Alta Mira Recovery – A Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Review

A leader in the treatment of addiction and co-occurring disorders, Alta Mira Recovery is located in a former glorious hotel overlooking the San Francisco Bay. Alta Mira, translated into “higher view”, blends proven techniques with innovation in order to provide healing to those battling with addiction.

Their unique program addresses the neuro-biological, psychological, physical, social and spiritual aspects of addition, empowering patients to find personal meaning and embrace life’s infinite possibilities.


1.      Treatment

The innovative and creative therapies at Alta Mira’s beautiful residential facilities allow for the body and mind to be at ease. The center promises healing from an accurate diagnosis and a customized addiction treatment plan that respects patients’ goals, aspirations, and unique needs.

Alta Mira Recovery’s compassionate care and excellent service help clients feel safe, comforted, and inspired. Incorporating four core varieties of treatment—biological, psychological, social and spiritual—Alta Mira treats the “whole person,” not just the addiction.

Days here are always busy. Breakfast starts as early as 6:30 am and the first activity begins at 7:30 am. Patients don’t have to worry about chores or jobs since the rehab prefers its residents to focus on classes and lectures.

Further activities include acupuncture, massage, yoga, qigong, gym, and more. Twice a week, the center takes residents on field trips to go hiking, kayaking, rock-climbing, visit Alcatraz, and see movies. Patients also have access to the nearby sandy beaches.

30-Day Program

Alta Mira Recovery’s 30-day program starts with a medically-supervised detox. The detox specialists offer the most advanced methods possible, and an around-the-clock care.

Then, the diagnostic professionals provide comprehensive testing and assessment. During this testing and assessment, the team identifies and resolves the underlying issues that contributed to the patient’s addiction.

With these information, the team customizes a treatment plan that best supports each patient’s recovery goals.

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90-Day Comprehensive Program

The 90-Day program at Alta Mira Recovery is available to each patient who wishes to produce the most successful results. In addition to the highly advanced clinical treatments, the center also integrates a mind-body-spirit approach to ensure that all needs are addressed.

A truly comprehensive care for complex addictions and co-occurring disorders, the 90-day program allows for deeper work on key recovery skills and relapse prevention.

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Clinical Program

Alta Mira Recovery’s trusted clinical program provides patients with tools, knowledge, and support needed to embrace a meaningful life of recovery. The treatment model integrates clinically validated treatment modalities with 12-step peer support, intensive educational opportunities, experiential therapy, and holistic services.

Especially relevant to note is that the clinical program usually includes: 2 individual therapy sessions each week with a primary therapist, daily group therapy, educational classes, individual spiritual counseling sessions, 4-Day Family Program, rejuvenating holistic services for body, mind and spirit, and the ability to bring a pet.

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Intensive Outpatient Program

Alta Mira Recovery’s 8-week Intensive Outpatient Program teaches patients how to manage daily-life commitments. Patients here learn how to build stronger relationships, gain insight into behaviors, and develop emotion regulation skills.

Most noteworthy, the emphasis is on evidence-based treatment methods like Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention, CBT, and DBT.

Furthermore, other activities include fitness in recovery, yoga, equine therapy, emotional sobriety, skills for independent living, and other.

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2.      Accommodations and Food

Alta Mira Recovery Facility is located in a magnificent and serene setting with panoramic views, lovely gardens, and casual elegance of a historic hotel. Patients have access to the exceptional dining room, lounge, therapy offices, meeting rooms, and detox accommodations.

The rooms are light-filled, luxurious, and comfortable. Many rooms are double occupancy, although residents can opt for a private room or suite. The private suites feature a spacious living room, fireplace, and an extra-large bathroom with a luxury bathtub.

Furthermore, Alta Mira Recovery has the most amazing chefs that deliver mouth-watering menus to delight and nourish patients. The daily menu includes three top-quality meals a day, with unlimited snacks and beverages in between.

In addition to gourmet entrées and side dishes, Alta Mira Recovery also offers a wide range of fresh fruits and salads. The breakfast buffet is a favorite, featuring French toast, waffles, oatmeal, bacon, sausages, and more. Upon arrival, each patient meets with the Nutritionist and Executive Chef to talk about food preferences, special dietary needs, and allergies.

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3.      Staff

The staff at Alta Mira Recovery is a team of renowned addiction experts, fully licensed therapists, and consulting physicians and psychiatrists board-certified in addiction medicine. A massage therapist and an acupuncturist are in charge of the holistic treatment.

They have a 24-hour medically supervised detox program, with on-site detox specialists who are ready and eager to help struggling patients whenever needed. All the rehab’s therapists are licensed Master’s and Doctoral-level.

Furthermore, everyone agrees that the staff at Alta Mira are exceptional. “I was treated with respect and dignity but also with compassion and genuine care during this difficult time in my life.”

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4.      Reviews

Alta Mira Recovery has a 4.3 star rating on Google, 3.8 on Yelp, and 3.8 stars on Rehabs. Some of the comments include:

As seen on a Sussex Directories Inc site

Personalized program, sincere concern, no personal degradation, compassionate, and experienced staff. – K.M.W

This place does more than just treat addiction. They provide the tools to work with the underlying issues. The program is nurturing from the inside out. You will be treated with respect and dignity but also with compassion and genuine care. – C.C

At these prices, Alta Mira should guarantee success. At the very least, they should readmit any former patient who relapses at no additional charge. – S.F

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5.      Pricing

The 30-days stay at Alta Mira Recovery costs $50,000 for a double room, $60,000 for semi-private, and $70,000 for a private room. All elements of the treatment (detox, accommodations, meals, clinical and psychiatric services including neuropsychological and medical treatment, etc.) are covered in the price. There is a significant price break for clients who commit to the 90-day comprehensive program upfront.

Moreover, Alta Mira Recovery are not in-network with any insurance providers. However, they do recommend third party vendors who can assist in filing claims with insurance providers for out-of-network reimbursement.

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6.      Summary

Alta Mira Recovery’s goal is to help patients rediscover the possibilities that come with freedom from addiction. The rehab tends to provide the most beautiful environment, the best service, and the most transformative experience to patients.

Everyone who enjoys the Bay Area will find this fully-equipped center with a variety of perks and amenities worth investigating.

In conclusion, opening up each patient to a meaningful change and growth, Alta Mira Recovery is a comprehensive solution to addiction.

For more information about Alta Mira Recovery, please visit their official website.

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