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For anyone who is looking for relaxing sceneries and serene landscapes on their path to recovery, Paradigm Malibu treatment center is the perfect fit. Nestled between the Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, this facility offers help for a broad array of adolescent disorders such as depression, anxiety, personality disorders, substance abuse, behavioral addictions, and eating disorders.

By providing the highest staff to client ratio in the nation, a uniquely qualified team, a large variety of clinical services, and an intensive treatment, Paradigm Malibu’s main task is to motivate teens, empower them and their families, and to provide free aftercare services.

In addition to focusing on the physical and mental health, Paradigm Malibu includes emotional, family, social, and spiritual health treatment as well.

Paradigm Malibu

  1. Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Program

 Paradigm Malibu’s treatments entail a holistic approach and feature a combination of the best traditional and experimental approaches in therapy, in both individual and group settings. Every teenager undergoes an evaluation to help design the individual’s treatment plan according to each teen’s specific condition, symptoms, experiences, and interests.

Individualized Treatment

Addressing every teen’s specific illness or addiction, the individualized treatment includes one-on-one therapy, group therapy sessions, family sessions, as well as dance, art, writing, and equine therapies.

The professional team of therapists helps teens address, evaluate, and learn to accept their mental illness or addiction. Paradigm Malibu helps teens recognize how the illness affects them and their loved ones by implementing as effective and painless process as possible, with great assistance along the way.

Especially relevant to note is that Paradigm Malibu provides care for any teen that must undergo detoxification and withdrawal since the subsequent symptoms are difficult and uncomfortable experience to go through.

Paradigm Malibu provides individualized treatment for a variety of mental illnesses including: depression, eating disorder, personality disorder, self-injury, grief and loss, panic disorder, problem gaming, autism, teen Asperger’s and many others.

Furthermore, the rehabilitation facility also offers individualized treatment for stimulant, cocaine, meth, marijuana, alcohol, depressant, opioid, heroin, salvia, and ecstasy addiction.

For more information on a specific type of addiction, please visit their individual addiction treatment pages.

Parent Support

Because of the young age of the teens, their families are always involved in the program. Parents can call their children at any time and there are family days during weekends. Parents are also included in individual and family sessions in order to learn how to best support their teens.

In addition, Paradigm Malibu provides Parent Effectiveness training to help parents learn how to communicate and work effectively with their loved ones.

  1. Activities

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Emotional Health

The emotional health component treats a wide range of emotional health issues, conducted by licensed therapists, experienced in adolescent drug treatment.

Some of the interventions include psychiatric evaluation upon arrival, psychological testing, individual therapy, group therapy, as well as music, dance/movement, written, and animal assisted therapies.

Learn more here.

Physical Health

As a result of the fundamental link between emotional and physical health, Paradigm Malibu is dedicated to fostering the biological healing process from day one.

Some of the physical health treatment plans are: medical evaluation, nutritional evaluation, neurotransmitter testing, neurofeedback, acupuncture, integrative yoga sessions, recreational therapy, and therapeutic detox massage.

Learn more here.

Social Health

An essential milestone in every teen’s development is becoming comfortable with oneself in social situations. Consequently, Paradigm Malibu has developed therapeutic activities, guided by a trained and knowledgeable staff.

Some of the activities include: social skills training curriculum, the twelve steps program, and sober-social recreational programming activities in the community.

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Family Health

Since family is the most important part of any individual’s life, Paradigm Malibu has designed the family health component to teach family members how to communicate and work together with their child.

The impact on the family system can be profound and that is why Paradigm Malibu also provides treatment for family members. The family services include: individual family therapy, multi-family therapy, parenting coaching and parent effectiveness training, parent support services, and family days.

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Paradigm Malibu

  1. Accommodation and Food

Lush greenery and mesmerizing landscapes – that provide a tranquil, intimate, and safe environment – surround the facility. The building is located in a close proximity to the beach, a perfect setting for youth to take part in engaging water sports, enjoy sunshine, and take pleasure in the refreshing air.

Paradigm Malibu consists of three different properties equipped with comfortable living rooms, spacious yard, outdoor areas with pool, tennis and basketball fields, and verdant gardens. The rooms are well-appointed with full-size beds, while residents are responsible for keeping their areas clean, making the beds, and doing laundry.

Nutritious food is of a great importance here and has a distinctive Mediterranean flair thanks to the expertise of the executive chef on-site. In addition, kosher meals, vegetarian, vegan, and other specialized meals are available if requested.

Paradigm Malibu

  1. Staff

Each client receives individual therapy every day, based on a psychiatric, psychological, medical, educational, and nutritional assessment. The staff is a team of psychiatrists, MDs, counselors, therapists, nutritionists, and other specialists.

The staff’s bio, picture, and credentials are available on Paradigm Malibu’s website which allows patients and their families to take a closer look at the professionals in charge of the recovery process.

Paradigm Malibu

  1. Price and Reviews

The 30-day stay at Paradigm Malibu costs $49,000. Families may choose to finance their co-payments, or all of treatment if insurance benefits are not available. However, many insurance companies are accepted, and the facility provides financing options through a partnership with HealthCare Lending.

Learn more about the insurance process here.

Paradigm Malibu has an operational rating and overall score of 96, 33 %, based on individual reviews. Some of the reviews say:

Outstanding! I believe Paradigm saved our daughter’s life and taught me invaluable things about how as her mother I can best support her in her journey to healing. – Dee

A year ago today I was hiding myself away in a dark room, spending day after day trying to figure out how to stop what I was doing- for good. I simply did not know how to quit drinking or using drugs on my own and needed help. I checked into paradigm already convinced that the program they were offering was not going to work, but I was desperate for some sort of change. Paradigm provided me with constant support during my two month stay. I am beyond grateful for the incredible staff and my experience that I had while staying there. I was shown a new way of living and continue to adhere by the structural components I was taught while there. This is an amazing treatment center and I highly recommend to anyone who is seeking help. – Marisa M.

Excellent psychologists, insufficient psychiatric follow up. Beautiful facilities. Most kids’ stays are extended beyond 30 days (you will be sold that this is a 30 day program but almost all kids are extended). Follow up residential treatment is needed; don’t buy the “intensive therapy and short stay”. Overall good experience but very expensive. – F.M

See more reviews here.

Paradigm Malibu

  1. Summary

Due to its more-than-comfortable accommodation and intense treatment, Paradigm Malibu has received much praise, 5 star reviews, and best facility awards.

A top-of-the-line rehabilitation center, Paradigm Malibu offers great care, exceptional treatment programs, and compassionate approach.

Most noteworthy, the facility also provides a free aftercare and family support, for an indefinite amount of time. This includes individual and family therapy sessions, parent support services, and on-going case management, via Skype, telephonically, or in person.

For more information about Paradigm Malibu, please visit their official website.

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