The Meadows – Luxury Rehab Center Review

An intimate hill house abundant in natural light, serene vistas, and elegant interior, The Meadows is a trusted rehab facility with over 40 years of experience. The goal of the treatment center is to offer each patient a more satisfying life, free from addiction and trauma.

The dedicated staff at The Meadows are experts at treating complex and re-occurring conditions including drug, sex, and alcohol addiction, anxiety, depression, emotional trauma, and PTSD. The Meadows addiction treatment program helps victims heal and learn how to cope with the hidden effects of trauma through various types of therapies. These therapies include group sessions, family week programs, emotional freedom techniques, spirituality counseling, and others.

Most of all, by treating severe mental health disorders of children, adolescents, and adults, the Meadows treatment center is a tranquil place to grow and get well.

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  1. Treatment

Most noteworthy, the Meadows has helped over 45,000 people in recovering from a wide array of disorders and addictions. Its holistic approach – led by world-renowned experts – provides a variety of therapies including 12-step model, small group sessions, somatic experiencing, expressive arts, emotional freedom technique, and more.

First of all, each patient must undergo an assessment process that detects a patient’s viability like suicide attempts, co-occurring disorders, or previous hospitalization. Especially relevant is that residents work together with a primary therapist, family therapist, workshop facilitator, psychiatrist, and a medical physician.

The experts at The Meadows believe that most conditions are results of a deep-seeded childhood trauma. Consequently, the Small Group sessions encourage patients to establish long-term relationships with others, while the Family Week programs provide a chance for patients and their families to begin the healing process together. Moreover, the effective EMDR method can help alleviate trauma by changing the way brain responds to external stimuli. The Somatic Experiencing helps treat shock and developmental trauma, while the Emotional Freedom Techniques relieve upset emotions.

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In addition to the on-site detox and aftercare program, the Meadows also offers the traditional 12-step program and new-age alternatives.


The Meadows’ workshops offer healing and empowerment to patients on their way to recovery. Participants work on sensitive issues in order to enhance their personal skills in a safe environment.

As an essential element of The Meadows’ inpatient treatment, there is a also a variety of workshops including Survivors, Love Addiction, Journey of a Woman’s Heart, Healing Intimate Treason, Discovery to Recovery, Living in Abundance, and many more.

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Especially relevant to note is that The Meadows incorporates ancient healing methods that ease pain, alleviate stress, and promote wellness.

These alternative and progressive exercises like mindfulness meditation, yoga, tai chi, and acupuncture, focus on healing the mind, body and spirit, key components to the trauma and addiction process.

Furthermore, The Meadows’ wellness program also helps patients create a healthy lifestyle, create appropriate relationships, and realize their value. The Meadows offers Pia Mellody Program, water aerobics, Pilates, music, expressive arts, and equine therapy.


the meadows

  1. Accommodation and Food

The Meadows facility is located on a 14-acre campus near Phoenix, Arizona. The center features a Southwestern architecture and landscaped surroundings. The facility has well-appointed functional rooms, daily maid service, AC, a gym, and a swimming pool.

Furthermore, meals are served three times a day in order to enhance the patient’s treatment. Each resident receives a well-balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and patients learn more about the benefits of healthy eating with the help of their appointed counselors.


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  1. Staff

The staff at The Meadows is a team of professional and experienced people who provide a top-quality care to patients. From senior fellows and counselors to care addiction doctors and therapists, the staff at the campus is passionate about helping struggling individuals realize that recovery is possible.

Furthermore, with advisers like Pia Mellody – known for her theories on the effects of childhood trauma and author of several influential books – the staff at The Meadows is eager to excel and help patients return home as changed and improved individuals. There’s also Peter Levine, a former stress consultant at NASA, and John Bradshaw known for his self-help books on shame.

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  1. Testimonials

A patient’s parent gave her outlook on the facility, saying: I’m so grateful for the Meadows, its sensitive staff, and strict privacy. I got my beautiful daughter back in my life. Clean, sober, properly psychologically diagnosed, bringing with her the gift of honesty for our whole family.  No place is perfect, but this one shines in the world of recovery options.  My only issue is the cost, which wasn’t prohibitive for us, but would be for so many. Dual diagnosis treatment is the only way to go for many, many addicts and abuse survivors.  I have recommended the Meadows to many, even though we live in Minnesota, land of 10,000 treatment centers, as the joke goes.  But the Meadows is no joke; it’s the real deal and then some.

A former patient said: I just got back from spending five weeks at The Meadows. It was the calmest, least-anxiety-producing, no stress-inducing five weeks of my life. The only time I got stressed out is when it came time to leave.

A therapist said: As a therapist, I’ve been referring clients to The Meadows for over 10 years. In my opinion, they have the most treatment options available for my clients, like Somatic Experiencing and EMDR.

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  1. Pricing

The 5-week stay at The Meadows costs $44,000. The Meadows accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. If insurance coverage applies, each patient has to provide insurance information prior arrival so that the staff can obtain a quote of coverage. When insurance coverage is not a possibility, patients should consult the Intake/Financial Coordinator at The Meadows to review payment options.

Furthermore, financing is available via PROSPER Healthcare Lending. Learn more here.


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  1. Summary

By providing successful treatments that are a combination of powerful and unique methodologies, The Meadows helps change lives of patients. With an impeccable reputation for quality, integrity, and a long-term recovery, this treatment facility offers great support, discovery, and healing.

In conclusion, as a result of the attentive and dedicated medical and clinical staff that always maintains the level of professionalism and confidentiality, patients at The Meadows fully focus on their treatment and discover a higher quality of life.

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