Hope by the Sea – Drug Addiction Treatment Center Review

Located in Southern California, Hope by the Sea is a high-end facility that provides services from residential living to extended care in a serene and comfortable setting.

Helping, healing, and giving hope to thousands of individuals, the facility’s high success rate is due to its accredited addiction programs and services that treat the person as a whole.

Boasting a beautiful ocean location, upscale accommodations, and a wide range of treatment programs, Hope by the Sea is the road towards a long-lasting sobriety.

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1.      Treatment

In order each client to find a recovery method that truly fits, the facility offers a traditional 12-step approach, and a Christian-centric approach through their Celebrate Hope program. Their Celebrate Hope program includes daily devotional groups, religious counseling, and bible study groups. On the other hand, the 12-step program features literature and cognitive counseling. For those who are looking for an alternative recovery option, Hope by the Sea also offers a non-12-step program called Complete Harmony.

The very first step in the program is detox, where patients get rid of all toxins. Then, patients get enrolled into the Residential Program that teaches them how to change destructive behaviors, reflect on their decisions, and begin to love themselves again. Patients here take part in group and individual therapy sessions, family therapies, dual-diagnosis therapies, and 12-step meetings. Additionally, they also receive disease education, participate in social gatherings, do fitness, and get nutritional guidance.

Furthermore, the College Program caters to patients seeking addiction recovery while attending college. The facility integrates college into their treatment where patients learn study skills, test taking skills, and life skills such as budgeting, taxes, resume writing, and the likes. Hope by the Sea also offers a Family program that educates, empowers, and supports the patient’s family.

Patients who are unable to attend residential treatment, can opt for the Outpatient Program. The Outpatient Program includes weekly individual and group therapy sessions, and the option to attend in-house meetings. Furthermore, patients who wish to extend their stay, can sign up for the Extended Care Program. This program is necessary for relapse prevention and helps patients develop the skills needed to live a sober life.

Patients who want to further develop their healthy coping skills and daily habits to prevent relapse, can opt for the Sober Living Program.

Typical Day at Hope by the Sea

Patients at Hope by the Sea are people of all ages, religion, and economic background. During weekdays, they are busy with meetings, counseling, and therapy sessions. Days begin early at 6:30 with the breakfast meal, followed by morning reflection or Christian devotionals. Patients then attend cognitive behavioral therapy, psycho-education, psychodrama, life skills, and relapse prevention. After lunch, patients participate in more groups, gym sessions, and daily chores. The day ends with the dinner meal and a 12-step meeting. Lights go out at 10 pm.

Upon arrival, patients cannot use their personal electronics during the first 7 days of treatment. Residents can watch TV in their free time in the evening. The facility respects all viewpoints, but if a patient is looking for a non-12-step or non-religious experience, Hope by the Sea is probably not the best pick.

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2.      Accommodations and Food

Hope by the Sea is nestled between Los Angeles and San Diego, in a tranquil environment that rejuvenates the spirit, and helps patients find a fulfilling life of sobriety. The facility offers impressive landscapes, sandy beaches, and hundreds of trails, parks, and outdoor recreational opportunities. Patients here can engage in world-class surfing, paddle boarding, deep sea fishing, and trips to Santa Monica Mountains, Malibu Lagoon State Beach, and Chino Hills State Park.

Men and women live in separate houses, both beautifully equipped with high-end furnishings and amenities. The houses feature swimming pools, outdoor grilling areas, tennis court, poll tables, fully furnished kitchens, and comfortable living and dining quarters.

Residents share a room with one or two other roommates. However, they can always upgrade to an executive residence with private bathroom, Jacuzzi bathtub, and shaded gardens. The executive residence includes maid and laundry service, while patients staying at regular housing do the basic housekeeping chores themselves.

Reportedly, meals at Hope by the Sea are as well-balanced as they’re delicious. Every meal is health-conscious and the on-site chef can accommodate any special dietary requirements. Breakfast and dinner are served at individual houses, and lunch at the Center. There is a wide range of nutritious meals to choose from, and coffee is available at individual houses.


3.      Staff

The staff at Hope by the Sea consists of caring and dedicated professionals who take pride in the success of patients. The staff includes experienced drug and alcohol counselors, a licensed clinical psychologist, a licensed marriage and family therapist, registered nurses, transitional counselors, an addiction medicine specialist, and an on-call MD.

For more information about the staff, please click here.

4.      Reviews

Hope by the Sea has a 4.1-star rating on Google reviews, 4 stars on Rehabs, and 4.3 stars on Facebook. Some of the comments include:

Very disappointed with the facility specifically the therapist and the proper assessment of the underlying issues. Location was great but did not feel like my wife got the proper treatment. Would not recommend. – Y.C

The personnel seem like they are all ‘interns in training’ and are very inexperienced. They probably got a 6 month drug and alcohol addiction certificate and are trying it out on real people with real issues. Also, very disappointed in the aftercare as in, there was none, no plan at all for my daughter. – H.F

Staff and Programming were good. Discharging without a strong post plan. The ownership and staff experience were helpful. – J.J

Attentiveness to clients and their needs. The staff at Hope by the Sea are very dedicated to their clients and strive to provide the best treatment for them, going above and beyond to accommodate their needs. – J.L

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5.      Pricing

Treatment at Hope by the Sea costs $19, 000 for 30 days. The center accepts most PPO insurance plans and works together with insurance providers to ease the financial burden of treatment, including: United Health Care, United Behavioral Health, Cigna, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Value Options, Anthem, Medica, and many more.

If you wish to verify your insurance benefits, please fill out this form.


6.      Summary

Offering a number of different treatment programs so clients can customize treatment according to their needs, Hope by the Sea is dedicated to helping people achieve long-term recovery. Whether patients are seeking a faith-based approach to recovery or a serene place to fully recover, Hope by the Sea is affordable for its level of comfort and care.

For more information about Hope by the Sea, please visit their official website.

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  1. Hope by the Sea ( same as Celebrate Hope) is not a Christian program, although I was misled to believe their Christian Track “Celebrate Hope” was a faith-based program. They fraudulently have the CARF Accreditation on their website. Among other erroneous details I was told, I will write about unethical sales and billing practices. The extent of the Christian track “Celebrate Hope” includes going to a local church (not Saddleback) on Sundays and occasionally holding a Celebrate Recovery group study. They only have CR group if there’s a facilitator available, which was not a priority for Hope by the Sea. Their track for Christians included eastern meditation and yoga, which are not Christian practices. Their staff lacks professionalism and refused to provide me with a detailed billing statement, which I’m entitled to. I requested a detailed billing statement at UnitedHealthcare’s request after Hope by the Sea submitted over $20,000 in claims in less than 30-days claiming payments to various third party sources, even after billing my credit card $6,500 and wanting to charge me another $400. Their tactic is to convince patients early on that generally most patients experience recovery after 12-months so they’re being convinced to stay longer. If you are looking for a Christian program, I strongly recommend New Life Spirit Recovery. For less than third of the cost, you experience a highly organized, very professional program, and they do not outsource their services. They provided me a very detailed billing statement and were honest and transparent. I do not recommend Hope by the Sea (Celebrate Hope), even for people not interested in a Christian program because of the poor service they offer and seemingly unethical business practices.

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