SOBA Recovery Center – Drug Addiction Treatment Center Review

A beautiful ocean front property with starlit skies and blazing sunrise, SOBA Recovery Center is a serene oasis for everyone seeking peace of mind. Spread over 10 acres of lush property, it is a Malibu-based rehab. Offering a 5-star experience, it also provides a neuro-biological, individualized approach to treating drug and alcohol addiction. Fully devoted to ridding patients from addiction, substance abuse, and relapse, the expert team at SOBA Recovery Center ensures that the treatment program is life-changing. Especially relevant to note is that most of the people living in SOBA – cleverly named Sobanas – are in their 20’s and 30’s. Residents here are people of all religion, color, and sexual orientation.


1.     Treatment

Most noteworthy, the professional staff at SOBA views addictions as mere symptoms of an underlying disorder. As a result, the team deploys a wide range of therapies that address issues such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, bi-polar disorder, and anxiety.

Moreover, residents receive a health exam, a bio-psycho-social screen, a psych valuation, and a multi-tiered treatment plan. Dual-diagnosis issues are resolved with the help of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. In addition, patients regularly attend 12-step meetings and Big Book Studies.

Holistic Treatment

SOBA Recovery Center offers and recommends a 90-day program. If patients can’t afford to stay for the full 90 days, the center offers sober coaches and remote teleconferencing with licensed therapists.

Clients attend 12-step meetings, as well as psycho-therapy groups, experiential therapy, educational sessions, and individual therapy.

The facility also includes a medically-supervised detoxification, and deploys a neuro-biological approach in order to accelerate the restoration and stabilization of the brain chemistry.

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Drug Rehab Treatment

The drug treatment services at SOBA Recovery Center begin by addressing the physical health needs. Consequently, this starts with detoxification at a professional and fully equipped facility. Detox is followed by sessions with personal trainer in order to enhance strength, stamina, and coordination.

After healing the body, the staff at SOBA works hard at healing the mind as well. Each treatment program is individualized and meets the patient’s specific needs. Furthermore, there are regular individual, group, and family therapy sessions that create a strong support network to each patient.

The treatment plan includes 12-step program, challenging ropes course, equine therapy, and art and music therapy.

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Alcohol Addiction Treatment

At SOBA, each patient receives an individually-tailored treatment program that addresses the patient’s specific needs. As a result, the staff treats the underlying issues and alcoholism simultaneously by addressing the three primary functions: body, mind, and spirit.

The body treatment begins with detox, followed by nutritious food and personal training sessions. The mind healing treatment starts with the professional help of therapists, psychiatrists, and medical doctors.

Moreover, SOBA’s beliefs are that spirituality plays an absolutely essential role at obtaining a successful alcohol treatment. Patients at SOBA Recovery Center take part in various activities like surfing, ropes courses, and art therapies, and take pleasure in the gorgeous sunsets, oceanfront views, and scenic surroundings.

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After Care

SOBA Recovery Center combines residential treatment with transitional living. Many patients move on to live at the luxurious sober living villas where they continue to adhere to modified inpatient programs. Others return to society with the company of a sober companion who helps them adjust to their new healthy lifestyle.


2.     Accommodations and Food

SOBA Living is a social model recovery community that provides a safe environment where patients help others as they help themselves.

SOBA Living at Winding Way is a luxurious facility near the Pacific Ocean and the hills of Malibu. It is a two-acre property with private and semi-private rooms, pool, chef-prepared meals, and luxury amenities.

Furthermore, SOBA Living at Pacific Coast Villa is an elegant property where patients can unwind, relax, and get better. The facility includes fireplaces, poll, Zen meditation garden, fitness center, tennis court, and outdoor barbecue.

SOBA Living at the Sobanas are private and semi-private cottages on a close proximity to the Malibu shore. The cottages also include private beach access, 24 hour nursing care, and gourmet chef.

Most noteworthy, SOBA Recovery Center’s chef prepares the most nutritious and finest meals that are healthy and nourishing. Patients follow SOBA’s low-glycemic “Diet Free Life” plan of eating that helps maintain normal glucose levels. Favorite meals include mac “n” cheese, stuffed peppers, meat loaf, broccoli casserole with melted cheese, and the like. The kitchen staff also accommodates special dietary requirements.


3.     Staff

SOBA’s staff includes psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, and certified drug and alcohol counselors. The staff has a deep knowledge and experience in the fields of addiction, psychiatry, general medicine, clinical psychology, nutrition, and eastern exercises.

Most of all, the team is dedicated to the well-being of patients and significantly helps them on their path to recovery. Some of the staff members are former addicts and have been touched by addiction on a personal level.

The staffing ratio is:

Therapists to clients: 1:2

Day/Evening Counselors to clients: 1:2

Overnight counselors to clients: 1:5

Number of days per week when program is fully staffed: 7

Professional staffing: 24/7

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4.     Reviews

A handful of former clients gave the facility five-star ratings and praised its upscale environment and solid treatment model. SOBA Recovery Center has a 4.4 rating on Google based on 13 reviews, and 5 star rating on Yelp based on 7 reviews. Some of the comments include:

If you or your loved one is in search of treatment and a better life, look no further. Take it from someone who is “living the dream” today because of Soba. – C.K

I have been a firsthand witness to this extraordinary recovery center and the way they save lives one special soul at a time. If you or anyone you know suffers with addiction this is absolutely the place to send them. They care, they have tremendously qualified staff and more importantly they GET RESULTS. – S.W

Making the decision to do something like this is epic and shouldn’t be taken lightly. My experience at soba was eye opening. This place is what you make it and if you’re ready will give you every opportunity you can possibly imagine. I met amazing people and Malibu is just the perfect place to reinvent one’s self. Good luck. – D.P

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5.     Pricing

Your treatment at SOBA Recovery Center will cost $38,000 for 30 days. Although SRC doesn’t offer any financial assistance, the facility does note on its website that it works with some insurance providers.

Verify your insurance and determine what your out-of-pocket expenses will be for your stay here.



6.     Summary

Offering a wide array of holistic therapies in order to heal each patient in mind, body, and spirit, SOBA Recovery Center helps people get rid of drug and alcohol dependence in the most efficient way imaginable.

In conclusion, with a supportive and sincerely caring program, SOBA Recovery Center helps end feelings of shame, guilt, and hopelessness.

For more information about SOBA Recovery Center, please visit their official website.

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  1. Soba Recovery has saved the life of two family members who are now on a path to family knowledgeable recovery.
    Soba has given these two precious family members a new vision, a new light, along with the tools that lead to a productive healthy and happy life path!
    Forever grateful to Soba, and most important forever grateful to Chase, Admissions Coordinator. Chase is kind, patient, and understanding, as he is not hesitant to share his very own story with others. He now lovingly passes on his gift of helping others in a way that makes one feel as if he is part of your family, and always there. He walks the walk with you.
    Thank You Greg Hanley,
    Thank You Chase!!!!!
    Thank You Soba!

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