The Retreat – Alcohol Rehab Review

Affordable, accessible and effective, The Retreat is a top-rated facility that helps alcohol and drug dependent individuals recover.

Offering an innovative continuum of care in a supportive, educational setting, the rehab follows the spiritual principles of AA.

Those who are looking to improve the quality of their life and their loved ones will find The Retreat to be a solid place to get sober.

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1.      Treatment

The Retreat, which is not a traditional clinical program, provides residential and non-residential treatment options for patients. However, there is no detox unit available on-site. The program puts great emphasis on the 12-step model of AA/NA meetings. The services they offer include Men’s and Women’s Residential Treatment, Evening Program, Family Program, Older Adult Recovery Programs, and Sober Housing.

By attending the residential treatment program, both men and women can gain the insights and practical skills they need to live a happy and sober life. Patients stay at the center for 30-90 days, depending on individual needs and circumstances. The program also involves participation of a loved one in a four-day residential Family Program.

Furthermore, with the help of The Evening Program, rehabbers learn how to incorporate the principles of 12-step recovery in their daily life. This 18-week program meets two evenings a week at specific locations. This program works perfectly for those who are new to sobriety, those who need additional support after residential treatment, or those seeking support after relapsing.

Moreover, The Retreat’s Older Adult Program is ideal for men and women age 60 and over looking to rebuild their lives. The program’s duration is 8 weeks where older adults will meet twice a week and focus on a mutual support of 12-step recovery.

Finally, The Family Program is the perfect way for families and friends of patients to effectively support their loved ones on the road to long-term recovery. The program is open to anyone who may want to attend.

Typical Day at The Retreat

Days at The Retreat start at 7:15 am with the meditation practice and breakfast, followed by a 8:00 am Big Book Study group, 10:00 am Living Sober Study Group, and a 11:00 am Lecture Presentation. All patients gather together for the 12:00 pm lunch before moving on to attending either the Community Meeting, Meditation practice, or the Al-Anon Speaker Meeting.

Next up is the 2:00 pm Big Book Worksheets Group and some personal time during which patients can work out at the on-site gym, play basketball or walk and run around the campus. At 7:00 pm rehabbers attend in-house or outside AA Meeting and then the 10th Step Group at 9:00 pm.

Furthermore, guests cannot use the Internet for their entire stay at The Retreat. All electronics are prohibited, including iPods, iPads, laptops, as well as TV. Patients can indulge in reading, although the reading materials are limited to recovery-related or spiritual literature available in the rehab’s on-site library.

In addition, the facility also hosts many retreats, classes, and workshops, led by Retreat staff with an extensive experience in creative programming. The program includes various lectures including Relationships as a Spiritual Practice, Writing in Recovery, Sought Through Prayer and Meditation, The Big Book, and the likes.

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2.      Accommodations and Food

The English Tudor style facility is located outside of downtown Minneapolis, offering patients scenic views of the surrounding nature trails and forests. Rehabbers attend 12-step meetings in the Minneapolis – St. Paul area, one of the most vibrant communities in the country for recovery. The Retreat can house up to 80 patients at a time, with the average age being 38.

Residents have access to both private and semi-private rooms, fitness gyms, meditation areas, and an on-site library. Men and women live separately and have to complete daily chores, including keeping their rooms tidy. Men usually stay in a private room, while women live in either a shared quad or private dorms.

Furthermore, The Retreat also operates 6 long-term sober-living residences in St. Paul’s historic Crocus Hill neighborhood.

According to alumni, meals at The Retreat are home-cooked and satisfactory. Meals include pizza, pasta, chicken, and salmon. Breakfast is continental, although patients have complained for being too cold. Coffee, snacks, sweets, and breakfast foods are available to rehabbers all throughout the day. Also, once a week, staff takes patients to a local grocery store to pick up any food they might want to try.

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3.      Staff

The Retreat employs a staff of licensed alcohol and drug counselors, support staff, and program coordinators. Although there are no on-site psychiatrists or psychologists, the center can refer patients to local health professionals in the Wayzata community.

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4.      Reviews

The Retreat has a 3.6-star rating on Google Reviews, 4.7 stars on Rehabs, and 4.6 stars on Facebook. Some of the comments include:

A great place to gear up for a new beginning. It was exactly what I needed at the time. – M.E

The Retreat did for me things I could not do for myself. It was here that I found my own higher power and at 5 months sober now, looking back on my journey the retreat has been a major part of that. – T.E

We sent our daughter to The Retreat due a small relapse. She was needing a little extra support and we were needing a place with understanding and compassion. This is not the place. We quickly learned we’d sent her to a place to help pay their bills. – M.J

My experience at the retreat was the worst experience of my life. I spent 30 days here in the summer of 2011, during which, I had to attend constant 12 step cult meetings, brainwashing and presentations from speakers that were just plain boring. – A.M

The staff tried hard to make the program work. However, the AA-big-book approach is really outdated. Maybe if they invested in a more modern treatment method, they’d have better success rates. – M.M

They have a self-directed AA model, the staff is knowledgeable and all in recovery, it has a lovely setting and amazing food. – Jake

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5.      Pricing

The Residential Programs at the center cost $4,900 for the first 30 days, and each additional 30 days costs $4,100. Furthermore, The Evening Program costs $2,900, while the Older Adult Program is available at $1,500. The Family Program is priced at $450 with lodging, meals, and materials included.

In addition, patients who want to stay at The Retreat’s sober living houses have to spend $550 – $825 per month. According to the facility’s website, partial scholarships are available to qualifying individuals.

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6.      Summary

The Retreat holds high ratings for its treatment effectiveness, accommodations, meals, and visitor policy. However, there are others who claim that the facility is a “money venture with a staff who are more interested in their program and its righteousness than helping the person needing help”.

Overall, the center seems like a favorable treatment option for those who need a supportive educational program that is strictly focused on the 12-step approach. Those battling with co-occurring disorders might want to look elsewhere.

For more information about The Retreat, please visit their official website.

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