BRC Recovery – Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Big Book-focused, gender-specific, and life-saving, BRC Recovery provides a safe and supportive environment conducive to healing on all levels.

The treatment center is dedicated to spiritual healing, learning new skills and developing new healthy habits where experienced professionals and staff members work closely with patients throughout the entire program.

Located in the outskirts of Austin, Texas, BRC Recovery has a solid reputation for helping residents recreate and reclaim their lives.


1.      Treatment

BRC Recovery offers a continuum of services, including detox, a 3-month residential program, 90 days of sober living, and a 12-month aftercare monitoring program. Treatment is strict, highly-structured, and heavy on service work, self-care, Big Book study, sponsorship, fellowship, honesty and step work.

The center puts an emphasis on gender-specific programming. Men and women have separate rehab programs and each community has their own accommodations for eating, sleeping, and recreating.

BRC’s treatment services include assessment, treatment planning, psychotherapy, individual counseling, education, group therapy, life skills training, and relapse prevention. Furthermore, the facility also offers a wide range of therapeutic services such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.

During their 90-day residential program, patients take part in 12-step meetings, work on healing their mind, body, and spirit, and learn life skills for goal setting, communication, finance, and relationships. Residents participate in fitness training 5 days a week with personal trainers, as well as in meditation, yoga, and nutrition.

After graduating from the residential program, residents have the option to move to the BRC sober living houses. Here, house managers take care of residents and provide guidance, supervision, and security.

The aftercare monitoring program provides 12 months of structured support with a recovery specialist who works one-on-one with all residents. Patients here learn how to obtain a long-term recovery and learn how to transition back into society.

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2.      Accommodations and Food

Days at BRC Recovery are rigorous, with many group sessions, mandatory gym time, and some free time in between. All patients need to keep their beds clean and must complete morning chores. Patients can use their phones 10-minutes per week, and they only get half an hour of TV on weekdays, and up to four hours on weekends.

BRC accommodates 36 men and 20 women, age 18 and up, in their residential recovery facilities in a small rural town called Manor in Texas. Women usually share a room with two other roommates, while men can have up to four roommates. Residents here vary in age, from teenagers to seniors, and there is also diversity in orientation and background.

Patients who choose to move on with the sober living program, reside into a small apartment complex in Austin.

Both the men’s and women’s facilities have swimming pools, clean gyms, and fully-equipped kitchens. Apart from sessions and workshops, clients also engage in many outings to the movies, bowling, national parks, and dinners.

Furthermore, patients cook dinner every night together as one big loving family. All-time favorites include chicken Caesar salads, steaks, cornbread and chili, lasagnas, pork tenderloin, and the likes. Coffee is available until noon, sweets are limited, but there no soda due to sugar concerns. However, fruits, veggies, and nutritious snacks are always at hand.

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3.      Staff

BRC Recovery employs 28 full-time staff members who have years of experience working with recovering alcoholics and addicts. Many of them are BRC Recovery alumni, and most are in 12 Step recovery.

The team includes therapists, a medical doctor, an addiction counselor, a dietitian, medical consultants, and other consultants to the program.

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4.      Reviews

BRC Recovery has a 4.2-star rating on Google, 4.8 stars on Facebook, and 5 stars on Yelp. The comments are mixed and some of them include:

If you want the tools to recover from a progressive & deadly illness, and are willing to go to any lengths – this is the place. – M.F

Benchmark introduced me to a new way of life. Over a year later I am still sober, rebuilding relationships, and approaching life with a renewed enthusiasm. – R.R

I had the best experience of my life at BRC & know that my wife & son are eternally grateful that they have me back in their life. I’m living proof that miracles happen at this place if you have an open mind & are willing to follow direction. – J.F

This place saved my life, I have been trying to get sober forever and haven’t been successful, I finally feel like I have a shot, and a completely different outlook on recovery. If you are done using drugs or drinking for good, this is the place to go! – P.B

For the first time in my life, I was able to hear the truth about myself and my alcoholism. Today, I’am not only still sober, but I have a job I love and a life of happiness and purpose. I cannot say enough about the life changing experience I had at Benchmark Recovery Center, nor the gratitude I feel for the caring staff that guided and directed me. – S.C

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5.      Pricing

Treatment at BRC Recovery costs $36,000 for 180 days which includes 3 months of residential living and 3 months of sober living.

The center is in-network with most major insurance companies to cover the cost of their services. The admissions professionals assist patients with making the best financial arrangements, insuring them that they’ll have the best recovery possible.

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6.      Summary

With a three-tiered approach to treatment and professional staff dedicated to helping patients, BRC Recovery is a way of learning healthier behaviors, picking up new ways of interacting, and building nourishing relationship with a basis of honesty and trust.

So if you’re ready to get sober and move forward towards a new and sober life in spite of all the heavy lifting that will be required along the way, this rehab might be a good fit.

Quoting a former patient who said, “BRC stands in a class of its own. I have seen treatment across the country and if you want to help yourself or a loved one look no further.”

For more information about BRC Recovery, please visit their official website.

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