Reflections, Novato CA. – Luxury Treatment Facility Review

Founded in 2011 by the former real estate magnate Louise McCallion, Reflections is a luxury treatment facility built on the founder’s vision to improve the recovery world based on her personal experience. In 2008, McCallon dealt with stress and anxiety, and after seeking professional help, the now executive director showed interest in becoming a therapist and switched professions by starting a Master’s in Counseling Physiology.

Today, Reflections accomplishes the mission of helping people dealing with addiction or mental problems, in a warm, supportive environment. The facility provides high standards care for individuals suffering from substance abuse, mental disorders, or both.


1. Treatment Programs

#1 Residental Treatment Program

Right after deciding to contract Reflections for treatment, patients can expect a personal invitation for a tour and a visit to the facility. The staff organizes a private and confidential meeting between the patients and their family and the Executive Leadership and Ph.D. Experts.

Initially, the patient underlines psychological assessment so that the expert team can prepare an individualized treatment plan. Reflections provides a minimum of five full individual sessions per week, focusing on the client’s strengths.

Group therapy is also an important part of the recovery process and in Reflections clients attend four process groups per week. Art, Equine, and Music therapy are also part of the luxury treatment.

To show that the facility truly cares for the residents, Reflections puts a significant emphasis on creating effective continuing care plan and comprehensive discharge and relapse prevention plan.

At any time, residents can contact their clinical, counseling, and medical staff, which witnesses for the facility’s excellent staff-to-client ratio and highly individualized treatment. Educational didactic groups are part of their program as well.

#2 Intensive Outpatient Program

An intensive outpatient program is used for treating patients suffering from eating disorders, depression or chemical dependency where detoxification is not required.

reflections inpatient

Reflections’ intensive outpatient treatment program is designed for adult clients, with an average length of 12 weeks. The program consists of “two individual therapy sessions per week coupled with multiple group therapy sessions and educational didactic groups.”


#3 Detox Treatment Program

Detox is an important part of the recovery process. The center offers medication-assisted detoxification in a non-hospital environment. Withdrawal symptoms are serious and overwhelming, hence reflections provides tailor-made detox program with 24-hour medical staff for monitoring the patients.


At Reflections, residents are treated with multiple evidence-based treatment approaches. Some of the therapy methods include dual diagnosis therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and relapse prevention therapy. Also, the facility offers a holistic approach and family involvement through family behavior therapy.

Reflections is the perfect environment for patients who need to stay updated and continue their career by working during treatment. The facility’s staff developed an Executive program for these patients, allowing them to obtain a balance between their career and recovery, during and after treatment.

2. Accommodation and Food

reflections staff

The center accommodates only six residents at a time, making sure the treatment is as individualized as possible. The residents spend their time in private rooms or shared rooms. Reflections’ rooms are equipped with a luxurious setting, personal bathroom, queen sized bed, internet access, and flat screen TV’s.

Residents can enjoy meals from the A La Carte Menu cooked by the Certified Executive Chef. The facility’s location is top-notch, with breathtaking ocean and forest views.

3. Reflections Staff

The center’s staff includes a team of highly credentialed and seasoned experts, Clinical Director, Doctoral Level Primary Therapists, Program Assistants, all specialized in treating individuals suffering from trauma, addiction, unresolved grief, and loss.

reflections staff

Former residents are satisfied from the staff saying, “there was never a point in my time there that any member of the staff made me feel like they were ‘at work’. I have a hard time talking about them without tearing up. These people wholeheartedly care about the plight of others and love relentlessly.” – I.S.

“The staff, clinicians, and administration are top notch professionals who strive for the finest elements in providing effective and upscale treatment.” – M.T.

See these and more reviews about the facility’s staff here.

4. Price and Reviews

Reflections is a luxury rehab center, offering excellent, individualized care for a price higher than 55 000 for a minimum stay of 30 days. The maximum length of inpatient program is 90 days. Reflections accepts both private health insurance and self-payment methods.


The treatment center has a great score of 4.4 on their Google reviews. Some of the former alumni said, “I came to Reflections shortly after yet another experience caused by drugs where I could have had serious health complications or died. I had been to rehab 3 times before and either left early or relapsed shortly after. I’m lucky and grateful I made the decision to stay in treatment for 3 months.” – A. Y.

Other testimonials that witness the facility’s effectiveness are:

“Where to begin…this has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I never imagined that I would form such strong bonds with my fellow residents, as well as the staff. I cannot express my gratitude enough for being welcomed and make so comfortable here. My treatment made me take a very hard look at myself and I discovered things about myself that years of therapy didn’t uncover. My biggest success here is leaving knowing how much help I need from others to stay sober.” – S.B. See more testimonials here.

For more information, please visit Reflections’ Facebook page.

5. Summary

 Reflections is a world-class rehab facility, offering efficient treatment programs for individuals looking for trusted expert staff. In the world of treatment facilities, Reflections has a high reputation, mostly because of its clinical program and expert staff.
Family involvement and the holistic approach are also part of their multi-faced programs. The facility welcomes LGBT individuals for whom may be difficult to find a treatment center that will provide equal treatment approach for patients like them.  Therefore, Refections is a new treatment center where clients can enjoy their stay by focusing on their healing in a quiet, warm, welcoming environment.
For more information about Reflections treatment center, please visit their official website.


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