Olalla Guest Lodge – Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Offering treatment and recovery techniques that help align the mind, body and spirit, Olalla Guest Lodge is a recovery center that specializes in short-term residential treatment.

Located on 12 scenic acres near Tacoma, Washington, the center practices a holistic approach to treatment with a Native American influence.

Rehabbers who wish to recover in a reflective environment where all their needs are met should definitely consider Olalla Guest Lodge drug and alcohol rehab.


1.      Treatment

Olalla Guest Lodge offers drug and alcohol abuse treatment for adults. It also offers to patients specialized programs including Native American Addiction Recovery, Family Programs, and Women’s Program. The center provides a continuum of care that includes assessment, detoxification and stabilization, residential, but also outpatient care, and relapse prevention.

The Native American program aids patients in coping with their addiction. It helps them grow spiritually and restore the relationships with their culture. This program is an alternative to the 12-steps and applies the same approach as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. The curriculum includes Native American ceremonies – such as the Spiritual Circle ceremony –  with a purpose to heal the whole self. Furthermore, rehabbers also engage in Native American traditional teaching called the Medicine Wheel that encourages wellness and healing in all aspects of life. In addition, patients take part in “burning” ceremonies that are an opportunity to “let go of the past”.

Moreover, Olalla Guest Lodge inpatient treatment program is a combination of clinical, group, and holistic therapies that heal each individual on multiple levels. Patients here participate in individual primary counseling sessions, group therapy, as well as AA/NA meetings, family services, and the likes. Groups are gender-specific with individualized curriculum to identify and explore each gender’s unique issues. Each patient meets with their primary counselor to develop a successful plan for a long-term recovery. Those who need cleansing, the center offers sub-acute detoxification on-site, and is in-network with other medical detox facilities. Treatment at Olalla Guest Lodge varies for each individual and can last from 21 to 90 days.

Furthermore, those patients who have relapsed following their residential stay can take part in the center’s Gorski Model that is designed to help them learn relapse prevention strategies.

Typical Day at Olalla Guest Lodge

Clients at Olalla Guest Lodge are people of all backgrounds, with the larger part being white middle-class patients, as well as some Native Americans from tribes like the Puyallup and Muckleshoot.

Days are always busy and well-structured. Apart from group therapies, educational lectures, and AA/NA meetings, rehabbers also take part in holistic techniques that help align the mind, body, and spirit. The program includes modalities like acupuncture (for stress, anxiety, and detoxification), yoga/meditation (to relax the mind & body), as well as nutrition lectures, and presentations by a psychologist.

Reportedly, residents really enjoy the Native American rituals, including a once-a-month “Spiritual Circle” rite, a weekly “burning/smudging” ceremony, as well as “Medicine Wheel” traditional teachings. Furthermore, on-site recreational activities include volleyball, basketball, and arts and crafts.

Since Olalla Guest Lodge is located in a very picturesque, wooded area far from city noises, patients here have an opportunity to connect with nature and wildlife. They also enjoy walking or running the gravel trail that circles the property’s perimeter.


2.      Accommodations and Food

Olalla Guest Lodge is nestled between the scenic woods of the Pacific Northwest, a natural and remote setting that is perfect for reflection and recovery. The facility overlooks Puget Sound’s Colvos Passage with picturesque views of Mount Rainier and wildlife.

Patients share bedrooms with two other residents and all have duties to fulfill, including keeping the bedrooms clean, do their own laundry, and complete a daily list of chores. The facility also includes cafeteria, outdoor recreation areas, ironing facility, laundry premises, and fully equipped kitchen. Clients bring their own laundry detergent and towels, as well as writing utensils, alarm clocks, yoga mats, personal hygiene products, and coins for phone calls. Residents cannot use their cell phones, cameras, laptops, or tablets.

Moreover, the cafeteria-style dining hall at Olalla Guest Lodge serves all kinds of meals that range from nutritious salads to fast-food. Favorite dishes include tacos, hamburgers, and various salad bars. Apart from decaf coffee, snacks and soda machines are available at any time.

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3.      Staff

Alumni of Olalla Guest Lodge report that there is a loving and supportive staff on-campus. Furthermore, the clinical team is made up of licensed chemical dependency professionals, chemical dependency professionals in training, as well as family counselors and psychologists.

For more information about the staff, please follow this link.

4.      Reviews

Olalla Guest Lodge has a 4-star rating on Rehabs, 4.8 stars on Facebook, and 3 stars on The Fix. Some of the comments include:

Olalla is where I got clean. NA is where I stay clean. I highly recommend Olalla to anyone who wants to give Life a chance. – B.B

The lectures were interactive, smart and very informative! The staff were also very accommodating and respectful! The center allowed us to take part of native traditions like smudging and drumming. That was the main reason for me picking this treatment center. –Jonathan

An overall good facility; could have used better 12-step and faith-based programs. – Anonymous

They treat people like criminals. I ended up leaving early and going straight to AA meeting and got a sponsor immediately. – S.C

This place is a joke. Staff assaulting others, incredibly weak staffing, kids running wild all night, drugs in the dorm. I am a therapist so I have expectations and understand staffing issues. Only one staff total on the grounds at night, really. Not sure what would happen if a client knocked him out. It’s just not therapeutic. – T

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5.      Pricing

Treatment at Olalla Guest Lodge costs $225/day, or $6,750 for 30 days. Additional charges may be incurred for physician visits, prescriptions, urinalysis testing, etc. Furthermore, according to the facility’s website, a variety of insurance plans are accepted. The facility also offers limited in-house financing to help those individuals without insurance.

Learn more about insurance and additional financing options here.


6.      Summary

Most former patients give 5-star ratings to the center, saying: ” Inexpensive, private location, spiritually based 12 step orientated. Spirituality, Native American focus, commitment to patient care”.

Yet, many alumni report negative experiences, stating that: “If you are looking to recover from addiction and want a loving caring place, I would not recommend this place at all.”

Overall, for those looking for an affordable yet effective solution, Olalla Guest Lodge is an ideal option. However, those who need something more clinical might need to look elsewhere.

For more information about Olalla Guest Lodge, please visit their official website.

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