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Newport Academy

With a goal to “bring teens from self-destruction to self-esteem,” Newport Academy treats individuals ages 12-20, “struggling with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, and substance abuse.”

Located in Orange County, California, the treatment center provides a “gender-specific environment” for young male and female teens and adolescents, allowing them to focus on their issues while bonding with their peers.

1. Treatment Program

Newport Academy’s treatment approach is a mix of 30 hours per week of clinical, therapeutic, and holistic modalities, together with 20 hours of academic study and tutoring.

The facility offers a long-term, inpatient, and outpatient rehab with an aftercare program that will keep the teen from relapse. The “core issue” the facility addresses is the lack of self-esteem in young people.

Newport Academy treatment center

Thus, Newport Academy provides a 45 to 120 days inpatient, highly individualized, evidence-based program.

The first step towards treatment is identifying the cause of suffering. After that, the staff helps the family choose the right rehabilitation method.

Newport Academy supports the use of residential treatment. Since the majority of residents feel punished when attending inpatient rehab, the facility encourages active participation from parents and the whole family.

Newport Academy program

In this center, family involvement is a major component in the process of recovery, where “every family member plays an integral part in the wellness of the entire family.”

Therefore, families get all the necessary information about their role in the treatment right upon admission. Afterward, the parents meet the facility’s team, to get answers to all of their questions, updates on progress and overall support.

One of the parent’s alumni said, “The program was nothing like it was initially described to us prior to his admission. The clinical schedule seemed to change daily from its normal regimen. The schooling was mediocre at best.”

Newport Academy girls woods

The various experiences the center offers include weekly family therapy, Family Day every other Saturday, and Family Intensive Workshop. All of their programs are based on facts and research. Residents are busy with their daily chores, activities that are part of the program and lead a healthy lifestyle.


A day in the life of men and women residents of Newport Academy is full of activities including martial arts, yoga, one-on-one therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, adventure therapy, music therapy, meditation, Equine Therapy, therapeutic process groups, 12-Step meetings, and many others. Equine Therapy is a powerful method of non-verbal therapy, where each resident is assigned to take care of a horse.

Newport Academy Equine therapy

The facility offers student-tailored education. They have many graduates from their Day School. One of the alumni said, “I graduated high school through their program. I rebuilt the relationship with my parents through that program. Today, I am in college.  I have a job and help others all because of learning to know myself better through that program.”


The facility is gender specific which many residents find useful. In Newport Academy, the treatment is highly individualized. The separated male and female campuses don’t accept more than six residents at a time that share a room for two.

2. Newport Academy Staff

Newport Academy has an accredited staff of more than 200 therapists, clinicians, and specialists with a broad range of degrees and experience. However, the parent’s alumni reviews on the staff are mixed. Some of them said, “It seemed as if the clinical staff had more mental health and organizational issues than the clients themselves!”

Newport Academy yoga

Most of the complaints were about “staff incompetence,” “lack of professionalism,” and “poor clinical expertise.” On the contrary, there were many great reviews, such as “The staff loved me before I could love myself and showed me what it meant to live a sober, meaningful lifestyle.”

Also, “We found the staff at Newport Academy to be great. They were attentive, frequently communicated with us and kept out daughter safe.”

See more of these reviews here.

3. Pricing

The treatment center accepts insurance. The monthly cost is $30,000 with a minimum stay of 45 days.

4. Reviews

The reviews vary, but most of the comments are from happy parents or residents that manage to stay sober.

“Sent me to a mental hospital because I was “hallucinating and paranoid” even though I was immediately released and deemed 100% sane. Left with a 700$ ambulance bill after being threatened by the police to “stay calm and get in the ambulance.” I would like to see the day this treatment center gets closed down.” – N. P. Hatch

“This Academy for children is not what they say it is. They have a success rate of below 10% and attribute alcoholism and drug addiction to any child without truly knowing. Once there, they have a way with parents to keep their children, so that they can make the most money possible. Newport Academy is a BUSINESS... Parents, please speak with your children before impulsively sending them to a place that will more than likely not help, but hurt them.” – R. Stilwell

Newport Academy girl

“Newport Academy is a solid dual diagnosis program. The team of therapists, LCDC counselors, professionals, educators, and psychiatrist who work closely with the kids and families truly care. My daughter, now a young adult is in stable, consistent sobriety and college.” – E. Heil

“The woman I initially talked to on the phone told me Newport Academy was more than a treatment center, but a “Life Academy.” I had lost all faith and did not believe true recovery was possible, but after my daughter completed the program, I understood what she meant. Newport Academy altered the course of my child’s life.” – Richard B.

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5. Summary

It seems Newport Academy knows the right approach towards recovery. Their treatment programs rely on scientific research and facts. The facility offers a program with various activities. This allows teens and their parents to chose the right fit.

Equine and art or music therapy are specifically designed to help people struggling with depression or anxiety. Therefore, this evidence-based approach allows teens to face their fears and encourages them to get better. The message the center sends by providing education to the residents encourages them to pursue a degree and dream big.

For more information about Newport Academy treatment center please visit their official website.

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