Pasadena Recovery Center – Alcohol Addiction Treatment LA Review

Located in the beautiful historic district of Pasadena, Pasadena Recovery Center is one of the most affordable drug and alcohol treatment centers in town.

Offering 12-step based residential and outpatient programs, the center aims to provide a compassionate and comprehensive care for those suffering from chemical dependency.

This 98-bed facility was founded in 2000 by Dr. Lee Bloom and it focuses on a spiritual, mental, and physical long-term recovery.


1.      Treatment

Pasadena Recovery Center offers a 12-step based treatment and it treats most addictions, including:

The treatment program is different for every patient and it meets the unique needs of the individual.

Moreover, the center provides daily treatment options, including counseling twice a week, group therapies, as well as outside 12-step meetings. Treatment also includes fun and relaxing recreational activities like yoga, acupuncture, massage, music therapy, nature walks, and softball league. Patients describe the treatment program, saying” “I enjoyed most of what the program had to offer but it’s not great. The staff overall is good.  I had a decent experience.  I got the help I needed and left. ”

In addition, for a 30-day stay, patients need to bring two weeks of clothing, toiletries, prescribed medicine, reading material, as well as $150 spending money for the store. Pasadena Recovery Center offers airport pick-up services, and all incoming patients work with an experienced resident who assists with the adjusting process.

Typical Day at Pasadena Recovery Center

Pasadena Recovery Center is famous for Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab show. Men and women are in groups together and can freely interact. However, patients cannot use their phones or laptops, and need to do weekly deep cleanings of their rooms.

A typical day at the facility starts at 7:00 am with the morning breakfast. The morning meditation is at 9:00 am, followed by specialized groups like Anger Management, Grief and Loss, as well as Relationships, Relapse Prevention, Gratitude Group, and more. Patient also attend dual-diagnosis process groups, 12-step meetings, and engage in recreational activities. Furthermore, all residents gather together for lunch at 12:00 pm before moving on with some personal time, education classes, study time, or more group session. Dinner is at 5:00 pm, and then patients attend H&I panels or outside 12-step meetings. Bedtime is at 11:00 pm.

Additionally, on Sunday mornings, rehabbers take part in organized walks around the Rose Bowl, and on Friday afternoons they compete against local rehabs in softball.

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2.      Accommodations and Food

Founded in 2000 by Dr. Lee Bloom, Pasadena Recovery Center is currently run by his son, Mike, with plenty of help from the rest of their family. The facility consists of two units, according to budget. In both wings, patients share a room with bathroom, and the only difference between the two wings are the better beds and the interior décor. If patients are willing and able to pay some extra cash, the center can arrange a single room. The facility houses 98 patients in total, and all amenities are simple yet comfortable.

Moreover, the food at Pasadena Recovery Center has mixed reviews but most patients say it is “surprisingly good.”

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3.      Staff

The staff is reportedly “compassionate and dedicated”, “committed to their clients’ sobriety”, and “making it so much easier to want and stay sober”. Not all agree with the positive reviews, as one former patient wrote on Yelp: “PRC staff would tell you that it’s up to the residents to make sure they take their daily meds, which makes no sense since many of them are detoxing and therefore are not the most clearheaded.” Residents say that almost all counselors and therapists at Pasadena Recovery Center connect with the patients and form lasting relationships with them.

Additionally, staff includes an addiction specialist, director of operations, addiction counselor, yoga therapist, and psychotherapist.

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4.      Reviews

Pasadena Recovery Center has a 3.7-star review on Google Reviews, 4.5 stars on Facebook, and 3.2 stars on Yelp. Some of the comments include:

Pasadena Recovery Center (PRC) works if you work it! It employs a rigorous 12 step approach to recovery.  The staff is amazing and provides constant support.  The administration is serious about helping “you” make a positive change in “your” life. – C.C

Pasadena recovery center was okay I do agree a lot of this place is just for your money… they have lack of activities it’s either your outside chain smoking or watching reality TV. – S.Y

I have got to tell you that they have gone out of their way to treat my family member like a human being. Jacob was amazing from start to finish. I was very emotional and he walked and talked me through this process. I cannot be more grateful. – R.K

The facility is in terrible run down condition. Take a tour and see for yourself. Security is very minimal. Patients sneak alcohol in!!! This place is an overpriced day care for adults. What a shame! – D.G

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5.      Pricing

The 30-day treatment at Pasadena Recovery Center costs $8,200 for Unit 1, and $11,000 for Unit 2. Furthermore, the center is in-network with several insurance providers, including United Health Care, Health Net, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Magellan, but also Aetna, MHN, Value Options, and APS Healthcare.



6.      Summary

Not all rehabs are ideal, and many patients report issues with getting their deposits back from the center. One patient wrote on Yelp, “The center did not refund the money they forced me to pay out of pocket. The 3 thousand dollars that was asked for by Michael Bloom, the owner, as a deposit was not paid back after my insurance company paid for my stay. Very shady practice.”

In conclusion, with a caring staff, effective program, and relaxed environment, Pasadena Recovery Center would be a great fit for everyone seeking a 12-step based treatment with emphasis on spirituality.

For more information about Pasadena Recovery Center, please visit their official website.

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