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As a relatively new recovery center with a primary goal to create “self-sustaining, sober adults,” Back2Basics has a unique approach towards sobriety. Located in Flagstaff, Arizona, the center’s purpose is to help young male adults – ages 18-30 – overcome their weaknesses and learn basic, yet life-changing habits.

While bonding with nature, “residents participate in a series of intensive, life-skill building activities that are tailored specifically for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.”

Back2Basics strongly relies on the scientifically proven effect of longer rehabilitation period. Therefore, their treatment program has a minimum six-month residential setting, aiming to help addicts significantly lower the risk of relapse.

1. Treatment Program

Back2Basics endeavors a multidimensional treatment program. To promote a “well-rounded, sober lifestyle,” the Center offers both individual and group therapy, together with the traditional 12-step meetings as well as community service.

The center’s residents are treated by the same experts through the entire stay while learning culinary basic and can pursue an education.

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Because the facility doesn’t include medical detox and sticks to the old 12-step meetings program, some of the parents show concerns for sending their children to this facility.

One of them asked, “Why AA meetings and ’12 step therapy’ are a major part of their program when these are proven to have a minimal effect on long-term sobriety?

“On the contrary, the center’s alumni, said in an interview,”I’m engrossed in a 12-step program which is saving my life.”

Nonetheless, the 12-Step program combines with evidence-based, group, and individual therapy.


Although, pets aren’t allowed at the facility, residents at Back2Basics have personal space. They can connect with their family and friends through a one-hour long phone call, every Tuesday and Thursday. After the end of their first month of stay, they are allowed to make one 30-minute phone call per week.

Internet access is only for educational purposes. TV and DVD movies are part of the residents’ evenings three times a week.

Back2BAsics promotes healthy food and lifestyle. The addicts learn how to prepare their meals and enjoy family time with a group of other residents. An every-day gym period and two times per week sessions of Qi Kong kung fu fulfill the residents’ time.

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In Back2Basics, the addict won’t only get sober but learn life skills together with the opportunity to pursue a degree. The residents can take courses at Northern Arizona University or Coconino Community College.

The purpose is to prepare the addicts for life after leaving the facility. With the help of a life coach, they learn how to take care of their budget, apply for a job, and shop for groceries.

The wilderness therapy includes hiking and camping in places like the Grand Canyon, Oak Creek Canyon, and The White Mountains, Arizona. Trips to Joshua Tree, CA, Colorado, Nevada, Utah and New Mexico, are part of their plan as well.

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Other activities include white water river rafting, kayaking, canoeing, and surfing. These activities help the residents bond with nature and survive under severe, stressful conditions, each week.

The center also “provides residents with the option to become Wilderness First Responders – an accredited six-week training course and certification.”

Some of the residents get a chance to travel to Mexico, take Spanish courses, and participate in their community activities.

Accommodation and After-Care Program

Private rooms aren’t available. During their stay, the residents share a room for two. The facility understands the importance of an after-care program. Beyond the Basics is the “transition program” that most of Back2Basics graduates participate in. The program “utilizes coaching, counseling, and the 12-steps to promote a well-rounded, sober lifestyle.”

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2. Back2Basics Staff

The center’s committed staff consists of experts, licensed and credentialed professionals, “the majority of whom actively participate in a 12-step recovery.”

A former employee wrote a neutral outlook on the facility,  “An excellent program that actually helps people who suffer from moderate to severe addiction problems.” But they added, “The structure of management breeds hearsay and drama amongst all employees including managers themselves.”

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Another former employee gave a positive outlook, saying, “They gave me the opportunity to train in a field I studied for my bachelor’s. They paid for my wilderness first responder course and also helped with some of my tuition for school.”

The advice to management they gave says, “Keep doing all the staff training and keep census where it’s at. It’s a good program but don’t get so big you implode. I still see you guys volunteering or at meetings in the community, and everyone is so nice.”

See these and more reviews.

3. Pricing and success rate

Although the facility doesn’t accept insurance, the estimated $9000 per month seems reasonable for the residents ready to commit for a six-months treatment. The activities the facility offers compared to the average cost of rehabs – which can range from $12-20 000 per month, the Arizona center isn’t off-limits for most of the residents.

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According to the facility, their “long-term treatment recovery model provides the foundation needed for addicts.” Therefore, “this alternative approach to rehab and substance abuse recovery has given Back2Basics an extremely high success rate.”

4. Reviews

The reviews vary, but most of the comments are from satisfied residents that manage to stay sober.

“I now have an entire year’s worth of sobriety under my belt. I owe it all to Back2Basics. Many rehabs provide psychiatric help, but B2B goes beyond just that and provides a means of becoming connected to the beauty that is sober life. This can change the life of even the most stubborn addict.” – Alex R.

“Do not send your kid here. The owner verbally and emotionally abuses the clients. The staff physically assaults the clients. Most of the staff are current clients. The trained staff on the website do not actually work there, they are contracted, and our child did not actually meet most of them. Not licensed, so there is no ethical oversight. Terrible success rate 5%. Everything about this program is fraud. Even the positive reviews.” – Lindsey S.

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“This place is a product of what happens when there is very little professional oversight of an industry. I was given a therapist who could barely speak due to a neurological condition (this is not his fault but in a program where I am paying over $60k, are you kidding?) and because of this would have me reading Mother Teresa quotes for half of the session every week for six months. This place is a joke,” he adds. – D. McCarvill

“I don’t know of a better place to get sober (and have fun while doing it)! Back2Basics is more than just a rehab facility, it’s a family… And a new way of life. Whether for yourself or a loved one, I highly recommend taking the first steps in getting sober with B2B.” – C. Banks

See more rates and reviews at their Facebook page.


5. Summary

Back2Basics is a treatment center with a unique approach towards healing. Their evidence-based methods help many addicts remain sober and give them the hope and skills for a better future.

The center addresses many neglected stages of rehab. For example, the process of bonding with other nature rather than substances, continuous learning, and healthy lifestyle. Even though the center doesn’t offer medical detox, it has an every-day exercise program and activities that keep the residents busy.

For more information about Back2Basics Outdoor Adventure treatment center please visit their official website.

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