meals that are well-balanced and nutritious. Patients have access to gourmet food and specialty beverages anytime they want.

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3.      Staff

Harbor Village employs an experienced and caring staff that guides patients on the road to obtaining life-long sobriety. Each patient is given a customized recovery regime that is based on their unique level of addiction. The center’s staff members include MDs, psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed therapists, as well as administrative and clinical support staff. The staff-to-client ratio is two-to-one.

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4.      Reviews

Harbor Village has a 3.9-star rating on Google Reviews, 4.7 stars on Rehabs, and 5 stars on their website. Some of the comments include:

The facilities I received from the experienced staff made me feel pampered and loved like never before! I felt so special, to be able to spend time, being with people who always look at you with smiling faces. I wish and pray that everyone who has lost their way to Harbor Village Detox. – M.B

The treatment plans at Harbor Village address the physical and mental health of client. The staff designs the plan where people in recovery can be holistically treated. Harbor Village offers a therapy that has an edge over the conventional treatments. The detoxification program and medical aid is provided to heal the physical body of clients. Staff treats clients with dignity and great potential with personalized treatment plans. – K.P

As soon as our daughter went to Harbor Village, she expressed her desire to have a female therapist because of her history of years of emotional and physical abuse by a brutal husband. She never got a woman therapist. Harbor Village has no gender specific group or other therapy. Its program’s goal is to make the most money it can by running large group therapy sessions and limiting individual therapy to one hour per week. It appears that all that matters to Harbor Village is making money. – P.G.W

“The food was horrible, not gourmet at all…3 people to a room which are dirty, the nurses could care less about the patients, it’s a paycheck to them, the case managers were horrible, that’s if u could find them and they didn’t ignore you.” – Mike

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5.      Pricing

Treatment at Harbor Village costs $25,000 a month. The center is in-network with most insurance companies, including Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Coventry, Medical Mutual, and United.

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6.      Summary

Governed by the sincere desire to change people’s lives for the better, Harbor Village offers affordable healthcare for all socioeconomic members equally. Committed to administering the best detoxification and drug prevention treatment, the center gives its patients the respect and recognition they deserve.

Overall, Harbor Village is an ideal rehab for those looking for a luxury facility at an affordable price, with a highly trained staff, evidence-based practices, and 12-step recovery. It offers peaceful atmosphere combined with resort-style amenities that make the healing process exceedingly successful and comfortable.

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