Rock Solid Recovery – Coed Addiction Treatment Center Review

Just inland from the picturesque shores of Newport Beach, Rock Solid Recovery is one of many Orange County rehabs.

Offering a man-only treatment, Rock Solid is committed to guiding each man on his personal path of recovery.

In addition to drug and alcohol abuse, the program also tackles issues of gambling addiction, sex and love addiction, eating disorders, physical and sexual trauma, mental health, and other co-occurring disorders.

Most of all, patients here experience a safe, structured, and confidential treatment environment and learn how to embrace life-long sobriety.


1.      Treatment

During their stay, patients at Rock Solid Recovery learn how to repair emotional, physical, and social damage caused by their addiction. The treatment program also teaches residents how to understand themselves better and how to build a life free from addictions.

The staff at Rock Solid Recovery works together with clients to design an individualized program that will focus on their specific needs. Most of all, the center guides its patients through a journey toward peace, happiness, and success.

Residential Treatment

The first essential step towards recovery when entering into Rock Solid Recovery is going through detoxification. During this difficult time, patients get the best care from doctors, therapists, and case managers.

After the completion of detoxification, patients transition into residential treatment services. Each client receives a case manager and therapist who will together work on developing a treatment plan.

Especially relevant to note is that days here are highly structured and routine-oriented. During the 30-day residential program, patients also participate in group, individual, and educational sessions. The treatment groups are held 5 times a week and “experimental activities” on Saturdays. Patients visit the off-site 12-step meetings twice a day.

As a result of placing high value in physical fitness and nutrition, residents also have access to the gym, group fitness classes, and outdoor activities.

The alarm clocks go off at 6:50 am and clients have to be awake for their medication. Breakfast is followed by a morning meditation. Patients have ample access to the outside world. There is a computer lab with full Internet access, flat screen TVs in every room, and tech usage is unlimited. Lights go off at 11 pm.

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Peaks and Valleys Approach

Especially relevant is the Peaks and Valleys Approach that helps patients experience the healing wonders of nature. During these 2-3 days trips, clients engage in activities like mountain climbing, camping, hiking, boating, and fishing.

In addition, this program promotes fellowship and teamwork and gives them the chance to relate the lessons they have learned to their own recovery.

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Partial Hospitalization Program and Intensive Outpatient Program

The Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is the next step for clients following detox and residential treatment. Consequently, this program focuses on strengthening life skills with the help of massage therapies, self-management and recovery training, and experimental treatment such as art therapy.

During PHP, patients prioritize their personal interest in Academics, volunteering, or employment. A counselor works together with each client to guide them towards the most beneficial path.

Furthermore, the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) takes place once the patient has developed some foundation in sobriety. This program helps clients reintegrate back into society while still receiving ongoing clinical support.

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Continuing Care

The Continuing Care Program works with alumni for a full year after the competition of the treatment. If any patient has the need to reach out, Rock Solid Recovery is always there to offer help and support.

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2.      Accommodations and Food

Rock Solid Recovery offers accommodation at its 4,500 sq. ft. mini mansion made of natural materials where patients enjoy the safe environment as they start their recovery journey. The home is beautifully furnished and provides a fresh and inviting atmosphere to its six residents. Clients have one roommate each and the bedrooms are also spacious with cozy furnishings, flat screen TVs, and Direct TV.

Furthermore, amenities include multiple bathrooms, video games, large backyards, swimming pools, fully stocked kitchen, and therapy rooms.

According to testimonials, food at Rock Solid Recovery is amazing. The in-house chef prepares nutritious and delicious variations of chicken and steak dishes. Clients say that they’ll also miss the mouth-watering Sunday brunch.


3.      Staff

Upon arrival, each client gets a team of caring and dedicated professionals, including a nurse, psychologist, psychiatrist, primary therapist, case manager, spiritual care counselor, nutritionist, and admissions counselor.

Moreover, although doctors don’t live in-house, patients regularly meet with other doctors and experts provided by the treatment center.

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4.      Reviews

Rock Solid Recovery has a 4 star rating on Yelp based on 8 reviews, and 4.3 rating on Google based on 6 reviews. Some of the comments include:

I just want to show my appreciation and also my thankfulness to Rock Solid for their treatment and assistance to my brother and his addiction. The level of professionalism and care that has been demonstrated from the first phone call has been phenomenal to experience firsthand. – E.C

Rock Solid is probably one of the best recovery centers in America. If you think you have a problem and feel that treatment is your next step, you would be well-advised to look into Rock Solid. This place saved my life. – J.C

The facility does not coordinate care with the client’s existing outpatient provider and it also interferes with continuity of care. – B.M

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5.      Pricing

Your stay at Rock Solid Recovery will cost $24,500 for the 30-day program, and $51,500 for 90 days.

In addition, the admissions counselor contacts each patient’s insurance carrier to set up benefits for the treatment. Many times the patient’s insurance covers the most part of the treatment leaving very little out of pocket expense.


6.      Summary

While many will miss the Sunday brunch, most of the patients are just grateful to Rock Solid Recovery for offering them a new life free from addiction.

The residents give credit for their success to Rock Solid Recovery’s medically-supervised detox, residential treatment, extensive aftercare, and transitional programs.

In conclusion, Rock Solid Recovery offers just what it promises: the tools, knowledge, and support system needed to recover and live a happy life.

For more information about Rock Solid Recovery, please visit their official website.

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