Practical Recovery – Reunion San Diego Rehab Review

Practical Recovery is an upscale residential drug and alcohol sober living house in San Diego. With a dedicated staff, nutritious meals, and lush greenery, this center empowers patients to recognize their worth, value, and capability to create lifelong change.

Founded in 1985, Practical Recovery offers a full continuum of care, sober living, and outpatient services. By providing the needed tools, skills, and specialized services to help patients move on in life without the substances that hold them back, Practical Recovery helps residents experience the brightest and most fulfilling future they can imagine.


1.      Treatment

Practical Recovery offers the non-12-step program that believes there are underlying issues that need to be addressed in order for recovery to be achieved. This non-12-step program includes drug and alcohol outpatient addiction treatment, sober living, and an innovative alternative to inpatient rehab.

Practical Recovery utilizes a plethora of evidence-based approaches. These approaches include CBT, DBT, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), psychodynamic therapy, EMDR, and EFT.

Their Outpatient Treatment Program provides an individualized treatment that fits each patient’s particular resources and situation, including Individualized Intensive Outpatient (IIOP), Intensive Outpatient (IOP), and Individual Therapy Sessions.

For those who require detox, services are available at one of the facilities.

Individualized Intensive Outpatient (IIOP)

IIOP is an innovative alternative to residential treatment. This option is less expensive and each patient receives a high-quality psychiatric and psychological care.

During this program, patients spend their days in one of the center’s sober houses, at a hotel, or Airbnb. The program is highly flexible and patients appreciate the intensity of the rehab but without the restrictions. IIOP allows for a shorter length of treatment of just 10-21 days.

Each patient receives 3-4 individual sessions per day and they can include a family member or a friend in the sessions. Groups are also available but optional.

Intensive Outpatient

This outpatient option consists of three-hour group sessions per day, three days per week. The sessions are psycho-educational and process-oriented. Couples and family sessions are also available.

Individual Therapy Sessions

The Individual Therapy is one-on-one sessions where the patient can explore issues regarding addiction, mental health, relationships, life transitions, or self-esteem.

The goal is to get to the root of the problem so that a lasting change can occur. Patients get one or two therapies per week and they can choose to work with any or all of the center’s trained specialists.


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2. Accommodations and Food

Patients stay at one of the two sober living facilities, Lange Sober Living and Bloch Sober Living.

Lange Sober Living is six-bedroom clean and comfortable home, and the more upscale option. It comes with all the amenities like internet access, flat screen TVs, BBQ, and a private backyard. Furthermore, Bloch Sober Living is a seven-bed home and the less expensive alternative. It comes with flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi, fireplace, ping pong table, and household supplies.

The meals at the facilities have a five-star quality and are home-cooked by the execute chef. Every patient, prior to enrolling into the program, fills out a questionnaire about their likes and dislikes, while the staff makes sure to accommodate those preferences. Favorite dishes are the soups, raspberry chipotle rack of lamb, tilapia with fresh basil pesto, lunchtime salads, and coconut flan.

There are also plenty of activities to fill out your day like yoga, hiking, bowling, massages, and kayaking.


Practical Recovery 2

3. Staff

The staff at Practical Recovery is a team of highly trained addiction specialists, clinicians, and a host of other service providers. Each member of the staff possesses a broad range of skills and experiences to lead patients to their path of recovery.

Clinical staff include five clinical psychologists, one marriage and family therapist, and one drug and alcohol counselor.

Due to having clients from all around the world and a world-class addiction staff, Practical Recovery is most certainly one of the top rated rehab facilities in the country. Although the center hires outside contractors and medical doctors are not in residence, the professional staff are efficient at delivering the necessary treatment.

Moreover, the board-certified psychologist Dr. Tom Horvath supervises the 23-person outpatient team.

For more information, click here.

Practical Recovery4. Reviews

Practical Recovery has a Yelp review rating of 3.5 out of ten reviews in total. Some of the reviews include:

I love this place so much! I couldn’t have been happier with the staff or the experience, and sometimes I wish I could go back! My opinion is that Dr. Horvath is ahead of the game- innovative and expansive in his approach; he considers aspects of recovery that many rehabs ignore and makes sure that the residents have access to whatever they need. I would give it a thousand stars if I could. – J.B

I am a clinician and I always refer patients to Practical Recovery. Honestly, I have been truly impressed with the level of professionalism and care here. The program itself is integrative, offering clients various kinds of therapies and alternative healing modalities. I have witnessed lasting change in my clients after a stay here and have great confidence in the staff. – A.I

Absolutely horrendous experience, in rehab you shouldn’t be confined to your bedroom to isolate and hate yourself. Counselors should always be available to talk, I mean the list goes on. But, at practical the ONLY and I mean ONLY thing they care about is money and your social status. – H.H


Read more here.

Practical Recovery5. Pricing

On average, the price at Practical Recovery is $32,000 – $55,000 per month depending on packages.

Furthermore, the center works with most out-of-network and PPO insurance plans and some of the major insurance providers this facility accepts are Aetna, Anthem, BlueCross BlueShield, and UnitedHealth Group.

To find out if the insurance will pay for the treatment, click here.


Practical Recovery

6. Summary

In conclusion, implementing a broad range of psycho-therapeutic and holistic services designed to restore the physical, social and emotional well-being of each client, Practical Recovery is a practical place for those who seek alternative treatments to the 12-step approach.

Most of all, by using a self-empowering and truly personalized approach to addiction treatment and recovery, this rehab facility’s purpose is to help clients overcome addiction and lead more meaningful lives.

For more information about Practical Recovery, please visit their official website.


  1. My son was a patient at Practical Recovery for three weeks. He did not want to do a 12-Step program, which eliminated about 90 percent of the programs out there. After extensive research, I took a chance with Practical Recovery based on reviews, the staff bios, a phone interview and their overall approach to treating addiction. My son has not had a relapse since being there. The therapists there help clients address the root causes of addiction, be it mental health issues, addictions within the family, physical pain, and predisposition to addiction. This has been life changing for my son. This program was the right program for him. If you are reading this trying to find a place of recovery for a loved one, consider Practical Recovery as a good option. If you have the luxury of time, read the book “Clean: Overcoming Addiction and Ending America’s Greatest Tragedy” by David Sheff. He goes into detail about all the types of recovery options. I listened to the audiobook version after sending my son to Practical Recovery. It reconfirmed my choice, for my son.

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