Avalon Malibu – Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Review

With impressive views of the Pacific Ocean, the beautiful Avalon Malibu is an oasis of serenity and comfort where adults seek refuge from the harmful hands of addiction.

A licensed residential treatment center, Avalon Malibu is dedicated to helping patients recover from substance abuse disorders, as well as psychiatric and mental health issues.

A prestigious rehab center that is well-known in Malibu’s luxury scene, the facility is a solid option for those looking to recover mentally, spiritually, and physically.


1.      Treatment

Avalon Malibu offers five levels of care including Licensed Addiction Residential Treatment (Detoxification), Licensed Mental Health Residential Treatment, Partial Hospitalization Program, Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program, and Outpatient Medication Management. The center uses experiential methodologies, expressive arts, and research-based psychotherapies in order to provide the best treatment possible.

Avalon Malibu treats several substance abuse conditions including alcoholism, opiate addiction, cocaine addiction, heroin addiction, methamphetamine addiction, MDMA addiction, and others. The center also provides treatment for various specific mental health disorders like anxiety, bi-polar, dual-diagnosis, depression, phobias, borderline, OCD, PTS, and many more.

Furthermore, Avalon Malibu’s mission is to heal mind, body and spirit with evidenced based therapeutic processes. The treatment program combines 12 step approaches with group and individual psychotherapy. Their educational and therapeutic model is formed using Motivational Enhancement Therapy combined with Cognitive behavioral therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapies.

The first step is supervised detoxification where patients get rid of built-up toxins. The therapeutic work of rehab begins once there are no toxins left in the body. Patients take part in various therapies like 12-step groups, non 12-step support groups, EMDR, Gestalt, psychodrama, art therapy, yoga, and many more.

The Intensive Outpatient Program is for those who can’t afford residential treatment or don’t need constant monitoring. Individuals have to complete a primary treatment program before enrolling into IOP.

Aftercare services are also as important as the rehabilitation process itself. The center helps each client transition back into independent living and offers the best support in order to prevent relapse.

Typical Day at Avalon Malibu

Patients at Avalon Malibu are people of all ages, races, areas, and personalities. Days start early and patients have to attend a large number of therapies and engage in various activities. They attend group therapies, as well individual sessions at least three times a week. Clients can choose whether they’ll participate in 12-step meetings or SMART Recovery meetings. Clinicians provide evidence-based practices like CBT, DBT, and EMDR.

In addition to group meetings, patients also engage in many integrative therapies like acupuncture, massage, ropes course, art therapy, yoga, aqua therapy, physical fitness, and the likes.

In addition, there is a lot of freedom at Avalon Malibu. Patients can watch TV, use personal electronics and the house phone. Since there’s a housekeeping staff in-house, patients don’t have any chores to do.

Residents report they loved the whole Avalon Malibu experience, stating: “I transformed my life during my stay here. I took advantage of everything they offered: Nero-feedback, Aqua Therapy, Meditation classes with Famous Buddhist “Noah Levine”, Yoga, Rock-climbing, Equine (Horse) therapy, Gym, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Agape Church, AA Meetings, great Food/Nutrition and so much more.”

See more information about their treatments here.


2.      Accommodations and Food

Avalon Malibu has two different residential houses, The Cottage House – home to its substance abuse and addiction treatment program – and The Grand House – home to its mental health treatment program.

The Cottage House has its own private beach and offers scenic views of the Pacific Ocean. The facility also features a swimming pool, delightfully furnished interior, spacious balcony, and a beautiful garden. Clients here stay in private rooms and can uninterruptedly enjoy in the peaceful, comfortable, and luxurious ambiance.

The Grand House is a luxurious home with a colorful garden, spa, and unforgettable views of the ocean. The house has an impressive staircase in the foyer, grand piano in the living room, and private access to the beach.

Moreover, one of the treatment methods that is part of the Avalon Malibu agenda is the nutritional evaluation. The center has a strong focus on diet education and provides individual and group nutritional education to clients. Their goal is to provide the tools needed in order patients to improve their health and overall well-being. There is a four-star, gourmet chef at both homes that prepares the healthiest and most organic meals. There are always healthy meals on the menu and the chefs can accommodate any special dietary requirements. These nutritional meals have helped many patients recover from anorexia, bulimia, and atypical eating disorders.

A former patient states their experience saying: “I met the most incredible chef who puts out such love and energy into her own cooking that I downright believe that Chef Carolyn Fitzpatrick is a master of not only presence but also of one of unconditional love.”


3.      Staff

The staff at Avalon Malibu is a team of 35 professional, dedicated, and passionate individuals. There is a 24-hour-a-day nursing staff available to make sure that all clients are safe and comfortable. All doctors, nurses, and therapists have proper education and training on the latest recovering treatment tools. In addition, there is also a psycho-dramatist, massage therapist, neuro-feedback specialist, and Chinese medicine specialist on hand.

Read more about the staff here.




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4.      Reviews

Avalon Malibu has a 4-star rating on Yelp, and 4 stars on The Fix. Some of the comments include:

My nephew did not get the promised treatment and was left in a vulnerable and dangerous situation. They had no problem taking a big chunk of our money and then collected insurance money on top of this. Very unethical and this should be about the child and addict and not about the greed and the money to take advantage of troubled kids. – L.S

I met the most passionate down to earth therapists, who are on the frontier of their field. Staff members were working off the clock to pick up people from the airport, organizing fun alumni meetings, and especially contributing to an environment that promotes safety, love, and healing. – A.F

At Avalon, I wasn’t just another number in a group. They figured out what methods of treatment and therapy would be most beneficial to me. I felt immediately accepted and understood. I have made friendships and relationships that will last a lifetime. – L.R

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5.      Pricing

Treatment at Avalon Malibu costs $44, 000 per month for Cottage House, and $60, 000 per month for Grand House. However, the center accepts almost every insurance policy and is in-network with Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue of California, Cigna, Humana, United Health Group, Coventry, and many more.

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6.      Summary

An ideal place for everyone who’s looking to recreate their life, Avalon Malibu combines the best 12-step and holistic methods for a long-term recovery.

Offering respect, safety, and compassion to all those who seek health, healing, and hope, Avalon Malibu helps change lives of patients.

For more information about Avalon Malibu, please visit their official website.

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