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cottonwood tucson

Nestled in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert, Cottonwood Tucson treatment center offers outpatient, short-term, and long-term residential treatment to individuals facing substance abuse, mental or eating disorders.

In their luxurious setting, the facility welcomes adults with Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment Programs. The center endeavors a holistic, evidence-based, behavioral approach towards recovery.

1. Treatment programs

Cottonwood Tucson provides a 4-day “intensive inpatient addiction and/or mental health assessment program providing a comprehensive evaluation that will focus on the specific needs of the individual.”

According to their website, the facility also offers a highly controlled medical detox. The center has eight beds for inpatient and stand-alone detox services.

cottonwood Tucson private room

To avoid relapse, the residents participate in relapse prevention groups guided by behavioral health clinicians.

The team helps patients to “identify potentially difficult feelings and destructive thought patterns and use adaptive mood intervention skills and cognitive restructuring to interrupt the dynamics of the relapse pattern.”

Adult Program

The treatment center develops an intense Adult Program that includes “strong, solid base of medical management, twelve-step recovery concepts, family involvement, group therapy, nutritional counseling, and experiential therapies.”

The facility has more than 20 years of experience in treating co-occurring disorders, such as depression, anxiety, alcoholism or chemical dependency.

Since they offer an individualized treatment, every resident gets an individualized plan for recovery based on their assessment. Other therapy approaches include Tai Chi, Equine assisted therapy, recreation therapy, yoga, and Expressive Arts Group.

cottonwood Tucson equine therapy

The center’s family program focuses on education, communication training and enactment, multiple family groups, as well as individual sessions.

Cottonwood’s has a young treatment program that meets the young adults’ needs and understands their struggles.

2. Accommodation

A residents day at Cottonwood Tucson starts with an early meditation followed by breakfast. After that, the residents are involved in many activities, such as daily lectures, community and family meetings, 12-step meetings, yoga, and more.

The center puts an accent on spirituality and holistic healing. The residents share a room with three other residents.

Cottonwood Tucson bedroom

Cottonwood Tucson promotes a healthy lifestyle. Their high-skilled culinary team was awarded a PETA’s Vegetarian-Friendly Award in 2008.

They also have a registered dietitian on board and use the freshest and finest ingredients in their nutrition plan.

cottonwood tucson coolinay program

3. Cottonwood Tucson Staff

The facility is proud of its “multidisciplinary, highly trained and compassionate staff.” Some of their staff members include board-certified psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, clinical psychologists, and licensed counselors.

Marriage and family therapists, exercise counselors, registered dieticians, equine therapists, mental health workers, spiritual guides, and massage therapists are available for the residents.

The facility’s expert staff consists of “uniquely talented individuals” from the country and around the world. Their clinicians are experienced in the treatment of behavioral health disorders.

Furthermore, some of their staff members are professors in at the University of Arizona School of Medicine.

Cottonwood Tucson

One former alumni gave the team a 5-star review saying, “Clinically sophisticated staff. Lot’s of programs that are individualized to me and the issues I went there for. I’m over two years sober and finally on the right medications thanks to the professional, ethical staff there. It saved my life.” – A.T.

However, while another former resident had nice words for the food and the housing describing them as “lovely,” the words for the staff were “untrained for the most part, the nursing unit staff were completely incompetent, and there was a major breach in trust.” – J.F.

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4. Price and Reviews

The price in Cottonwood Tucson can vary, depending on the services the residents use. On average, the price is $15,000 – $30,000 per month.

The facility’s “daily rate does not include medical care unrelated to chronic diagnostic conditions for which the patient is admitted,” as well as massages, haircuts, and other services.

The facility doesn’t have a reviews on their Facebook page or Yelp. They have a Google review rating of 3.5 out of ten reviews in total. Some of the comments include:

“The staff is great, and the programs are great… if you WORK THEM. I loved every minute at Cottonwood as soon as I put my mind to getting better. I owe this place a lot!” – Ab S.

“Cottonwood changed my life forever! The staff is dynamic, and the program is designed to treat from a holistic approach!” – M.T.

As someone who went there, I hated it. Bullying was tolerated even though they said it wasn’t. It was unfair, and the patients there were horrible and passive aggressive” – A. C.

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5. Summary

Cottonwood Tucson is a place for individuals in need of an expert approach when dealing with depression, anxiety, or any sort of addiction. They have a dual diagnosis program and offer a holistic method for recovery.

Their Spiritual Path is “located in a natural desert setting and offers a safe workshop where residents can spend quiet time in introspection and meditation.”

For more information about Cottonwood Tucson treatment center, please visit their official website or Facebook page.


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