The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake – Rehabilitation Center Review

Providing thorough treatment in a safe environment, The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake is a leading drug and alcohol rehab center in Colorado.

This high-end rehab offers full continuum of care that ensures continued success in a patient’s future, including medically monitored detox, residential treatment, outpatient services, and comprehensive aftercare.

The Recovery Village pairs expert treatment with scenic accommodations helping patients find empowerment and freedom from their addiction and illness,


1.      Treatment

The Recovery Village offers treatment for alcohol and drug dependency, trauma and post-traumatic stress disorders, eating disorders, and mental health disorders. The full continuum of care includes Detox, Intensive Inpatient Treatment, Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), and aftercare support.

The inpatient treatment includes 24-hour supervision, daily group therapy sessions, individual therapy sessions, medication management, as well as recreational therapy. Patients live on campus for up to 90 days, depending on personal needs and insurance coverage.  IOP programs offer the same services as an inpatient program without having to live on-site. Rehabbers here participate in counseling, support group meetings, and exercises.

The center provides two different formats for outpatient care, Acute outpatient care and Flexible care. With the Acute outpatient care, individuals spend the majority of their day in the treatment facility working on their recovery. On the other hand, with the Flexible care patients choose their appointments. With the PHP, patients will receive therapeutic care during the day, while staying off-site in a sober living community or at a private residence.

In addition, apart from support group work and medication management, the aftercare support services also include touch-up counseling sessions and an easy access to a counselor.

Typical Day at The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake

Patients at The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake attend a busy and well-structured treatment program that includes varying types and levels of therapy. A typical day at the facility is identical to a busy work day. Days begin with the sunrise yoga or Tai Chai, followed by neuro cognitive behavioral, group, and dialectical behavioral therapy. Patients have an hour break to attend lunch, before continuing with life skills lectures, relapse prevention, and recreational therapy. After dinner, rehabbers involve in gym time, AA/NA meeting, journaling and homework. Lights go out at 11 pm.

The facility also offers holistic programs that treat patients’ body, mind and soul. With a 24-hour supervision, there is recreational therapy, yoga, nutritional counseling, as well as music, equine, and art therapy. There is a wide range of recreational activities like sand volleyball, basketball, football, soccer, as well as golf, laser tag, bowling, and hiking. Families can visit their loved ones during the weekend-long family program.

No electronics are allowed for clients who are in detox or residential treatment. However, clients receive access to a telephone during non-clinical hours after their first 72 hours at the facility. It’s relevant to note that The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake treats only clients ages 18 and older. Each patient will receive a laundry schedule, and they are also encouraged to keep their living areas clean and tidy. Moreover, clients can smoke in designated areas but not during therapy or wellness activities.

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2.      Accommodations and Food

Stunning and scenic views of the Rocky Mountain foothills surround The Recovery Village. The facility can hold 58 patients at a time and is located along the Santa Fe Trail between Denver and Colorado Springs.

Accommodations are top-notch and serve to facilitate healing and relaxation with the help of exquisite and comfortable amenities like gymnasium, spa, pool, basketball court, and sand volleyball court. Patients stay in well-appointed, clean, safe, and sober rooms with around-the-clock supervision from a team of medical experts. All of the rooms feature luxurious furniture and beautiful amenities. Apart from resting places, the facilities also offer well-outfitted therapy rooms.

Residents enjoy their well-balanced meals in a large dining room with floor-to-ceiling windows that offer beautiful views of the property. A private chef prepares nutritional meals, while a dietitian works on-site with patients with eating disorders. For breakfast and dinner, patients eat a meal having personally selected options the prior day, and any dietary preferences can also be accommodated.

Breakfast options include pancakes, waffles, biscuits and gravy, bagels, and muffins. For lunch, patients can have protein-rich food or a sandwich, a side and a soup or salad. Favorite lunch meals include turkey and cheese spinach wrap, salmon fillet with romaine, pork chop with mushroom sauce, rice, broccoli and a mixed green salad. Furthermore, all dinner meals are mouth-watering and include patients’ choice of stuffed cabbage rolls, lemon pepper catfish with roasted potatoes, seared cod fillet with remoulade sauce, or chicken breast with mashed potatoes and gravy.

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3.      Staff

The team at Palmer Lake is made up of caring and professional therapists, registered nurses, psychologists, physicians, dieticians, and nutritionists. Dr. Kevin Snyder, the medical director with broad experience with addiction and mental health disorders, oversees the high-quality approach to treatment.

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4.      Reviews

The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake has a 4-star rating on Google Reviews, 4.5 stars on Rehabs, and 3.4 stars on Yelp. Some of the comments include:

I’m forever grateful and truly blessed for the experience I personally had with the recovery center at Palmer Lake. The staff, Drs & therapist were all amazing. I truly recommend this facility if you’re suffering with an addiction problem, you won’t regret it. – M.D

Horrible nursing and clinical staff that back stab each other in front of the clients. Poor management. Most clients don’t meet with their therapist because there are too many admissions and too few therapist. Their top notch rooms accommodate 3 people and you may be in residential status, but you probably will get a Detox client in the room with you! – M.G

Nutrition is excellent. Too many smoking breaks. They promise more family support than they deliver. Ultimately their image is defended even at a cost of ignoring patient genuine concerns. It is run in some respects more like a social club than recovery center. – L.A

Fantastic clinicians highlight the top notch care at this facility.  Breathtaking views and great ambiance obviously are a given in these parts of Colorado but making everybody happy and laying the roots for a long journey to recovery is what everyone here is about. – J.E

The grounds are beautiful but since it was winter I wasn’t able to get out much. They have a sewer problem and the whole lower floor smelled really bad. They have also cut their food budget to next to nothing. The food is terrible. If it wasn’t for the best therapist there I would have left long before I did. – L.H

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5.      Pricing

The 30-day residential program at The Recovery Village at Palmer costs $30,000, while the IOP is available at $1,800/month. Sober Living costs $600 per month and the daily rate for detox is $1,000. The center accepts most major health plans, including Aetna, AmeriHealth, Blue Cross Blue Shield, as well as Cigna, Humana, and others.

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6.      Summary

Former patients reported mostly positive experiences and gave high marks for the center’s treatment effectiveness, accommodations, amenities, and nutrition.

In contrast, others noted that treatment was very expensive, staff was unprofessional, and they promise more than they deliver.

Overall, The Recovery Village at Palmer sounds like the ideal place for individuals looking for something regimented yet relaxed, with a sky-high price tag and a 12-step approach.

For more information about The Recovery Village at Palmer, please visit their official website.

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