Gulf Breeze Recovery – Holistic Drug Treatment Facility Review

  1. Just across the bay from Pensacola, Florida – on the tip of the exclusive Fairpoint Peninsula – lies the Gulf Breeze Recovery Center. A holistic, non-12-step rehab founded in 2013 that offers an individualized and unique approach for people who suffer from chronic relapse.

The main objective of the program is to allow patients to go beyond their addiction and obtain a new outlook on life. Focused on natural, lifelong, and penetrative change, the recovery center is designed to help patients recover their health and live life to the fullest, with the assistance of the caring and understanding staff on-site.

Using a non-traditional approach, the Gulf Breeze Recovery includes private rooms, nutritious food, private beach access, and recreational therapies. By identifying exactly how the addictions began in a caring and healing environment, this drug treatment facility enhances the recovery process and helps its patients lead a fulfilling and satisfactory life.

Gulf Breeze Recovery

  1. Treatment Program

Residents stay between seven and eight weeks, depending on their individual progress. Clients can also choose the prolonged stay for up to 90 days, at an additional charge. Gulf Breeze Recovery offers its clients a relaxing and calming ambiance with plenty of sunshine and sandy beaches, which is essential to the patient’s path to recovery.

The treatment program has been developed by a team of mental health therapists and psychologists, with classes being held on a daily basis keeping patients busy and ultimately responsible for their own recovery.

Physical Health

The program’s first goal is to tackle denial and resistance, then to convince clients to focus on their physical health before addressing the mental health, with the help of individualized fitness plan, spa therapies, healthy eating, and restful sleep. Also, the location of the facility enables patients to enjoy and engage in outdoor activities like paddle boarding, deep sea fishing, or dolphin cruises.

Mental Health

The approach to residents’ mental health is divided into three phases that focus on developmental activities, small group activities, and one-to-one sessions for more intimate topics. Other therapeutic activities include meditation, yoga, massages, and art therapies.

Medical Detox

In addition, there is an on-site medical detox available for every person that needs it, executed in private rooms in a separate wing of the facility.

The combination of these approaches is especially relevant in clearing the mind, creating a stronger body, and enabling the patients to feel betterabout themselves.


Gulf Breeze Recovery

  1. Accommodation and Food

Gulf Breeze Recovery is a modern seaside villa in Florida, offering mesmerizing ocean views, and year-round sunshine that can greatly help in regaining inner peace and serenity. The lush villa features 30 beds and 5 detox beds, and clients can choose between semi-private and private rooms with or without an ocean view.

All the rooms at the facility include flat screen TVs, cable, and there is a recreational room available with a pool table. The newly-renovated two story facility includes a workout room with a water and beach view, as well as a fully-equipped spa center.

Residents are free to use the home phones and TV, as long as they’re not attending classes. Despite the permissive atmosphere, clients have to show up for classes, collaborate with their medical team, keep their beds made, and the room tidy.

Moreover, there are on-site chefs present that prepare three nutritious meals per day with the intention to keep patients healthy and removing the toxins from their body. These nutritious meals make a difference in experiencing a positive and successful drug rehabilitation, and help in clearing the mind and body. Patients can indulge in their home-made-like meals at the spacious dining area or in the guest lounge location.


Gulf Breeze Recovery

  1. Staff

The staff at Gulf Breeze Recovery includes a director of operations, an admissions coordinator, a clinical director, a band of nurses, an executive chef, and five drug and alcohol therapists.

Upon arrival, doctors and nurses monitor patients around the clock before the start of the primary care. In case of emergencies, medical professionals are present 24 hours per day, every day, and family members can always visit.

Moreover, it is important to note that the professional staff does not see its patients as sufferers of an incurable illness, but rather as individuals who have fallen into patterns of unhealthy thinking and behavior.

A former patient gave a positive outlook, saying: “The knowledgeable and compassionate staff teaches its patients how to process stress, understand emotions, and make peace with themselves.”

Creating a nurturing and caring environment, the staff helps in permanently overcoming addiction and regaining inner serenity.


Gulf Breeze Recovery

  1. Testimonials

A former patient gave his outlook on the healing process, saying: They were unbelievably what I expected, in a good way. 8 weeks is a short period of time but I can’t believe it took me so long to find something so simple. I got more comfortable with myself, whether be from a book or a good conversation in class. It’s amazing the things I see now, it’s a pretty world out there you know? And I’m a part of it! I go to the beach and I’m having fun, you know? I laugh until it hurts now.

Another former patient said: Sitting here for 8 weeks was the best choice I’ve ever made. I can’t even put into words the difference in myself after fully adopting to this way of thinking. It is so basic yet so under-practiced in society, I deserve to love myself and I can tell I was changing and making progress. I went from someone who couldn’t stand being with myself to becoming my best friend. It’s a beautiful process, I feel like I’m in the beginning phases of a relationship with myself and everything that I learn or find out is new and exciting. I’m falling in love with myself again and it’s awesome!

Mark shares the deep insights he experienced at the Gulf Breeze Recovery, saying: Once you put your past behind and learn to enjoy the present, and the people you’re with, that’s what life’s all about and that’s kind of what I woke up to. Once I reconnected with who I am and my personality, and just having fun being around people, and joking around, I didn’t feel the need to take any psychotropic meds. I went from being a mess to being happy, overnight. Life today is great, I feel normal again. I want to say to everyone who’s watching this, if you want something other than the whole normative 12-step program, going into Gulf Breeze Recovery can actually help you live a better life, not just get you cleaned. 

See more testimonials at their website.

Gulf Breeze Recovery

  1. Pricing

Your stay at the Gulf Breeze Recovery costs anywhere between $27,000 and $35,000 for eight weeks. The accepted payment methods are ACH bank transfer, American Express, cash, checks, Discover, Mastercard, Paypal, Visa, and Wire.

This private treatment facility accepts payments through a third-party lending program, as well as private pays. For an addition charge, patients can sign up for an extended stay up to 90 days. The Gulf Breeze Recovery allows insurance to be filed, but clients get reimbursement after paying up front.

In addition, some of the major insurance providers this facility accepts are Aetna, Amerigroup Foundation, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, United Health Group, and Value Options.


  1. Summary

With an assembled team of professional psychologists and licensed therapists, Gulf Breeze Recovery is dedicated to making a positive difference in patients’ lives. The treatment facility meets the needs of its residents in a friendly manner and the individualized holistic drug rehab program is always number one priority.

By offering a safe treatment environment and a pleasant non-12 step program, the patients have a great chance for a complete recovery and living a healthy and beneficial life.

Developing a 15-Part Promise, delivering an effective workable program, and providing an aftercare option, Gulf Breeze Recovery is the solution to your addiction.

Finally, the ultimate goal of Gulf Breeze Recovery was and always will be “recovery for anyone who enters the holistic drug rehab facility.”

For more information about Gulf Breeze Recovery treatment center please visit their official website.

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