Capo by the Sea – Executive Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Review

Found in the peaceful beach community of San Juan Capistrano, Capo by the Sea is a premier dual diagnosis, residential detox, and drug and alcohol treatment center.

Offering customized recovery programs using the best techniques in addiction medicine, the center’s goal is to model the path to recovery.

Capo by the Sea is an upscale facility that helps patients easily achieve a positive outlook on the treatment, and transform their lives.


1.     Treatment

Capo by the Sea provides comprehensive inpatient as well as outpatient treatment programs specifically designed for each patient’s needs. Its objective is to support the chemically dependent person and provide a successful introduction to recovery.

Treatment usually means a 30-day program, although some may stay as long as 90. Capo by the Sea is a dual diagnosis, 12-step program that mostly consists of group therapy, one-on-one sessions, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Holistic treatment options like acupuncture and massage are available as well.

As far as activities are concerned, Capo offers a variety of recreational options for its residents. The center has an agreement with a nearby country club for clients to play, and a many beach-related activities like fishing, whale watching and trips to Catalina and Balboa Island.

Dual Diagnosis

Drug and alcohol addiction usually come together with disorders like depression, anxiety, and bi-polar issues. Patients with dual-diagnosis require a psychologist’s oversight and medication management.

As a result, each patient at Capo by the Sea goes through assessment in order to get an individualized treatment plan. The treatment for dual-diagnosis is slightly different than in the case of solely drug and alcohol abuse treatment.

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Drug and Alcohol Effective Treatment

Days at Capo by the Sea start at 6:30 am with the morning A.A meeting in nearby Dana Point or Laguna. Gym time is from 8:00 am onwards and then breakfast at 9 am. Patients also have some free time to finish up chores and homework before getting shuttled to the clinic for group therapy sessions and workshops. Afternoons are more flexible, with more time for one-on-one sessions and recreation.

Moreover, Capo by the Sea offers Naltrexone Pellet Treatment for opiates, heroin, and alcohol addiction, as well as Treatment for Prescription Drug Dependency. The treatment plans may include visiting a healthcare provider once a month for an injection of vivitrol, attending a counseling program, and receiving support from loved ones or sponsors who can help patients adjust to a new life without dependence.

As an important step in the management of addiction, Capo by the Sea offers alcohol, prescription drugs, and opiates detoxification. During this period, patients are medically supervised by health professionals to ensure their safety. Capo’s goals of this detoxification are to provide a safe withdrawal, to offer withdrawal that is humane, and to prepare the patient for ongoing treatment.

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Outpatient Program

Capo by the Sea offers outpatient programs for individuals who are ready to make the transition from residential treatment to aftercare environment. Capo’s outpatient program tends to make this transition less abrupt and increase the chance of long-term sobriety.

Patients who completed an inpatient program and detox, move to the “Florida Motel” that offers sober living accommodations.

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capo living room

2.      Accommodations and Food

Capo by the Sea’s main house is a co-ed cottage home in a small suburb with towering palm trees. Just a mile inland from the beach, the accommodations are upscale, spacious, and sun-drenched. All the bedrooms are bright, and most are private with their own bathroom. There is also a semi-private room and an executive suite available. The executive suite comes complete with four-poster bed, walk-in closet, and private bedroom. The house has room for six residents across a total of five bedrooms.

Moreover, the living room is spacious with plush coaches and a built-in fireplace, and flat screen TV. The kitchen is wood-paneled and features granite countertops.

Capo by the Sea is pet-friendly with a chef who serves nutritious meals. Being so close to the ocean, Capo by the Sea’s meals are heavy on seafood. Chef Rob has ultimate control in the kitchen, and house menus fit the diets of residents. Breakfast usually consists of omelets, while dinner include seafood enchiladas, Spanish puella, or chicken cacciatore. In addition, the center also has steak night once a week.


3.      Staff

Capo by the Sea staff includes several highly qualified, experienced therapists, counselors, and MDs. House managers oversee day-to-day operations, while MDs provide essential services on a case-by-case basis. The staff-to-client ratio is generally about one-to-one, though Capo shares its staff with its sober living facilities.

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4.      Reviews

Capo by the Sea has a 3-star rating on Yelp. Some of the comments include:

When you don’t know where else to go for substance-abuse assistance, Capo by the Sea is a great choice. The facility is a one-stop shop in that detox and rehabilitation services are provided in-house. It’s very much an “executive level” facility, so it’s easier to get the help you need and it makes sense to do it locally. – H.S

I went through here and it saved my life 7 months later I’m still sober. Best decision I ever made to get on that plane! – P.D

This place is fraudulent, down to the urine tests. They are getting every penny they can from your insurance. It’s places like these that will bankrupt the cause! – L.T

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5.      Pricing

The 30-day inpatient program at Capo by the Sea costs $24,500 for a semi-private room, $32,500 for a private room, and $42,500 for the executive suite. The sober living program costs anywhere between $15,500 up to $22,500. Detox is $9,500 – $18,500 for seven to ten days, all depending on type of room. The treatment + detox option is $18,500.

Capo by the Sea collaborates with American Health Care Lending that offers a fast application process, immediate decisions for loans under $35,000, and no prepayment penalties.

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6.      Summary

Capo by the Sea are committed to excellence in all their services and programs. The tranquil and luxurious facility allows patients to focus on self-improvement through the process of recovery. Capo by the Sea has helped people in overcoming addictions and successfully returning to their rewarding lives.

In conclusion, Capo offers a relaxing, safe, and sun-soaked recovery for those who can afford it.

For more information about Capo by the Sea, please visit their official website.


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