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Located on a three private acres near one of Malibu’s sandy beaches, Access Malibu offers high-quality treatment for an affordable price. Opened in 2015 as a sister location to Cliffside Malibu, the rehab creates similar luxury experiences for residents suffering from addiction and/or mental disorders in their two serene beach houses.

Residents enjoy top-notch, quality treatment – since half of Cliffside Malibu’s staff is shared with Access Malibu – expensive amenities, and breathtaking views for a significantly lower price.

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1. Treatment Program

With the motto “Five-star treatment shouldn’t just be for the rich and famous,” the treatment center focuses on providing excellent care in a peaceful atmosphere.

Detox Program

Access Malibu offers a detox program within their facility. The center’s highly-trained staff devotes themselves to making the detoxification process as comfortable as possible, providing a specially designed treatment plan. The treatment center provides 24/7 care by a staff member and values detox as a necessary and important first step towards recovery.

Primary Care

After detox, the specialized staff develops the patient’s individualized plan that includes a variety of treatment approaches. They specialize in alcohol, prescription, cocaine, marijuana, painkiller, heroin, methamphetamine,gambling, and sex or love addiction.

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Residents at Access Malibu engage in variety of activities and therapy-based programs, such as individual, group therapy, 12-Step, Cognitive-behavioral, Dialectical-behavioral therapy, combined with yoga, meditation, outdoor activities, life-coaching, and private training activities.

They are all evidence-based with a focus on addressing the underlying issue and preventing relapse.

Sober Living and Day Treatment/Outpatient Care

The facility offers 24-staffed sober living houses as a treatment option for people overwhelmed by their usual surrounding. At Access’s sober living, the individual will enjoy a supportive, comfortable surroundings after finishing the initial intensive treatment.

Another option for residents is to transfer to day treatment or outpatient care.  Here they are able to focus on relapse prevention, developing coping skills, and incorporating old hobbies and interests, while achieving the perfect after-addiction life balance.

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Dual Diagnosis

As in every evidence-based facility, the treatment center believes in the complexity of the disease of addiction. Therefore, residents coping with addiction and mental illness can reach for professional help and battle those conditions with the staff’s assistance.

The treatment center’s dual diagnosis program includes recovery from conditions such as depression, bi-polar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, social fears, fibromyalgia, eating disorders, combined with the disease of addiction.

2. Accommodations and Food

Even though the care at the treatment center costs less than half of the price residents at Cliffside Malibu pay, the care is excellent, and the setting is a luxurious. The number of patients is limited to six at a time, which highlights the individualized approach they provide. No private rooms are available.

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With a minimum stay of 30 days and a maximum of 90, the facility encourages a long-term treatment approach to recovery. The two executive chefs prepare three healthy, delicious meals each day. The facility does not offer a pool, but a full-equipped gym complements the experience.

3. Access Malibu’s Staff

The facility’s staff includes three highly-trained therapists, residents advisors, a team of chefs, housekeepers, and a driver. One of the many perks of attending this facility is that some of the well-known Cliffside Malibu therapists participate in creating the individual’s recovery plan.

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So far, the reviews regarding staff efficiency are great, taking the fact that the facility is quite new.

One alumni commented, “It was a great experience. I loved my therapist. The staff was kind and respectful and the food was mostly above average.” – J.

Another one said, “The staff is pretty amazing as well as the clients.” – T.

4. Price and Reviews

The price ranges from $25,000 to $34,000 per month. However, the facility accepts most of the insurance plans that cover half or full price of the recovery cost. The treatment center has a score of 3.5 out of 5 on their Facebook page, with a total of 6 votes.

Currently, there is one comment on the facility’s Google reviews, saying, “The people are great. If you’re looking for nice people and a nice place to stay this is not the right place. If you’re looking for just a great treatment program this would be a great place. The pictures that they posted online are pictures from another house and some of Access Malibu which looks pretty run down to the inside of the house.” – T.P. 

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5. Summary

In a peaceful environment, Access Malibu gives an opportunity to affordable, yet quality approach to recovery. As a sister location to Cliffside Malibu, the treatment center has a highly respected, experienced staff. The center provides the best for its residents, with a staff that helps addicts cope with the pressure of addiction.

The center’s admission staff will guide every person interested in attending through their program and payment options. Therefore, the patients can feel in safe hands knowing that are getting the best care available.

For more information about Access Malibu treatment center, please visit their official website.

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