Marworth – Addiction Treatment Center Review

Spread across 70 acres of historical land in Pennsylvania, Marworth is a top-rated treatment center that provides alcohol and chemical dependency services.

A residential facility of 91 beds, the rehab has a solid reputation as a well-respected substance abuse treatment center that addresses the unique challenges addicts face in everyday life.

With a personalized and compassionate course of treatment, Marworth caters to ordinary people who are serious about their long-term recovery.


1.      Treatment

Marworth provides outpatient, partial hospitalization, residential short-term treatment, and residential long-term treatment care. There are special groups and programs for women, as well as special language services including assistance for hearing impaired.

The inpatient treatment programs take into consideration each patient’s medical history, individual lifestyle, and specific obstacles to recovery. The plan follows the 12-step model and includes drug and alcohol screenings and evaluations, individual and group therapy, as well as recreational therapy, and educational therapy. Further services include trauma and PTSD support groups, nutrition education program, relapse prevention group, but also a family program and specialized services for dual-diagnosis.

Furthermore, patients who graduate from the inpatient program but need additional help to obtain sobriety, drop-down to the outpatient addiction treatment center program. The outpatient services also benefit those who are seeking help for the first time but don’t need a 24/7 support. In addition, the outpatient services include individual and group therapies, family and couples therapies, adult children of alcoholics counseling, as well as relapse prevention support groups.

In order to alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress, patients engage in recreational activities where they learn to trust others, ask for help, confront compulsive behavior, and foster problem-solving capabilities. Patients take part in team sports, music therapy, fitness sessions, but also in trust activities, arts and crafts, leisure education, and nature activities, all in order to obtain overall health and well-being.

Typical Day at Marworth

Days at Marworth are busy and highly structured. Patients wake up at 7:00 am with the morning breakfast, followed by two morning groups, and then two more after lunch that focus on relapse prevention, education, and trauma.

Patients here are people of all ages, ethnicity, background, and income, though the majority of them are law enforcement officials and health care workers. Residents need to follow the rehab’s rules and responsibilities, including no electronics and limited dressing options. Clients earn privileges the longer they stay in rehab and follow the codes.

Furthermore, Marworth doesn’t ignore patients’ body and spirit well-being. As a result, rehabbers regularly participate in sports, low ropes course, art and music therapy, as well as outdoor recreation, and various trust activities.


2.      Accommodations and Food

Found in the rural hills of northeastern Pennsylvania, Marworth is a 27-acre estate that accommodates 91 patients in total. From 1931 to 1981, Marworth was a family estate of the Scranton family, while the name derives from the first names of Margery and Worthington Scranton, parents of Pennsylvania Governor William Scranton. The Marworth center opened to serve to individuals seeking recovery after a generous donation of the Scranton family in 1982.

The stone mansion endured several new expansions, including a new dining wing and an upgraded fitness center. The building features colonial furnishings, historical paintings, but also comfortable amenities. The rooms are spacious with twin beds, a desk and closet, shared hallway bathrooms, and impressive artwork.

Furthermore, since many patients at Marworth suffer from eating disorders, health-conscious choices and mindful eating are a vital component of the programming. The rehab employs a registered dietitian who has an experience with co-occurring eating disorders and substance abuse. The dietitian can accommodate any special dietary requirements, and meals here range from meal-centric to vegan.

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3.      Staff

Seems like Marworth owes its great reputation to its highly qualified staff and medical professionals. The staff includes a medical director, social workers, counselors, primary counselors, as well as nurses, and certified recreation therapy specialists. The admissions team, environmental and food service workers, maintenance personnel, and fellows and interns are also an essential part of the team.

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4.      Reviews

Marworth has a 3-star rating on The Fix and 4.9 stars on Facebook. Some of the comments include:

They got me cleaned up but also introduced me to the tools to help me stay sober. 20 days later I left and started to implement what I learned at Marworth into my life. That was 18 years ago. It’s been a wonderful journey. Thank you for saving my life & my soul! – D.S.K

Marworth is a wonderful facility with a hands-on, experienced staff who really care about individual recovery. The medical staff is overworked, yet, remain pleasant and ready to serve. – Mymoyer

Marworth has absolutely ridiculous rules, SOME staff that really does not belong in their field but also an incompetent medical staff. Successful for many people and I acknowledge that, but it was not for me. – Guest Reviewer

It’s a place for people who are serious about recovery. The emphasis is decidedly on the 12-step program with DBT skills taught as an adjunct. The building is very nice. It is neither too Spartan and severe nor too luxurious and spa-like to be taken seriously. – Max

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5.      Pricing

Treatment at Marworth costs $28,000 for 30 days. Rehab payment options include self-payment, Medicaid, and private health insurance. Furthermore, Marworth works with a number of insurance providers to help make treatment more affordable, since its main patients aren’t known for their sky-rocket income.

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6.      Summary

Those who are looking for comfort and a supporting environment with caring staff and a diversity of personalities and backgrounds, will find Marworth to be quite suitable.

However, those who are expecting a royal treatment and resort-style amenities, will have to look elsewhere.

In conclusion, according to one former resident of the rehab, “I was treated with both respect and concern, never demeaned or coddled – just as an intelligent adult with an enormous problem that needed to be solved.”

For more information about Marworth, please visit their official website.


  1. Marworth is an awful place. The staff is rude and dishonest. The medical “ professionals “ as a joke.
    Check out other places before this one
    Make this a last resort

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