Discovery Place – Addiction Treatment Center Review

Discovery Place opened in 1997 as a recovery and spiritual retreat for men suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism. The main campus is located on 17 acres of scenic farmland outside Nashville, Tennessee, in a small town called Burns.

With a reputation as a top-notch provider of authentic recovery programs, Discovery Place offers each guest with the individual attention he deserves. Offering 12-step and evidence-based programming, residents here participate in programs that explore the roots of addiction and prepare them for life-long sobriety.


1.     Treatment

First of all, the programs at Discovery Place are highly-structured and provide each client with an evidence-based treatment. The center ensures everyone receives the personal direction, compassion, and care that are necessary for a long-term recovery.

Secondly, recovery at Discovery Place is also fun, engaging, and fulfilling. Patients participate in organized annual events like whitewater rafting, golf tournaments, super bowl parties, and service work with non-profit organizations. Furthermore, there are many activities available in the area including fishing, Frisbee golf, beach volleyball, and ping-pong.

30-Day Residential Addiction Recovery Program

The 30-day program at Discovery Place welcomes patients into a guided 12-step program originally proposed by AA. Consequently, this process involves admitting that one cannot control the addiction, examining past errors, making amends for those errors, and learning how to live a new life.

In addition, residents regularly attend recovery meetings, listen to recovery guest speaker’s experiences, and learn how to transition into a life of sobriety. During all stages, counselors work closely with each patient so they can create aftercare plans and provide career counseling. During the first week, residents adjust to the program with the help of alumni.

Being fully aware that authentic recovery evolves over time and not in a month, it is most noteworthy to note that Discovery Place offers free aftercare. Moreover, the dedicated staff strongly encourages all the patients who stay on at the facility past the 30 days to become mentors to the new arrivals.

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Long-Term Recovery Program

The long-term recovery program at Discovery Place aims to help men strengthen their foundation in sobriety. This model cultivates the skills patients need for a successful transition into society.

Almost every program here helps residents increase their chances of moving beyond their cravings and obsessions. As a result, Discovery Place also offers 60-day and 90-day recovery programs for men where the patient and his family determine the appropriate length of stay.

Furthermore, the long-term residents engage in regular recovering meetings and enjoy in fun sober activities like dining at local restaurants, preparation of meals, canoe trips, sporting events, and golfing. Participants also attend workshops, recovery speaker meetings, and alumni events.

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Family Matters Program

Since family is a fundamental part of one’s recovery, Discovery Place offers the Family Matters Program that works closely with the patient’s family.

Offered at no cost, patients and their families learn tools to help rebuild their intimate relationships. Most of all, this nourishing and healthy family support through the recovery process can make the difference between success and failure.

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2.     Accommodation and Food

Located in one of the most famous cities to get sober, Discovery Place is a seventeen-acre recovery retreat in Tennessee. The center is a small, intimate, and serene place where residents can reflect, reconsider, but also redirect their lives.

The 30-day program has a maximum capacity of 24 men, and 12 men in the long-term program. The accommodations are clean and simple, and also feature a volleyball court, reading room, and a game room. The rooms accommodate up to four people and each has a private bath.

Moreover, the property also includes two lakes and several walking paths where patients can relax between meetings. There is also a spacious living room with flat screen TV, dining room, full kitchen, and an non-denominational church.

In addition, long-term guests live near Discovery Place’s main campus in Dickson, Tennessee. The two long-term residences fit six patients each, with two men per room. These facilities offer comfortable living arrangements with a living room, dining room, kitchen, beach volleyball court, and mini golf course.

The kitchen staff prepares all the nutritious meals on-site on daily basis.


3.     Staff

The staff of around 20 people consists of a program director, licensed professional counselors, as well as many peer counselors. Especially relevant to note is that almost all members of the staff have completed at least one of the recovery programs at Discovery Place. As a result, the staff’s ability to relate with patients is what makes this facility so special and unique. According to some alumni, this is probably the most memorable and strongest means of treatment.

Seems like many patients also form close bonds with staff members that continue even after graduation. Furthermore, the staff is also dedicated, knowledgeable, and caring, while the ratio is one staff member for every three clients.

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4.     Reviews

Discovery Place has 4.6 stars rating on Google based on 14 user reviews. Some of the comments include:

Discovery Place saved my life. Their 12-Step program taught me how to live a happy, meaningful life, and also help others who are struggling with addiction, and learn how to truly love myself again. I would recommend DP to ANYONE who is struggling with addiction or alcoholism. It was a blessing that I never imagined possible. – T.O

The one thing I love about Discovery Place is its focus on the solution, not the problem. Discovery Place also radically changed my perspective on the world, and I think this is why I’ve been able to stay sober now for 11 months and 2 days. The staff are all in recovery without letters next to their name, and they knew how to relate with me. I felt like they understood, so I was able to open up to them and get honest. I would recommend this to any man with some kind of addiction. – D.K

Discovery Place has helped both myself and my family in immeasurable ways. I have also witnessed the power of their programs in two of my nephews and highly recommend this facility to anyone seeking recovery. – M.B

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5.     Pricing

The 30-day program at Discovery Place costs $6500. The LTR Program/Extended Care is $5500 per month, and $1500 for the outpatient program.

Discovery Place also partners with two companies to facilitate financing. The first option is M Lend Finance that allows guests to pay for the residential recovery programs interest-free for a minimum of 12 months. The second option is Prosper HealthCare Lending that offers immediate decisions for loans under $35,000, no collateral, and is also 100% confidential.

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6.     Summary

Discovery Place operates like no other facility in the United States, offering the highest level of care for the most affordable price.

With a knowledgeable staff, thriving alumni community, and a free continuing care, Discovery Place is a nonprofit organization that provides an opportunity for building a fulfilling, purposeful, and happy life.

In conclusion, all these elements combine to give Discovery Place an incredible 5-star reputation and its clients a chance to transition into long-term sobriety.

For more information, please visit Discovery Place official website.

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