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cliffside malibu

If you are looking for a different, yet first-rate approach to recovery, Cliffside Malibu might be the right choice for you. Especially if you are into a relaxing, not-so-strict or pushy environment – that allows you to bring your dog along – this treatment center is the perfect for you.

The recovery center offers “cutting-edge, evidence-based, life-saving, holistic treatment” in nothing less than a luxury estate setting.  Overlooking the Pacific Ocean Cliffside Malibu is known for its celebrity clientele and personalized treatment that guarantees your recovery – which recovery facilities rarely do.

Often referred to as a ‘spa’ rather than a non-traditional treatment facility, Cliffside Malibu develops a personal treatment strategy based on scientific research. It is a perfect place to meditate and focus on healing in a homey environment.

The core of the center’s therapeutic approach to healing and recovery is the work of Dr. Dan Siegel. He is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist at the UCLA School of Medicine, whose research considers as quite reliable.Cliffside Malibu view

1. Treatment Programs

The exclusive sanctuary for recovery relies on well-researched, evidence-based programs and treatment protocols. As the facility claims, they are unique in having a full-time researcher on their staff, Dr. Constance Scharff.

Cliffside Malibu believes in the ‘addiction is not a chronic illness’ theory that allows the clients to enjoy a caring, loving, and supportive environment. They consider this approach as the foundation of recovery. It includes medical detox and “complementary therapies” such as acupuncture, yoga, massage, meditation, personal training.

Cliffside Malibu organic meals

The goal of the approach is to “uncover and work through the root causes of the addiction” by an individualized therapy. Since it’s a luxury facility, the clients enjoy first-hand maid service and chef-cooked organic meals. Cell phones are allowed after 72 hours of treatment.

One of the family’s alumni protested to the idea of the early cell phone usage, “Trust me I’m not new to rehab, first off they give them their cell phones back after only 72 hours…The counselors seemed to let the patients dictate how to rehab, for example, she (her daughter) conned them into letting her leave after 10 days to “take care of personal business”. Guess who she called, her junkie boyfriend to pick her up. When I asked the therapist, all she said was”she’s an adult, and we can’t control what they do”. What do you think is gonna happen when you give a detoxing addict a phone?duh…”

The clients can bring their pets along as well. There is a personal therapist for each client that creates their own Treatment Program Integration. The center’s aftercare program incorporates the methods the client found useful while recovering.


Cliffside Malibu shared room

From drug & alcohol, gambling addiction, depression, ADHD, or anxiety, Cliffside Malibu provides a 4 to 6 hours per day individual, group or other therapeutical processes. Their goal is for the client to feel as if they are staying in a high-end boutique hotel in private or shared rooms. The rooms include plasma TVs, Wi-Fi, and luxurious 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets.

Cliffside Malibu has three levels of care – Primary, Extended and Continuing Care. They last a minimum of 30 days in length and their price depends on the client’s needs and desires. The facility guarantees the client’s recovery after completing all levels of care and aftercare. In case the client relapses after a year, they get a 30 day free Primary Care in their center. The treatment is based on the model of ‘Stages of change’ that meets the addicts at their denial and ends with acceptance and change. Another approach is one-on-one psychotherapy, which they consider the foundation of the therapeutic relationship.

2. Cliffside Malibu Staff

Richard Taite, CEO, and founder of the Center is a former addict that offers a first-hand experience when dealing with addiction. For a Forbes interview, Taite said, “My staff are top-notch people, and they are not desensitized to the process, which is what you often find in addiction treatment. They’re here because they love what they do, and never lost that.” According to the CEO, the high success rate of the facility bases on Dr. James Prochaska’s Theory of behavior change.

The alumni reviews vary from: “the staff members don’t care about you.” To, “once I was sober I found myself being more willing and open to trying new experiences, due to the teams’ hands-on approach.” Also, “nice facilities but staff ranges in quality.”

3. Pricing and Success Rate

Cliffside Malibu outdoors

The average cost per month is $58,000 for a shared bedroom, to $80,000 for a private room. According to Taite, 95 percent of the clients who complete treatment stay sober, and their overall success rate is 70 percent. However, the success rate is an estimation based on their data and information. The center accepts most insurance plans, but if the client doesn’t have a private insurance the access to the facility is not guaranteed.

4. Reviews

The overall review rate is excellent, with an insignificant number of average to negative comments. For example:

“For those who know me, they know that I have had a history of drinking… The idea that I would need to go to rehab seemed so surreal. But I came to realize that if I really wanted to get sober and STAY sober, I would need the best treatment available. I needed help, and Cliffside Malibu delivered. Some family members had success with 12 Step Programs, but they seemed too preachy. One of the great things about Cliffside is that the 12 Step Program is optional.  ” – Ted W.

“POOR discharge planning!!! I was told to pick up my son or “he would be dropped off at my home in a taxi cab”.
This facility dropped the bomb when it came to preparing an adequate transfer plan that would keep my son safe. Would never recommend this facility based on our experience!” – RoseMarie L.

“When I hear somebody get a review on treatment centers, and I read” this treatment center is as good as it gets”… That’s how I feel about Cliffside Malibu… Cliffside is the perfect rehab for celebrities, CEOs, and clients that are looking for real recovery without feeling miserable going through the process… More than just five-star service the staff and the counselors are extremely professional, loving and caring.” – Houston H.

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5. Bottom line

cliffside malibu space

The treatment facility offers a different approach to healing by addressing the core problem. The place is luxurious and quite expensive, so not everyone can afford it. However, their treatment program is ideal for a person that doesn’t want to feel like going through the laborious process of rehab. Also, they offer a holistic and evidence-based treatment that are the key factors for a successful rehab.

For more information about Cliffside Malibu treatment center please visit their official website.

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