Caron Pennsylvania – Addiction Treatment Center Review

With more than 50 years of leadership in the rehab world, Caron Pennsylvania provides treatment for individuals and families struggling with addiction.

Located in the scenic hills of Wernersville, the facility is a Victorian house with wraparound porches that offer inspirational views of the surrounding area.

A traditional 12-step rehab, Caron Pennsylvania offers comprehensive professional care and reasonable comfort.


1.      Treatment

Caron Pennsylvania provides residential, primary, and extended care treatment for adolescents, young adults, and seniors suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. The center’s exclusive list of services also includes medical detox, recovery care for families, and prevention and education programs.

Furthermore, Caron Pennsylvania uses the 12-step principles, incorporates evidence-based practices, and places an emphasis on holistic care. Patients attend individual and group therapies, and also engage in therapeutic activities, lectures, aftercare planning, and receive guidance on fitness and nutrition. The rehab also encourages patients to participate in spiritual activities, though attendance is optional. Caron Pennsylvania also offers an on-site, individualized education for adolescents and teens in treatment.

Upon arrival, the patient goes through a 5-day assessment process. The center utilizes a variety of comprehensive evaluations and tests to get to know the patient, including addiction medicine assessment, psychological evaluations, psychiatric evaluations, as well as comprehensive drug screens, family assessments, and more. At the end of the assessment, the staff reviews their findings and recommends an appropriate level of care. Whether the patient needs detox, inpatient addiction treatment, or long-term recovery support, the staff will carefully guide them towards a successful recovery.

Typical Day at Caron Pennsylvania

A typical day at Caron Pennsylvania starts at sunrise and ends at 11 p.m. Days are big on structure and routine, with a few breaks throughout the day. During the first 30 days, patients cannot leave the property. They attend group and individual therapy, process groups, as well as educational lectures, family education, and 12-step meetings. Residents can also participate in weekly yoga classes, acupuncture, massages, as well as gym sessions three times a week.

Additionally, during weekends, patients can go sailing, hiking, camping, swimming, or attend outside 12-step meetings.

Especially relevant to note is that at Caron Pennsylvania, there are many rules to follow. Patients can use the house phone for only 15-munutes per day, and have to walk everywhere in a group of three. Smuggling drugs results in a discharge, while talking to the opposite sex results in loss of privilege.

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2.      Accommodations and Food

Caron Pennsylvania offers mesmerizing views of natural landscapes and manicured grounds from its private, mountaintop locale. The facility has a college campus feel and features all the amenities like cafeteria, indoor gymnasium, chapel, as well as an exercise facility, and comfy lounge areas. Patients usually share a room, although private rooms are available as well.

Moreover, Caron Pennsylvania places strong emphasis on proper nutrition. Educating patients about diet and nutrition is a key part of the treatment. Therefore, Caron’s on-site staff dietitians provide group lectures about nutrition, as well as one-on-one nutrition consultations. The center also has two on-site dining facilities where patients can choose from a wide range of healthy meals. All meals are nutritionally balanced and the staff can accommodate any special dietary requirements. Diet and nutrition services are run by Sodexo.

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3.      Staff

Caron’s multidisciplinary treatment team consists of psychologists, certified drug and alcohol counselors, master’s level therapists, and other healthcare professionals. Doctors are thoughtful and also helpful at addressing all patient needs, and available whenever the patients need them. However, not all residents were satisfied with the staff: “Old, tired counselors with a chip on their shoulders are provided to set the client up for a psychological assault with no predictable outcome. The medical staff is minimal, the psych staff is inadequate.”




Adolescent_Young Adult Cafeteria - Caron PA

4.      Reviews

Caron Pennsylvania has a 4.7-star rating on Facebook, and 4 stars on Rehabs. Some of the comments include:

I was extremely disappointed in the judgement and the lack of professionalism with the staff. They appeared ill equipped to handle the emotions of a young person going through withdrawal and also failed to take into account past history when assigning a therapist. – L.L

The meals are well prepared. The institution seems interested only in generating revenue. – Paul

Excellent food and accommodations. Great gym and physical environment. Treatment was awful. They recommended the same after care for everyone, which consisted of several months at one of their other treatment facilities which charges an additional 30k a month. – D.C

Lots of spiritual counseling. More flexible visiting is needed. I thought it was perfect and effective, we’ve had success but it is also a bit pricey. – Nina

Individual therapy and treatment plan includes family in the program. I had a successful stay and am still clean for almost 9 years. – Tony

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Exercise Equipment at Gym - Caron PA

5.      Pricing

Treatment at Caron Pennsylvania is pricey and costs $36,000 for 30 days. The center accepts certified checks, cash, credit cards (American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover), as well as wire transfers. Many patients use insurance to cover the cost of their stay. In addition, some scholarship funding is available as well. The center is in network with many lending companies including Prosper Healthcare Lending and M-Lend Financial.

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6.      Summary

Dedicated to transforming lives of others, Caron Pennsylvania’s core purpose is to ease the pain of individuals and their families.

Restoring health, hope, spirituality, and relationships, the facility constantly achieves positive and measurable results.

Fore more information about Caron Pennsylvania, please visit their official website.

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