Authentic Recovery Center – Dual Diagnosis Rehab Center Review

Located minutes from Santa Monica beach, the Authentic Recovery Center (ARC) is a retreat for addicts in a need of individualized care. By treating no more than 12 patients at a time, the Authentic Recovery Center focuses on uncovering and treating the root of addiction.

The center offers a high-end treatment at an affordable price to people suffering from alcohol, drug, and gambling addiction, as well as from eating disorders, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and trauma.

Established in 2004, this treatment center boasts a high satisfaction rate due to the psychological assessment of each patient, free intervention support, and a family program included with treatment.

Authentic Recovery Center

  1. Treatment

Since addiction is no longer viewed as a moral problem, the Authentic Recovery Center recognizes that there are numerous other factors that contribute to the drug addiction and alcoholism. In order to treat the core issues, not just the addiction, the facility is a Dual Diagnosis rehab center that offers an individualized treatment plan with the most advanced techniques available.

In addition to detox and the standard 30-day inpatient treatment, the Authentic Recovery Center offers 60 and 90-day plans, extended care, outpatient programs, and sober living.

Dual Diagnosis

People who have a dual diagnosis suffer from both a mood disorder and substance abuse. Each illness requires its own treatment plan, which is exactly what the professional staff at the center offers to each resident. In order the addiction treatment to be successful, the core issues that led to that addiction need to be addressed.

This treatment plan entails addressing the emotional, physical, and cognitive symptoms with the help of various psychological techniques, psychiatric medicine, detoxification, and support groups.

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The first major step that people suffering from dual diagnosis have to take is detoxification. It is an important part of effective treatment where private doctors utilize prescription medications to alleviate dangerous and uncomfortable signs of withdrawal. During this process, the staff at the center monitors the patient 24/7 for up to 7 days.

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Residential Treatment

Offering a 30-day Residential Treatment program that is a groundwork to begin recovery, the team of professionals at the Authentic Recovery Center deliver rehabilitation services in a caring and compassionate fashion.

The Residential Treatment features recovery-oriented activities that are crucial to the patient’s well-being. These activities include: individual and group therapies, addiction education, 12-step education, meditation techniques, shame reduction, recovery fundamentals, and more.

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Continuing Care

Continuing Care is the second level of treatment at the center, aimed at addressing the continuing individual clinical needs of clients. This phase 2 program includes: Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome Detoxification, Medication Management, Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment, Somatic Therapy, Grief and Loss Therapy, Anger and Stress Management, and more.

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 Intensive Outpatient Program

The Intensive Outpatient Program at the Authentic Recovery Center is the last step towards recovery. During this I.O treatment, the focus is on providing a safe reintegration of the patient into society. The clinical team helps patients process the feelings and emotions occur while transitioning from alcohol and drug rehab.

Offering a supportive network of services for solving the triggers of an independent daily living routine, the majority of care provided here revolves around the unresolved issues generated by the patient’s dual diagnosis status.

I.O.P treatment includes: Three group therapy sessions per day, held Monday through Friday, Individual therapy sessions, specialized group sessions, Random drug and alcohol testing, Career and education counseling, Legal support and assistance, and Alumni meetings and events for continued involvement.

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Authentic Recovery Center

  1. Accommodation and Food

Located in West Los Angeles, California, the center’s fine accommodations meet each client with comfort. Offering a pleasant and serene atmosphere that resembles a private home, the facility features both private and shared rooms, living spaces with comfy furnishings and flat-screen TVs, a private yard with lots of greenery, and a nice back patio.

Furthermore, the food is healthy and nutritious, and there is also a nutritionist on-site at all times. The breakfast meals contain eggs, bacon, yogurt, cereal, and coffee, while lunch consists of various sandwiches and salads. For dinner, patients usually get grilled chicken, fish, veggies, and such.

Days here begin at 7:30 am with the group meditation, followed by daily therapies, individual counseling, activities like yoga and art therapy, trips to the movies or beach, hikes in Malibu, and AA or NA meetings in the area.

Authentic Recovery Center

  1. Staff

The small but dedicated staff at the Authentic Recovery Center is a team of hard-working, understanding, and caring professionals that possess a comprehensive understanding of addiction, and psychological and psychiatric issues.

The staff’s personal experience with addiction and substance abuse is what strengthens the conduit of communication and trust between the patients and the team. With more than 130 years of combined experience in the field of mental and behavioral health treatment, the staff’s goal is to help patients and their families through each phase of the recovery process.

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Authentic Recovery Center

  1. Testimonials

A former patient gave her outlook on the facility, saying: Before I went to the Authentic Recovery Center I attended two other drug rehab programs. I have to say that my experience at ARC exceeded my expectations. Their focus on my core issues was perfect for my needs. I had been able to stop using before, but I was never able to stay stopped. The staff at ARC showed me compassion and offered my excellent guidance to deal with my depression and anxiety. I don’t think I would have made it without their support. I’ve been clean and sober since 2005.

Another satisfied patient said: Before enrolling in the Authentic Recovery Center I was completely lost in my depression and my addiction. I had been through a few other rehabs before and I felt like I was beyond help or hope. I left the program with a sense of achievement and contentedness. I’m not even sure how that happened, but I can tell you this. They were the smallest program I had ever been to and I did more individual therapy there then in all the other rehabs combined. Based on my prior experiences, it was a completely different approach. If you need support in dealing with anxiety, or depression, or anything like that – this is the program for you. I’m so glad I found them and I’m very grateful for the staff and all their support and caring.

Freddy shares his experience, saying: In my opinion ARC is the best treatment facility in California – hands down!  I should know as I’ve been to a number of them and it was ARC that finally helped me to get sober.  The staff is inspirational, caring and just plain real. I never felt trapped in a “facility” because outside activities are the norm, including all the best AA meetings in town.  I learned to get sober while still actively participating in life rather than being shut off away from the general population.  In fact, I stayed at ARC for a long time because I’ve never felt safer or more loved for who I am – defects and all.  Today, I’m almost 5 years sober.  My artistic, spiritual and emotional life has grown like I never thought possible.  I’m grateful to everyone at ARC for the life I now have.  

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  1. Pricing and Insurance Details

Treatment at the Authentic Recovery Center costs $1, 200 per day, or $28, 500 per month, and $75, 000 for the extended program of 90 days.

All levels of care are covered in-network with Anthem Blue Cross and Cigna. Most major insurance providers and private health care policies offer either partial or full coverage for substance abuse treatment. Everyone who likes to verify their coverage, eligibility, and benefits information for behavioral and mental health treatment services, you have to fill out the form listed on their official website.

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The Authentic Recovery Center does not work with the following health care insurance plans: Medi-Cal, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Authentic Recovery Center

  1. Summary

Even though the Authentic Recovery Center is a 30-day program, they also offer sober living homes in a nearby house from the main facility, for those who aren’t ready to completely embrace independence. If patients are unwilling to take after care recommendations, they may choose to be a part of a lifetime free alumni services such as alumni meetings, crisis lines, online recovery chat rooms, and alumni activities.

With an effective treatment, pleasant accommodations, and dedicated staff, the center’s program offers multiple choices for drug and alcohol rehab to meet a variety of needs. With a total residential capacity of just 12 people, the Authentic Recovery Center ensures that new life is hard, but never impossible.

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