Sober Tec – Rehabilitation Center Review

Providing a secure and comfortable environment tailored to individual needs, Sober Tec is a rehab center that offers live-in, outpatient, and transitional rehab programs and interventions.

With a main focus to help clients build successful lives grounded in long-term recovery, patients at the center are part of a like-minded community united for the same purpose.

In addition to its comprehensive continuum of care and beautiful location, Sober Tec also provides comfortable accommodations, exciting activities, and extensive support for recovery and to prevent relapse.


1.      Treatment

Sober Tec offers residential inpatient, intensive outpatient, outpatient, medical detox, and dual diagnosis treatment. Upon arrival, the staff and client work together to create a customized treatment plan, specifically tailored to individual needs and circumstances.

After successfully completing detox, patients enter residential inpatient treatment. In a safe and structured environment, they learn how to develop healthy coping skills, participate in a well-thought treatment program, and engage in mindful activities that promote healthy body and spirit. In addition to group and individual therapy, rehabbers take part in informative sessions, 12 step meetings, as well as exercise, and engaging outings around San Clemente. Sober Tec places great emphasis on group meetings where individuals go over the advancement of their treatment and discuss any issues and concern that may occur. The program includes NA/AA meetings, relapse prevention, as well as emotions management, and 12 step meetings.

The Intensive Outpatient Program and the Outpatient Program feature 12 step modalities, individual and group therapy, as well as a mentorship. The one-on-one counseling encourages clients to work on their academic goals by offering academic counseling, help with college applications, transportation, as well as help with job hunting, and stimulated job interviews. Patients attend group therapies for 15 hours per week and further focus on nutritious diet and exercise. Depending on the severity of the addiction, there are several treatment options available, including 30-day, 60-day, 90-day, and 6-month treatment.

Sober Tec provides dual-diagnosis treatment for co-occurring conditions including anxiety and depression. Treatment is a combination of individual and group counseling, drug therapy, and detoxification.


2.      Accommodations and Food

Sober Tec, located on the California Coast, offers accommodation in three different locations. One is Acapulco, the center’s flagship facility, and Saltamonties and Tierras Altas, the two transitional living facilities.

All three facilities sit in San Clemente, in an area famed for its ocean, hills, mountain views, pleasant climate, and Spanish Colonial style architecture. Patients here can relax in the scenic surroundings of the Southern California beach community and find balance in life that is essential to long-term recovery. The facilities include amenities like sunlit rooms, shared bedrooms, large kitchens, but also spacious patios, outdoor pools, and rich backyards.

Alumni report the quality of the meals, saying “Food was horrible most nights. One night we only got Mac and cheese for dinner and we had hot dogs multiple times.”

For more information about accommodations, please follow this link.


3.      Staff

The staff at Sober Tec is a team of intake coordinators, certified clinicians, case managers, and other state-licensed employees. One patients said: “The staff never knew what was going on and you were constantly waiting on things. The majority of the staff was rude and if you needed something it was almost impossible to get it.”

However, another former resident noted: “My counselor never gave up on me and showed me that change is possible.”


4.      Reviews

Sober Tec has a 4.5-star rating on Google Reviews, 3 stars on Yelp, and 3.9 stars on Rehabs. Some of the comments include:

The houses offered accommodation for 6-8 girls in total, therefore I gained a great bond with my house mates. The only weakness this facility had was the cleanliness. Even though I was only at the treatment center for three weeks, it greatly impacted my recovery. Because it was so beautiful and we also did so many fun things, it attracted me to want sobriety. – Nicole

I’ll forever be grateful to this drug rehab. What a difference this treatment facility has done for me. With the compassionate but also caring staff, the 60-day treatment program helped me get back on my feet. I went through detox, as well as through therapy, to fully recover from my substance abuse problem. – K.A

After spending over 10k for basically just rides back and forth to NA and AA, I wish there was a zero star. There is so many county and state violations being committed, it’s insane… And the ONLY reason I had any success was the fact I met a girl who changed my life. – J.K

This whole program has been life changing for me, the staff are some of the most kind and caring people I have ever met in my life. – N.M

They got a really great treatment campus and the houses are super nice as well. Even though I was away from home, everyone here was really caring towards me and made me feel I was at home. – M.L

The houses have no supervision, and all the drivers, managers, and staff are extremely rude, unprofessional and don’t care to do their jobs. – C.P

Read more reviews here.


5.      Pricing

Sober Tec accepts multiple insurance providers including United Healthcare, Aetna, Value Options, as well as BlueCross/BlueShield, Anthem, and Cigna.

Verify insurance here.


6.      Summary

Many alumni and their families gave Sober Tec wonderful reviews. They describe the program as “life-changing, therapeutic, and a real learning experience.”

However, other reviews show dissatisfaction with the program’s effectiveness, dedication of staff, and financial aid.

People looking to attend 12-step and NA/AA meetings in a health-giving environment will find Sober Tec to be an appropriate pick. Others who hold in high regard an innovative and non-12-step approach, should seek treatment elsewhere.

For more information about Sober Tec, please visit their official website.

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