Cold Creek Wellness Center Review

Offering a full range of the most successful evidence-based therapies, Cold Creek Wellness Center is a nationally accredited, non 12-step drug and alcohol addiction treatment program.

Located near Salt Lake City, the center is most reputable for its experiential therapies recognized by Columbia University and the National Institute on Drug Abuse, comfortable accommodations, and recreational activities for a whole-body recovery.


1.      Treatment

Cold Creek Wellness Center offers a full continuum of treatment programs, including detox, residential, intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, and sober living for individuals battling with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. The center applies a non-12-step approach to recovery and emphasizes evidence-based treatment methods.

Inpatient Residential Treatment generally lasts 30 days and is based on the patient’s progress and medical necessity. The center strives not only to treat the addiction, but to also address any physical, medical, and mental health issues too. Patients participate in a wide range of successful evidence-based therapies, including education, counseling, support groups, advocacy, and other specialized programs.

Following Residential Treatment, patients graduate into Intensive Outpatient Program. This is the phase when they are most susceptible to relapse and continue to work with the same therapists and staff. Cold Creek Wellness Center continues to provide medical support, group support, familial support, giving patients the opportunity to fully recover.

Those patients who wish to live in a structured and supervised living environment that will help them stay sober and obtain long-term recovery can enroll into Sober Living Program. The center’s sober living homes help residents avoid relapse, build a social network support and friendship, and keep track of their recovery process, career, education, and life goals.

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Drug and Alcohol Therapies Offered at Cold Creek

Cold Creek Wellness Center offers a variety of evidence-based and comprehensive therapies, each treating a particular aspect of the addiction and its consequences. With the help of these therapies, patients can learn coping strategies for issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, phobias, eating disorders, low self-esteem, and more. They remind clients that the mind and body work together, teach them mindfulness, and increase their awareness of their spiritual self. These therapies are recognized by Columbia University and the National Institute on Drug Abuse and include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Equine Therapy
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
  • Experiential Therapy
  • Mind Body Bridging as a Personal Experience
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Psychoeducational Intervention
  • Non-12 Step Rehab and Non-AA Addiction Treatment
  • The Breath Work

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2.      Accommodations and Food

Cold Creek Wellness Center occupies a residential home in Kaysville, a small town situated at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Offering ample opportunities for outdoor recreation, the facility houses a maximum of eight residents. The center features spacious shared bedrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, dining area, comfortable communal spaces. The Barnes Park Sportsplex, offering opportunities for paying sports, is also a short walk away. Patients may or may not share a room. Private rooms feature a queen-sized bed, while double rooms come with two full-sized beds. Apart from residential housing, the center also offers day treatment and outpatient homes, as well as sober living apartments.

All meals at Cold Creek Wellness Center are prepared by a chef. Patients enjoy three well-balanced meals a day in their dining room. The food is nutritious and the menu varies, including dishes such as all types of meat, pastas, risotto, and vegetables. Any dietary preferences like vegetarian and vegan can be accommodated as well.

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3.      Staff

The clinical staff at Cold Creek Wellness Center consists of a multidisciplinary team of professionals. The staff features Board Certified medical doctors, registered nurses, interventionist, licensed counselors, substance abuse counselors, marriage and family therapists, equine therapist, and experimental therapists. The center has on-site staff members 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and patients enjoy a staff-to-client ratio of nearly 1:1.

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4.      Reviews

Cold Creek Wellness Center has a 4.1-star rating on Google Reviews, 4 stars on Yellow Pages, and 4.8 stars on Rehabs. Some of the comments include:

Cold Creek is just a bare minimum rehab. The average stay is about a month and they for sure get their clients back for sometimes more than one extra stay because they relapsed. Not one person stayed clean and sober from the 2016 flock I know at least. – C.L

Between the exceptional staff and their invaluable experiences, the “at-home” vibe of their first class facilities, the dedication to teaching their clients how to build a foundation in Recovery, Cold Creek not only gave me help when I needed it most, they gave me the support and boundaries I needed to succeed in creating a fulfilling life for myself. – R.P

I love everything about Cold Creek. The clinicians and support staff really care and they know what they are talking about because some of them lived through addiction themselves. They helped me through some of the darkest times I’ve had in my life. – R.M

Do not go here. I spent $20, 000 and Cold Creek was no help at all. I realized rehab was a waste of time when I went to my first group meeting at Cold Creek and heard all the other residence say that this was their third or even fifth time there. – G.S

Great treatment program. The staff and clients there are all great. Counselors are all very helpful and non-judgmental about anything you have done. I feel like everything I learned there is going to be very helpful in the future for years to come for me. – T.S

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5.      Pricing

The 45-day treatment at Cold Creek Wellness Center costs $25,000. The center accepts most private insurance providers. However, costs for any medication, clothing, and toiletries are not covered by the center.

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6.      Summary

Cold Creek Wellness Center has received 5-star reviews for its accommodations and amenities, meals and nutrition, exercise and leisure, supportive staff, and excellent family involvement.

Overall, the center is the ideal pick for someone seeking recreation-based treatment through individual counseling, holistic offerings, thorough aftercare, and a program without the 12-step emphasis.

For more information about Cold Creek Wellness Center, please visit their official website.

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