Cirque Lodge Rehab – Drug Addiction Treatment Facility

A beautiful and ideal place for healing from alcoholism and substance abuse, Utah’s Cirque Lodge is among the country’s top treatment centers.

Offering a nationally recognized addiction treatment program, Cirque Lodge’s main goal is to provide the most inspiring rehab setting imaginable.

Keeping patients busy with many outdoor activities and feel-good pastimes, Cirque Lodge is perfect for those whose dream treatment experience includes mountains rather than beaches.


1.      Treatment

Treatment at Cirque Lodge is fun and inviting. The center implements the 12-step approach but also integrates some other evidence-based treatment for co-occurring disorders.

There is also dual-diagnosis treatment available, as well as experiential therapies, regular workshops, family program, CBT sessions, and group sessions. Detox is outsourced to other nearby facilities.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Cirque Lodge offers an innovative and unique treatment program that meets the specific needs of each client. There is a multi-disciplinary team of physicians, licensed professionals, certified counselors, and nutritionists who help patients on their way to recovery.

The primary care consists of an initial 30-day program that features individual counseling, group therapies, psycho-educational lectures, dual-diagnosis, family sessions, and a 12-step approach.

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At Cirque Lodge, part of their treatment program is to teach patients everything they need to know about their addiction.

Patients learn through various individual and group therapies, but also through lectures and workshops. This psycho-education refers to individuals battling with dual-diagnosis, mental health disorders, and substance abuse disorders. The main objective is to provide patients the knowledge needed to better understand their malady and how to cope with it.

Moreover, the clients and their families learn more about the disease, the nature of addiction, enabling, communication, self-care, and the role of the 12-step program in the process.

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Cognitive Therapy

The cognitive therapy works directly with behaviors and thought impulses. Alcoholism and drug addiction can change brain chemistry and alter thought patterns and emotional responses. The CBT takes a closer look at these responses, identifies them, and introduces strategies that use constructive alternatives other than alcohol and drugs.

Especially relevant, Cirque Lodge places a lot of confidence in the medicine of the outdoors. Whether it is hiking or resting in a mountain meadow, this approach is a fun and engaging way to develop coping mechanisms. The goal is to keep clients moving and help them experience the magnificence of the world around them.

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Experiential Therapy

In order to enhance the cognitive work, Cirque Lodge incorporates a wide range of unique indoor and outdoor activities. The activities give the patient a chance to reconnect with body, mind, and spirit.

Some of these activities include equine therapy, ropes course, Heli-hiking, and fitness. The activities allow residents to enjoy themselves while in treatment and recover from alcoholism and drug addiction.

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2.      Accommodations and Food

Cirque Lodge offers two centers, The Lodge and Studio. The Lodge is a log cabin that offers the highest levels in privacy and luxury. Rooms here can be private, or semi-private, and they feature reading areas, fireplaces, and large bathrooms with jetted tubs. There are also counseling rooms, an exercise room, and a circular meditation room that provides a 360-degree panorama of the Wasatch Range.

For a lower cost, patients can also stay at the Studio, a 44-bed campus at the base of Provo Canyon. The Studio hosts a 17,000-square-foot “Experiential Room,” the world’s largest indoor ropes course. The rooms are still fairly opulent with high windows and down comforters. The grounds feature rose and vegetable gardens, horse pastures, and a volleyball court.

In addition, Cirque Lodge offers three nutritious meals to patients per day. The kitchen staff also accommodates special dietary requirements including diabetic, kosher, and vegetarian. Buffet-style meals are heavy on fresh vegetables, low on carbs and filled with complex proteins. Residents go on a weekly trip to the local mall where they can stock up on necessities, from bathing suits to chewing gum.

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3.      Staff

At Cirque Lodge, the experienced team of professionals has a wide range of life experiences and education to help each individual find success in recovery. There is a multi-disciplinary team of physicians, licensed professionals, certified counselors, and nutritionists who help patients on their way to recovery. Around-the-clock care helps meet the many different needs and challenges that arise with drug rehab and addiction recovery.

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4.      Reviews

Cirque Lodge has a 4.5-star rating on Yelp. Some of the comments include:

The best place to go for a total rehab whatever your problem is.  They are first class and helped many of my friends to get their lives back together. – L.S

I went to Cirque over 2 years ago, I was broken and afraid. They picked me up off the ground and helped rebuild me into the women I am today. This treatment center is the best in the country and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone looking for help with drugs and alcohol. – B.M

Cirque Lodge was a complete waste of money. There is a lot of shady things that go on at the Lodge and almost zero supervision. – Jack

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5.      Pricing

The price for the 30-day program at the Lodge is $48,000, and $30,000 for staying at the Studio. While celebrities regularly frequent the lodge, it also hosts less high-profile and affluent patients and offers scholarships to patients who can not afford treatment.


6.      Summary

Cirque Lodge is an oasis of tranquility for those who wish to connect with landscapes on a spiritual level and value fun experiences along with top-shelf therapy.

It costs a pretty penny, but Cirque Lodge is widely acknowledged as one of the nation’s top recovery facilities where patients seek refuge from urban life and take comfort in a natural idyll.

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