Bluff Plantation – Addiction Treatment Center Review

Located in Augusta, Georgia, Bluff Plantation offers expert physician-led treatment for alcohol and drug dependency, dual disorders, and pain medication addiction.

Spanning 178 beautiful acres on the Savannah River, the center provides addiction treatment in a discrete, private setting combined with five star service.


1.      Treatment

Bluff Plantation offers specialized treatment for individuals struggling with alcohol abuse, drug abuse, pain medication abuse, or dual diagnosis. Clients receive holistic, neuroscience-driven, and physician-backed care from some of the world’s preeminent experts in pain and addiction medicine.

Treatment at Bluff Plantation begins with detoxification, followed by residential treatment, intensive outpatient programming, partial hospitalization, and continuous care. Patients participate in 12-step work, individual therapy, meditation, nutritional counseling, and spiritual healing.

Bluff Plantation offers:

  • Neuroscience-driven treatment: this innovative neuroscience-driven addiction treatment effectively restores the chemical imbalances in the brain. The center’s medically rigorous treatment plan also involves post-discharge support.
  • Holistic addiction treatment: the center combines the science and art of holistic multidisciplinary therapies to help clients improve their bodies, mind, and spirit. Meditation is an important component of the addiction rehabilitation process and can help in the management of anxiety, depression, stress, and addiction. Apart from meditation, patients also engage in yoga and equine therapy.
  • Spiritual care and healing: spiritual healing is essential in addiction recovery as it addresses not only the psychological, physical, and social aspects of life, but the spiritual needs of a patient as well. Patients learn how to re-connect to their beliefs, find a renewed sense of purpose, and obtain a more optimistic, hopeful outlook on life.
  • Nutritional counseling: Good nutrition can help heal damage to the body caused by addiction. The center’s nutrition counselors and registered dietitians focus on educating the clients on the importance of proper eating and incorporating important vitamins such as A, B, D, E, and K in their diet.

Bluff Plantation focuses on the phase that occurs after patients leave the facility by developing a continuing care plan. The center’s Continuing Care Coordinators will continue to work with their patients as they make the transition.


2.      Accommodations and Food

Bluff Plantation is nestled in the midst of 178 acres on the Savannah River that provide a scenic and natural setting for peaceful reflection with world class amenities.

Here, patients can engage in therapeutic walks or runs along the facility’s nature trails and outdoors. The beautiful property enables patients to practice mindfulness in a serene environment and improve their state of mind. The center also provides immediate access to equestrian centers where patients can practice equine therapy and build skills such as accountability, self-confidence, and responsibility.

Moreover, Bluff Plantation features multiple, deluxe cottages and high-end amenities to those seeking treatment. Each of the cottages features full-sized beds, limestone baths, and a private porch for private reflection. Overall, Bluff Plantation is disconnected from the outside world with no TVs and no Internet.

Patients at the center indulge in the culinary expertise of the resident executive chef whose specialty is fine dining. A typical organic meal may include fish, garden vegetables, succulent fruit, soups, and salads. The menu features foods that are rich in amino acids, the building blocks of dopamine and serotonin. Such foods include eggs, fresh fish, poultry, vegetables, beans, and nuts.

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3.      Staff

The staff at Bluff Plantation is a world-class team of addiction medicine experts that help patients deliver superior outcomes and accelerate their addiction recovery. Most importantly, the staff works together to advance a new paradigm for addiction treatment and to set new standards in how addiction recovery is managed. The team consists of pain and addiction experts, medical director, executive director, as well as therapists, nurses, nutrition counselors, and physicians.

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4.      Reviews

Bluff Plantation has a 4-star rating on Google Reviews, 4.6 stars on Rehabs, and 4.6 stars on their Facebook page. Some of the comments include:

The staff is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable in addiction and the recovery process. The professionals they have at The Bluff assist you in every facet of early recovery. They take your life very seriously. I would recommend this place to anyone seeking a life changing experience. – O.M

A leading addiction treatment facility with a true medical staff on board trained in addiction medicine. It just so happens to also be in a beautiful, secluded setting suited for healing the mind and body. – L.B

Staff, diet, accommodations were great. This place was amazing! The fact that diet and exercise were incorporated into their program was a HUGE benefit. Lots of one on one counseling and application of spiritual principles was key. – Anonymous

The doctors and technicians offer great support and care.  However, not every test they give you while in treatment is covered by insurance. They do not communicate this to you when you take said test, and whatever credit card you have on file is then charged $1500.00 without your authorization. – Beth

Dr. Jacobs and the clinical staff are amazing!! It’s rare to have daily interaction with the Medical Director, the doctors usually “stop by” a couple times a week at other programs. The property is amazing and the perfect location to start healing. Bluff Plantation is unlike other programs I’ve encountered. – Anonymous

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5.      Pricing

The 30-day treatment at Bluff Plantation costs $45,000. The facility accepts private insurance providers, including Anthem, Aetna, Cigna, United Behavioral Health, and others.

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6.      Summary

All in all, Bluff Plantation offers discerning patients a beautiful, private, and secluded setting for addiction therapy and rehabilitation. It is a high-end facility with a professional medical staff, comfortable amenities, fantastic cuisine, and a gorgeous environment.

For more information about Bluff Plantation, please see their official website.

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