Cri-Help – Addiction and Drug Rehab Center Review

A four-story complex in North Hollywood, Cri-Help is an addiction and drug treatment center with a great reputation and 45 years of experience.

Boasting strong results, professional staff, and safe facilities, the center provides treatment programs, education, counseling, and rehabilitation for chemically dependent individuals.

Run by a non-profit organization, all residences here are gender-specific, treatment is 12-step based, and the levels of care are multiple.

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1.      Treatment

Cri-Help offers comprehensive addiction treatment with multiple levels of care for an individual approach to recovery. In addition to detoxification and residential rehabilitation, the center also provides transitional living and day treatment.

Residential facilities offer a safe and productive environment for long-term recovery. All treatment plans are designed with the patient’s needs in mind, and vary in length. Clients in residential rehab engage in individual and group counseling, integrated health and counseling, and vocational assistance. Furthermore, patients also take part in fun recreational and fitness activities, neurofeedback, family education, trauma groups, as well as daily 12-step meetings, and grief counseling.

Patients who complete residential rehab and need additional support, can sign-up for the outpatient program. The center’s outpatient program features 5 to 40 hours per week of treatment, depending on patient’s need and availability. The program includes family services, peer support, therapeutic activities, and recreational activities. Moreover, rehabbers also attend 12-step meetings, individual and group counseling, HIV education, and relapse prevention.

Furthermore, the center offers sober living houses to alumni and outpatient clients. Patients here learn a great deal about independent living, and participate in 12-step and house meetings.

Typical Day at Cri-Help

Days at Cri-Help are heavy with physical, emotional, and spiritual work. Wake-up time is at 6:00 am and daily life consists of morning meditations, breakfast, group sessions, 12-step studies, and relapse prevention. Lunch is at 12:00 pm, followed by cognitive behavioral therapy, family visit at 2:00 pm, goals groups, and some downtime for recreation. At 5:00 pm all patients wind down for dinner after a long day of recovery. After dinner, patients venture out with a staff member to attend different meetings in town. Bedtime is at 11:00 pm.

Moreover, patients at Cri-Help are people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds, including gays, straight, and bisexuals. Cell phones aren’t allowed but smoking, coffee and watching TV is. Flirting is a no-no, and if men and women are caught flirting or hooking up they can be kicked out of the program.

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2.      Accommodations and Food

The four-story facility in North Hollywood contains 40 triple-occupancy rooms with single beds and separate armoires. Further amenities include a communal dining area, a 12-step meeting room, entertainment and recreational rooms, a computer lap, as well as classrooms, a literacy library, group therapy rooms, a full gym, and meditation premises. Moreover, the outdoors feature a covered patio, basketball court, and a track.

Furthermore, an additional campus in East L.A called Socorro caters to the Latino community. This complex has 38 dorm-like rooms, therapy rooms, as well as a dining area, recreational rooms, a computer lab, a gym, and a library.

Reportedly, the cafeteria-style food is nutritious and tasty. For breakfast, patients can choose between vast assortments of fresh food, with necessary adjustments for anyone with dietary restrictions. For lunch, patient gather together to build new friendships while enjoying a healthy and mouth-watering lunch meal. In addition, all dinner meals are prepared with love, and accommodations are made for those with specific dietary needs. Each meal features a salad bar, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

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3.      Staff

According to their website, the staff at Cri-Help is a team of a residential detox doctor, outpatient program manager, spirituality and grief counselor, detox unit manager, and nurses. Further staff includes a chemical dependency worker, marriage and family therapist, and other health and wellness professionals.

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4.      Reviews

Cri-Help has a 3.8-star rating on Rehabs, 4.7 stars on Yelp, and 3.5 stars on The Fix. The reviews are mixed and they include:

CRI-Help has saved my boyfriend’s life. He was in treatment at CRI-Help for two months and has now been sober for three years. Some of the people in treatment with him, the staff members and his counselors are all still his friends. – R.G

Long story short. This is where miracles happen.
Not only did they help me change my life and arrest my addiction but my family has slept well since I went to Cri-Help in 2003.
 – E.M

Cri-Help gives you the means to get clean and the tools to stay clean. Everything you need is provided for you and the ultra-dedicated staff will always go the extra mile to make sure you are taken care of. – Marcus

This is an institution which employs a prison-like behavior modification model utilizing Narcotics Anonymous literature and poor living conditions that add up to little actual recovery from addiction. – P.A

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5.      Pricing

Treatment at Cri-Help costs $7,000/month, while detox costs $550/day. The center is in-network with major insurance providers, including:

  • Aetna
  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Beacon Health Strategies
  • Blue Shield
  • Care Resources
  • Health Partners
  • Healthnet
  • HMC
  • Magellan
  • MHN
  • UBH
  • UHC
  • UAII

See financing options here.


6.      Summary

Putting patients into an immediate routine, improving stability and well-being, Cri-Help teaches its clients how to develop healthy coping skills, stay clean, and how to follow their dreams.

In conclusion, patients won’t be having an upscale luxury experience here, but if they seek to obtain long-term recovery, this L.A facility may be their best bet.

Overall, patients seem satisfied with the facility, and have described it as “supportive and caring”, “the best place on the block, for you or your loved ones”, and “a positive influence on changing maladaptive behaviors and helping a person restructure their routine to start making changes.”

For more information about Cri-Help, please visit their official website.

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