His House: Drug Rehab & Addiction Treatment Centers for Men Review

Using spirituality, patient education and individualized treatment, His House is a top-rated rehab that offers specialized treatment programs for mental health, dual diagnosis, and drug and alcohol addiction.

Located in the suburban town of Upland, 35 miles east of Los Angeles, His House provides individualized treatment, the highest quality facilities, and the most experienced staff that leads clients to a healthy and a drug-free lifestyle.


1.      Treatment

His House offers a full continuum of care, including intervention, detoxification, residential treatment, outpatient programming, and sober living for men battling with dual diagnosis and substance abuse.  The specialized treatment tracks include Drug Addiction Treatment, Alcohol Addiction Treatment, Mental Health Treatment, Holistic Rehab Treatment, Christian Drug Rehab Treatment, and Elderly Treatment Program.

His House provides residential treatment that focuses on medical and mental health. Individuals in inpatient treatment receive the therapy, support, medicine, and health services needed for treating the addiction and mental health disorder. Patients are treated with a wide range of mental health medications that can ease withdrawal and produce the same effects in the body as addictive substances. Another essential part of treatment is psychotherapy that analyzes how certain beliefs and behaviors affect patients’ thoughts. By properly addressing these beliefs and behaviors, patients learn how to cope and remove inefficient thought patterns. In addition, patients also participate in support groups that give them time to disclose their emotions, problems, and frustrations.

Those who are uncomfortable with the use of medication can opt for Holistic Addiction Treatment. The Holistic Addiction Treatment provides natural options during mental illness or addiction treatment. It includes therapies such as acupuncture to manage the pain of withdrawals, meditation to keep stress levels at a minimum, nutritional advice to help patients’ bodies heal from the inside, and yoga to teach them ways of controlling their bodies. The most common types of therapy include individualized therapy, group therapy, family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, education, and dietary therapy.

Moreover, the Christian Rehab Treatment Program works on the basis of one religion, Christianity. Each client can explore their own spirituality during the sessions and connect with their higher power on a deeper level.

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2.      Accommodations and Food

His House treatment facilities are situated in the sunny, warm, and scenic region of Southern California. The facilities are the ideal place to get away from the noise of everyday life, avoid relapse triggers, and work on their personal growth. At each location, the center ensures a very low patient-to-staff ratio so that each patient gets the care they need in order to obtain long-term sobriety.

His House accommodates 130 patients in houses around the suburbs of Southern California, specifically in Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, and Colton. Rehabbers live in family-style homes with scenic gardens and gorgeous grounds, in a close proximity to the beach and the mountains. Each of the houses provides a homelike environment, scenic views, serene atmosphere and compassionate staff. The houses feature spacious bedrooms with twin-sized beds, well-lit and comfy living rooms, beautiful kitchens, and shaded gazebos.

His House also employs a nutritionist on-site that makes sure patients get all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients they need in order to heal physically. The nutritionist is going to look at each patient’s blood results and tell them what their body needs to get back to its healthy state.

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3.      Staff

His House has a 1:3 staff-to-client ratio. The staff includes physicians, nurses, psychiatrists, and therapists. Many of the staff are in recovery themselves, so they understand what each individual patient is going through. The center can also provide clients with fitness classes, personal trainers, yoga instructors, and Bible classes facilitators.

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4.      Reviews

His House has a 3.9-star rating on Rehabs and 4.8 stars on their Facebook page. Some of the comments include:

The facility is a 100+ year old house in Upland, CA. It is passable, but not luxurious by any stretch. My biggest gripe here would be the used old mattresses and the worn blankets provided. The food, while I was there, to put it bluntly, was not good. For being in California, there was an extreme lack of fresh produce that should be the cornerstone of a healthy diet. There was plenty of food, the standard was just low. – Greg

Very sincere, very professional. Always striving to stay on the cutting edge in field of substance abuse treatment. Evidence based, gender-specific, with an emphasis on long-term recovery. The facilities are very centrally located throughout Southern California. – S.S

This program taught me everything I need to know to continue on the path to stay sober. I learned about the twelve steps and fellowship, and made lots of friends to increase my support group. I would definitely recommend this program to other addicts who are looking to stay sober and continue staying sober. – D.J

There is a strict 12-step model, they have good intentions and the counselors care and have personal experience in conquering addiction. They have a 90-day program which allows for a much better foundation than 30-day programs. However, the facility can get a bit crowded, the food isn’t the most nutritious or plentiful, they don’t provide laundry soap, and the beds need to be replaced. – S.M

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5.      Pricing

Treatment at His House costs $500/day, $14,500/month, and $32,500 for 90 days. The center accepts insurance, and is in-network with HealthNet MHN, and American Healthcare Lending. However, the center charges extra for perks like massages, acupuncture, or even a personal trainer.

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6.      Summary

Providing many levels of treatment, from intervention and detox to sober living and continuing care, His House is a great choice on obtaining long-term sobriety. With a multi-disciplinary approach that helps patients heal mentally, physically, and emotionally, the center offers an accurate and effective treatment plan based on individual needs and goals.

Overall, if you are looking for treatment effectiveness, family program, counseling options, and 12-step work, then His House seems like the best investment for you.

For more information about His House, please visit their official website.

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