Alina Lodge – Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Center Review

Located in beautiful Blairstown, New Jersey, Alina Lodge specializes in providing treatment for individuals struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

Offering residential treatment for adults, the center boasts a high success rate, comfortable amenities, and 24-hour staff whose main concern is the well-being of patients.

A non-profit organization with over 500 years of combined sobriety, this 80-acre facility is dedicated to transforming and saving lives.


1.      Treatment

Alina Lodge successfully treats individuals battling with drug addiction, alcoholism, relationship dependency, personality disorders, gambling addiction, sexual addiction, smoking addiction, and eating disorders. The center addresses these issues through trauma resolution, grief group, eating disorder group, anger management, co-dependency counseling, spirituality weekends, sex and relationship addiction groups, and other process addiction treatments.

Alina Lodge offers two main programs to its patients: a 90-day short-term residential treatment for first-timers, and a 6-month long-term residential treatment for those who failed to maintain their sobriety. Upon arrival, each patient goes through assessment and medical detox to cleanse the body of toxins. The treatment program is based on the 12-step principles and patients actively participate in individual and group therapies, family counseling, and educational lectures.

The facility also offers a Family Program for the immediate family of students that are 13 years of age or older. Families can go through treatment programs themselves in order to learn more about addiction and how to deal with their loved ones. The Family Program is residential and includes counseling and introduction to Al-Anon family groups for continuing support.

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A Typical Day at Alina Lodge

Alina Lodge refers to patients as students, since they learn how to live a life free of addiction. The center is smoke-free and students have to stay fully detoxed. Patients at Alina Lodge are individuals of all genders, ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds, from teachers to corporate executives.

Mornings start at 7 am with the breakfast meal and the morning reading. After that, students have to do some basic chores like tidying up their rooms and keeping the beds neat. The first lecture starts at 10:15 am, lunch is at 12:15 pm and student session at 2 pm. Residents get couple of hours of free time to do assignments, attend counselor conferences, use the gym, read, and socialize with peers. Dinner is at at 5:45 pm, followed by the 7:30 pm evening session and the 8 pm AA meeting. All activities end at 10 pm and lights go off at 11 pm.

During weekends, patients participate in discussion groups, music therapy, art therapy, aerobics, NA, and a family program orientation.

Residents can’t use any personal electronics like cell phones or laptops, though there is a limited TV time in the evening. The facility accepts all religions, and patients can take part in Jewish practices, Christian practices, and meditation.

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2.      Accommodations and Food

Alina Lodge is located in rural Northwest New Jersey, just 60 miles West of New York City.  An 80-acre co-ed facility with 70 beds, males and females live separately and cannot communicate. However, they eat in the same hall and attend lectures together.

The facility is a cluster of 5 farmhouse-styled buildings nestled between beautiful gardens, landscaped lawns, and wooded hiking trails. The campus is also smoke-free. Patients won’t find luxury or high-end amenities here. They share a bedroom with one other roommate. Some patients have their own bathroom in the room, while others have to use the common hallway restroom. There is an on-site gym where patients can exercise and attend group fitness classes, as well as a chapel.

Alina Lodge does not employ on-site gourmet chefs that will make anything on demand. A nutritionist supervises the menu and all the meals are well-balanced. The food is cafeteria-like and there are no sugary snacks to munch on. Favorite food items include chicken with rice and veggies, sandwiches, and soups. Fruit is also available and decaf coffee only, which seems to bother many.


3.      Staff

Alina Lodge employs a medical director, a psychiatrist, psychologists, licensed addiction counselors, a 24-hour nursing staff, trauma specialists, a family therapist, and a nutritionist. The doctors are on-site most of the time, while nurses are there around-the-clock.

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4.      Reviews

Alina Lodge has a 3.4-star rating on Rehabs, 5 stars on their Facebook profile, and 3.5 stars on The Fix. Some of the comments include:

My life started showing glimpses of Hope. I was very Reluctant to Recover, and I have just celebrated 2 years of continuous sobriety. – C.L

My take on the Lodge was that that they were willing to go to almost any lengths including lying about our progress and making up horror scenarios about what would happen if  we leave the facility “too soon” (i.e. in under six months) in order to soak our family members for every dollar they could get. – Geraldine

Treatment-wise, their approach is really terrible. It’s true, there is a way for everyone, and some say it works for them. But I think that if one responds best to discipline and punishment and shaming, there are bigger issues in the long run. … I left before the end of the program and found my sobriety with regular counselors. – M.C

This place changed my life. I have never been more grateful and at peace and finally understand what life is about. – T.L

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5.      Pricing

Treatment at Alina Lodge is quite expensive. Patients have to leave a $12,700 deposit upon admission that covers the first 30 days of treatment. Overall, the treatment costs roughly $12, 000 per month, and there is a 90-day minimum for first-timers, and 6-months minimum for the chronic relapser, i.e. $415 per day. The fee for the Family Program is $415 a day per person or $581 per couple. The facility also works with some insurance carriers.

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6.      Summary

Patients who are looking to get sober in a laid-back and high-end ambiance, should seek treatment elsewhere. Alina Lodge demands a long-term attendance, offers a strict environment, and implements a 12-step, non-permissive approach that some might find suitable.

If you or your loved one respond well to rules, regulations, and restrictions, then Alina Lodge seems like an amazing choice.

For more information about Alina Lodge, please visit their official website.

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