Saint Jude Retreats – Drug Addiction Treatment Center Review

Helping thousands of individuals overcome addiction for 27 years, Saint Jude Retreats offers a permanent solution to drug or alcohol problems.

Nestled in the foothills of the Adirondacks, the center focuses on a non 12 Step, Cognitive Behavioral Learning (CBL) approach that emphasizes personal responsibility and self-directed change.

Saint Jude Retreats provides high-end treatment for adolescents and adults from two locations in upstate New York, all following the so-called “freedom model”.


1.      Treatment

The core methodology and core basis of the center’s program is Cognitive Behavioral Learning (CBL). Through this program, residents become aware of the three human attributes: free will, Positive Drive Principle, and autonomy. This approach focuses on self-directed change, goals, learning, and making effective decisions about drug or alcohol use.

The program at Saint Jude Retreats encompasses three modules: Dispelling the Myth of Powerlessness, Axiom Based Self-Analysis, and Live Movements – Mapping Your Future. It is a non-12 step program that focuses on empowering patients to change behaviors, building their self-confidence, and providing them with the necessary skills to live a fulfilling life.

The initial Empowerment stage teaches residents they’re not powerless and that they’re able to make positive lifestyle changes. During the second phase, rehabbers identify their behavior patterns, emotional problems, and personal habits that led to the addiction. Phase three is the most intense component of the program, where patients create a personal goals plan based on their wants, values, and needs. Furthermore, the program also includes Transitional Planning where patients build a concrete plan for their future after program completion.

Saint Jude Retreats doesn’t offer medical detox on-site. However, the center collaborates with Gallus Detox Centers, one of the most effective and compassionate detox clinics in the country.

Typical day at The Saint Jude Retreats

The majority of the patients at Saint Jude Retreats are young people ranging 18-22 years of age, as well as older individuals in their late 40s. Each morning, patients go to the local health club for a workout, followed by nutritious and mouth-watering breakfast. Prior to their afternoon classes, rehabbers attend a morning class with their Certified Program Instructor and complete their CBL exercises.

All patients gather together for lunch at noon, before moving on to meeting with their Focus Electives advisor to work on their future goals and plans. Furthermore, there are various educational and motivational seminars held during the week, covering specific topics. Dinner is usually served at 5 PM.

Moreover, educational programs, social activities, and experiential learning are also vital components of the program. Thus, rehabbers can choose to participate in yoga classes, hikes, gym, swimming, Go-Karts, and rock climbing. Further activities include ropes course, horse-back riding, tubing, ping-pong, and the likes.

Sundays are family days. Patients’ families and friends visit the center and join their loved ones for Sunday Brunch and Sunday Dinner. Patients and guests may also go out to see local attractions, go on a picnic, or shopping.

For more information about treatment programs, please follow this link.

SIZED HR Saint Jude

2.      Accommodations and Food

The main facility, the Twin Rivers Retreat House, is a restored Victorian mansion with an elegant and comfortable ambiance. This facility comes with fireplaces, high ceilings, and antique furnishings. There are several types of bedrooms, including dorm-style ones and semi-private. Further rooms include classrooms, sitting rooms, dining room, as well as an outdoor area with a gazebo, a deck, and a beautiful flower garden. In addition, the facility also features a beach volleyball court, a horseshoe pit, and a grass yard.

Furthermore, The Executive Retreat is a high-end country home in a secluded location. Housing up to six guests, this facility welcomes business executives and adult professionals. Acres of forests, meadows, private trails, and a bass pond for fishing surround the house. The interior comes equipped with comfortable bedrooms with private bathrooms, a fireplace sitting room, a dry Sauna, and a massage room that offers Swedish massage, Reflexology, Hot Rocks Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, and more.

A personal executive chef prepares meals and can meet any personal dietary needs. All dishes are home-cooked, buffet-style, and nutritious. Coffee, snacks, sweets, fruit drinks, and sandwiches are available at all times. Favorite meals include king crab legs, prime rib, ahi tuna, and chicken parmesan. There is a 24/7 selection of fruits, veggies, and salads, and patients’ family and friends are welcome to enjoy the big Sunday brunch.

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3.      Staff

Saint Jude Retreats employs highly dedicated professionals who encourage and assist patients as they begin to visualize their future life and make plans for their personal fulfillment and success. All of Saint Jude Retreats’ instructors are CBL-certified.

For more information about the staff click here.


4.      Reviews

Saint Jude Retreats has a 3.6-star rating on Google reviews, 4.7 stars on Facebook, 3.9 stars on Rehabs, and 4.8 stars on Baldwin Research Institute. Some of the comments include:

The Saint Jude Retreat House offers an easy-to-understand self-empowerment social education program. The premise of the program is to learn to find happiness without drugs, alcohol and other addictive behaviors. – M.C

Don’t go to St. Jude’s for your recovery. You’d be better off getting a hotel stay, reading a self-help book, and then talking to the person at the front desk. If you are serious about changing your life, I would advise you to go elsewhere. – Gregory

There are a few educational programs that can make a positive difference in your life and Saint Jude Retreats is number one on that list. At SJR, we have the people who genuinely want to help you achieve happiness and they sincerely want to work with you to help you make better and more positive choices in your life. – P.O

First of all there are not any Certified Addiction Counselors or even anyone that are recovering addicts. They don’t make people go to class and they only have one a day for 2 hours. I will say that the Program had a great module and I think with the right people teaching it could do a lot of good. – N.P.M

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5.      Pricing

Treatment cost ranges from $15,000 to $32,000 per month, depending on type of treatment and length of stay. The center doesn’t accept insurance but it is in-network with several financing companies to facilitate loans.


6.      Summary

With a 62.5% success rate and over 27 years of experience, the center’s model is rooted in independent research and common sense and is an alternative to the mainstream 12-step model.

Those who are seeking permanent abstinence or to take control of their addiction in a non-religious environment with an emphasis on personal responsibility and self-directed change, will find Saint Jude Retreats quite welcoming and healing.

For more information about The Saint Jude Retreats, please visit their official website.

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