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If you are 18 or older looking for a life-changing treatment facility, San Diego’s AToN Center might be the perfect choice for you.

AToN Center has a remarkable reputation among substance abuse and co-occurring disorder treatment centers in the country. The center is a “leader in integrated residential addiction care, and the only Joint Commission accredited behavioral health organization in Encinitas.”

1. Treatment Programs

Non-12 Step Rehab Program

To non-religious or 12-step program dissatisfied patients, the facility offers a non-12 Step rehab program. All‏ of their groups are based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Every individual is taught to change the way they think while learning how to deal with emotional struggles.

Their Non-12 Step program consists of a variety of treatment approaches, such as acupuncture, assertiveness training, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Discharge Planning and Lifetime Aftercare, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), family therapy, fitness and meditation, SMART recovery, and Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback.

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Additionally, residents can enjoy holistic treatment services four times a week. The center provides three hours of group therapy and one-hour individual therapy. Their beliefs are highly match the need of individualized treatment approach for higher chances of recovery. AToN center encourages family involvement in a 90-minute family session.

After admission, the resident undergoes an individual assessment provided by a medical team. After the assessment, the team creates the resident’s individualized treatment plan.

The center offers on-site detox. Their credentialed staff is available through the entire detox process addressing the needs of every patient. The facility holds an emergency 24/7 medical doctor on board and a consistent team of advisors during the residents’ stay.

The 12-step recovery program is part of AToN Center’s treatment programs. However, it’s the residents’ choice if they want to be a part of it.

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SMART Recovery Program

SMART – standing for Self Management And Recovery Training – is a modern, scientifically based, non-12 Step, community support recovery program.

The program is based on the belief that the individuals have control over their lives and can change if motivated the right way. The approach understands addiction as bad habit and is based on the center’s cognitive-behavioral philosophy.

To prevent relapse, the center’s staff provides education through Relapse Prevention groups, held twice per week. The residents learn how to recognize relapse warning signs, and how to prevent them. Each resident that completes the center’s treatment is invited to attend their weekly Aftercare meetings, as well as quarterly Alumni events.

2. Accommodation

The residents can choose whether they want to share a room with other residents or stay in a private room. AToN Center recommends long-term treatment with a minimum stay of 30-days, to a maximum of 90 days. The luxury center admits only 12 residents at a time to assure as more individualized treatment as possible with an impressive 3:1 staff-to-patient ratio.

aton center bedroomResidents can relax and spend their days in “onsite gyms, spinning bikes, tennis courts, sand volley courts, salt water pool, fresh water pool and spa, cabana, fountains, barbecue, fire pit, multi-jet outdoor shower, and a sauna with a 360-degree view. ”

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Also, the center serves organic nutrition meals prepared by a professional chef. The facility allows all types of electronic devices, under the supervision of their Clinical Team.

3. AToN Center Staff

The center’s staff is licensed, experienced and on a doctoral level. AToN Center doesn’t use “interns, psychological assistants, or unlicensed “professionals.”” Therefore, the reviews on the staff’s service are excellent.

One alumni says, “The doctors and counselors were amazing: a year later, and I know that I can call anytime and hash out a problem or just ask for support.” – C.M.

Another one says, “The RA’s who work at AToN are top notch!  Loving, caring individuals who work so hard to navigate the vast personalities of the addicts who live the 30 days at AToN.  They manage it with grace and love.” – S.T.

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4. Price and Reviews

The price depends on the treatment and reaches $45 000 for a minimum of 30 days stay. AToN Center accepts insurance. Self-payment is also available.

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AToN Center holds an average review rate of 4.5 to 5.0.

“I knew that there was something special about this facility after having met a dozen or so graduates from Aton who had each had incredibly powerful experiences there. Since then I have met many more of their graduates and haven’t ever heard a complaint or negative comment about their facility. In the treatment world, this is generally unheard of, but Aton has a unique way of making their clients feel genuinely cared for.” R.W.

“AToN Center is an amazing place staffed with amazing people!” – E.Z.
“The setting is impeccable, and the staff is second to none. One of the most beautiful treatment centers I’ve seen and experienced.” – M.D.
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5. Summary

AToN Center is an excellent place for people that need an innovative approach in their path to recovery. Therefore, the center offers outstanding service in a luxurious setting where the expert staff focuses on every patient.

The staff to patient ratio of 3:1 plays a significant role in the center’s success and impeccable reputation.

For more information about AToN Center, please visit their official website. 

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