Cumberland Heights – Top Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center Review

Located 20 minutes west of Music City on the Cumberland River, Cumberland Heights is a non-profit treatment center with more than 40 years of experience.

Spread over 177 acres of big lawns and rolling hills, Cumberland Heights provides the highest quality care for adults, adolescents, and families suffering from alcohol and drug addiction.


1.      Treatment

The center offers a wide range of treatment programs based on age and need. There is an inpatient care available for adolescents ages 13-18, young adults ages 19-25, as well as for adult men ages 26 and up, and adult women ages 18 and up. In addition to inpatient care, the center also provides outpatient care, extended care, and family and children services.

Upon arrival, patients go through assessment and can detox under a 24/7 nursing staff. Each patient receives a primary counselor and also a case manager that work together to create an individual plan of care. As part of the inpatient program, patients become members of primary therapy groups, attend educational groups, practice the 12-steps, and participate in expressive therapies. Additionally, they also learn how to reconnect spiritually with themselves, participate in specialty groups, and receive supportive psychiatric assessment. The minimum length of stay ranges from 28 to 35 days.

Furthermore, the Intensive Outpatient Program is offered at the main River Road center and at seven other locations throughout Tennessee and Kentucky. The IOP varies in length and serves adults ages 18 and up. Patients receive education on the disease of addiction, attend individual and group therapy, 12 step meetings, as well as specialized family therapy.

In extended care, patients participate in adventure-based therapies, music assisted therapies, equine therapies, art therapies, as well as community service work that takes them deeper into their healing process. Patients get the chance to practice daily life skills such as time management, financial management, and negotiating with others in a peer community.

Typical Day at Cumberland Heights

Days start early at 7:30 am and lights go off at 10 pm. Mornings begin with a mandatory meditation, followed by group therapies and individual counseling. Treatment here is 12-step-based and spirituality is of a great importance. There is also a full-time Presbyterian minister in-house. During their free time, patients can use the gym and game rooms, go hiking or walking, and take trips to watch basketball games. There is an on-site softball field, Frisbee golf course, as well as a basketball court, climbing wall, and ropes course.

Moreover, there are many strict rules to follow. Any patient caught smuggling and using drugs will be immediately expelled, and the center also does not tolerate smoking outside designated areas. Patients cannot interact with the opposite gender, and men and women sit on different sides of the cafeteria. The TV is on only on special occasions and patients cannot use their cell phones, laptops, or iPods. Furthermore, the center even forbids radios, music, newspapers, and books (except for the Bible).

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SIZED Cumberland Heights

2.      Accommodations and Food

Situated away from all the fuzz and buzz of daily life, the inpatient programs at Cumberland Heights are offered at their main campus on the banks of Cumberland River. 20 minutes away from downtown Nashville, the main facility is modest but comfortable, resembling a small college campus. Men and women live separately and cannot interact with each other. The accommodations are reportedly comfy, with en suite bedrooms and two people in each room. The center also operates 10 other outpatient centers throughout Tennessee.

In addition, the food gets top marks and patients seem to love it. Chefs in recovery prepare all the delicious meals, though much of the food is Southern. Particular favorites are the prime rib meals.

“The campus is a safe and healing place to begin a life of recovery from drugs and alcohol. The food is also AMAZING!”

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3.      Staff

There are 365 staff members at Cumberland Heights, all dedicated to providing the highest quality care possible. According to former patients, they are “knowledgeable, considerate, and also compassionate.” There is also a full-time nursing staff supervising the patient during detox. Each patients also gets a case manager and a primary counselor. “The therapist were caring and compassionate. Everyone from the admissions office to the housekeeping department genuinely made me feel special.”

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4.      Reviews

Cumberland Heights has a 5-star rating on Yelp, 4.7 stars on Yelp, and 4 stars on The Fix. Some of the comments include:

Cumberland Heights saved my life. I was surrounded by people that genuinely cared about me from the moment I stepped on campus. They delivered their promise by educating me in the disease of addiction and also showing me how to use the tools of recovery. – T.S

I don’t have the words to express how grateful I am for having the opportunity to attend this place. It has changed my life in every way. – J.J

Cumberland heights is an amazing treatment center, full of wonderful and understanding counselors. Amazing nurses and staff, not to mention, the food is A+++! – W.V

If you don’t have really good insurance, or a lot of money, or both, hit the road Jack. Overall good facility. A few people actually stayed clean and sober. I want to go back just for the food. – John

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5.      Pricing

Treatment at Cumberland Heights costs $23, 000 for 30 days. Cumberland Heights is an in-network provider for most health insurance networks including Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, as well as Value Options, Magellan, Anthem, PHCS, and others. Additionally, if patients do not have insurance, the center offers self-pay rates that are discounted from their published rates.

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6.      Summary

Aiming to transform lives, Cumberland Heights successfully combines the principles of the 12 steps with the therapeutic tools necessary to live a sober life.

With state-of-the-art facilities and over 5 decades of experience, the center provides lasting healing to everyone battling with addiction.

From group work, meetings, exercises, to meditation and one-one-one sessions, the numerous reviews and testimonials confirm that Cumberland Heights truly is an exceptional rehab center.

For more information about Cumberland Heights, please visit their official website.

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