Spencer Recovery Center – Addiction Treatment Center Review

Situated in relaxed Laguna Beach, California, Spencer Recovery Center is an addiction rehab center with more than 20 years of experience.

Offering a wide range of residential treatment services, the center welcomes people of all ages, religions, and backgrounds.

Its dedicated staff, fun activities and the solid aftercare program make Spencer Recovery Center the best rehab for healing and recovery.


1.      Treatment

Spencer Recovery Center offers residential treatment, on site detox, aftercare, and an extended care program. Upon arrival, each patient goes through assessment. Doctors and counselors work together in order to develop an individual medical and therapeutic program for the patient’s recovery. The on-site detox includes Suboxone for opiate dependence.

There is a minimum stay of 28 days, although patients can stay up to 90 days. They reside at the facility 24 hours a day and attend 12-step meetings, psychotherapy, individual and group counseling, as well as relapse prevention, goal orientation, and building self-esteem. Patients also participate in guided beach walks, hikes, and nutrition and fitness programs.

Furthermore, executives and business professionals who seek treatment in an intimate setting can enroll to the Executive Rehab Program. They attend individual counseling sessions, and have access to a gym, pool, and spa treatments like yoga, massages, hypnotherapy, and nutritional counseling.

The Faith-Based Rehab Program combines 12-step meetings with Bible sessions and Sunday services at a local community church.

Moreover, since transiting back into everyday life is crucial to the recovery process, Spencer Recovery Center offers the Extended Care Program. This program focuses on community integration skills, work skills, relapse prevention, and healthy sober living. Patients continue to participate in private counseling sessions, group therapies, relapse prevention workshops, and job training and internship.

Typical Day at Spencer Recovery Center

Daily life at Spencer Recovery Center is proactive. Patients have to do basic daily chores that include helping clean out the home and taking out the trash. Patients can watch TV in their free time but cannot use any personal electronics the first 15 days of treatment. There is Wi-Fi network for everyone and patients can use the pay phone outside.

During the first month of recovery, patients attend two 12-step meetings, two process groups, and one educational group per day. They participate in several individual counseling sessions per week and daily exercise is part of the daily routine. There are also daily trips to the beach, mediation sessions, and special workout classes.

A former patient shares her positive experience with Spencer Recovery Center, saying: “I am so grateful to Spencer Recovery. They have given me the opportunity to reach harmony to both body, mind and soul.”

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2.      Accommodations and Food

Accommodations at Spencer Recovery Center are comfortable, safe, and intimate. The rooms are cozy, modern, and clean, and full-sized beds are the standard. Patients share a room with two or three other people. Some of the rooms offer amazing views of the Pacific, while others of the large outdoor swimming pool. Anyone who wants some more privacy and to spend extra cash, there are private rooms with waterfront views available. The facility is aesthetically furnished and features all the needed amenities for a comfy stay. There is also an on-site dining room with wooden tables where patients share meals.

There is an on-site chef who prepares well-balanced and nutritious meals. These healthy meals always include veggies, although patients can munch on snacks like chips and popcorn all throughout the day. Favorite meals include steak with baked potatoes and corn, honey-baked ham, burgers, hot dogs, fresh salads, and fruit bars.

“They offer a clean and beautiful place to stay, top notch counselors that care, good nutrition and enough freedom so that you never feel like you’re imprisoned.”

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3.      Staff

According to its website, “the exceptional team at Spencer Recovery Center consists of professional staff dedicated to the recovery and rehabilitation of those in need.  It is our mission to provide compassionate care through methods supported by years of client engagement and professional experience.”

Patients give their praises to the medical staff in-house, saying: “I gave Spencer 5 stars simply because they helped my son build a solid foundation on self-confidence and optimistic philosophy of life. The recovery process can be very difficult yet the therapists devote themselves in helping their clients in bringing back the old normal life. They truly care and they’re truly effective.”

Others, though, report having the opposite experience: “The center does not provide the professional help that is needed. They have rude people that are not qualified. They mostly use former addicts. Please do not bring your loved ones to this place.”


4.      Reviews

Spencer Recovery Center has a 4-star rating on Google, 3.5 stars on Rehabs, and 3 stars on Yelp. Some of the comments include:

Great Professionals! If you’re looking for reliable place for rehab center, this place is what you’re looking for. Go try them. Their staff is knowledgeable and comprehensive. They are passion-motivated therapist and are willing to dig deeper just to help you to recover. – P.R

Horrible place. They said they could handle dual diagnosis. It is all a lie. The center took our upfront money and insurance then put him out. They never gave him the medication. They tried a couple of days before they kicked him out but by that time he was unstable. – M.E

It was an amazing experience with Spencer. I gained a lot of self-confidence that helped me maintain my dignity and built good relationship with other people especially to my family. I highly recommend their program to anyone. – Jeanie

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5.      Pricing

The three-month treatment at Spencer Recovery Center costs $21,700 for the first 28 days, and $10,700 for each of the following two months. Detox costs an extra $3,700, $2,700 for the Psych Track, and $1,700 for the optional faith-based programming. The facility also offers financing options, payments plans, and scholarships for those who qualify. The facility is in-network with many health insurance providers like Aetna, Humana, Cigna, United Behavioral Health, Magellan, and more.

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6.      Summary

Regardless of mixed reviews and testimonials, Spencer Recovery Center has years of experience, exceptional reputation, and affordable rates.

With a dedicated staff, exciting activities, and great aftercare program, Spencer Recovery Center is a relatively satisfying facility for addiction treatment.

Those searching for something cheaper or more individualized can always look into Spencer’s low-priced- and higher-end facilities.

For more information about Spencer Recovery Center, please visit their official website.

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