Sunset Malibu – Drug Addiction Treatment Center Review

A Cape Cod-style facility overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Sunset Malibu is a high-end rehab center that uses evidence-based approach to help people fully recover from all behavioral problems. Imagine relaxing spa visits, luxurious accommodations, walks on the beach, and horseback riding. At Sunset Malibu, all these dreams come reality.

Its mission is to help patients recover their joy and optimism and recognize the wonderful opportunities waiting for them in life. With carefully constructed program that features intensive therapy, psychiatric care, and individualized recovery-based programs, Sunset Malibu maintains one of the highest success rates in the country.


1.  Treatment and Staff

Sunset Malibu is the perfect place to start recovering. Providing a high level of privacy, exclusivity, and luxury, the caring staff greatly help patients on their way towards recovery.

The facility offers treatment for addiction, co-occurring disorders, depression, and other behavioral issues.

Treatment Programs

Sunset Malibu’s treatment cornerstone is comprised of individualized and intensive psychotherapy. The process begins with a clinical assessment and diagnostic evaluation conducted by the professional team on-site to formulate an individualized treatment plan for the patient.

Patients work intensively with their therapists to address the underlying issues that drive the destructive patterns and impulses. The integrated approach – based on the assessment and information gathered from the staff – consists of a blend of treatments including Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy, Behavioral Modification, Systems Family Therapy, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Moreover, other treatments at Sunset Malibu include Acupuncture, Breath Work, Drama Therapy, Dream Work, Empowerment Therapy, Spiritual Counseling, and yoga.

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Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Sunset Malibu offers an effective alcohol rehab program that focuses on healing the body before addressing the mind. The treatment addresses alcoholism as a behavioral disorder with physical and psychological roots.

The treatment mostly concerns with the side effects of alcohol withdrawal. The detox specialists use advanced therapies to help patients continue the rest of their journey with healthy bodies and sound minds.

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Furthermore, Sunset Malibu’s drug rehab programs help recovering addicts develop the physiological and emotional tools necessary for long-term sobriety. The treatment programs are tailored for each patient, with the most important part being the incorporation of the special drug detox.

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Depression Treatment

Sunset Malibu has a great reputation for healing depression and its depression program is ranked top 10 in the nation. The first part of the facility’s depression treatment is the holistic aspect which includes changes in diet, more exercising, and counseling within the confines of a safe zone. The second part is the chemical aspect which includes a number of great drugs to help fight the depression.

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Sunset Malibu

2.  Accommodations and Food

Sunset Malibu is a state-of-the-art treatment center located above Zuma Beach with scenic views of the Pacific, Catalina, and the Anacapa Islands. Patients here find all the luxurious and most exclusive amenities that include villa-like rooms – both private and semi-private – with HDTVs, oceanic views, and pool.

In addition, the center also has nearby facilities for sober living and transitional care, all luxuriously decorated and equipped with the basic amenities. These facilities are also available during secondary and extended care when patients have less freedom restrictions.

Furthermore, the on-site chefs provide healthy and delicious meals using the finest ingredients. Since proper nutrition is vital to the recovery process and to creating a balanced life in general, meals here nourish the body and lend more energy, focus, and ambition to the patients. Chefs can also cook custom meals for those residents that have special dietary requirements.

Sunset Malibu

3.  Testimonials

In a letter to Sunset Malibu, a former patients wrote: To say that Sunset Malibu is a beautiful place to find sobriety is an understatement. It has magnificent chefs, gorgeous roomy rooms, fine furnishings and the most beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. I couldn’t imagine a better place on the planet to find serenity, inner peace and the tools to live a joyous, sober life, one day at a time.

In a letter to one of the members of the team, a former resident said: So it’s under pretty tragic circumstances that I’m writing you but couldn’t think of anyone who might get it like you. Tuesday I have to bury another friend to drug and alcohol abuse, 3rd person in the last year. I’m convinced that our little community here has a real epidemic, I don’t know the answers. But I guess just basically I needed to thank you and tell you how eternally grateful I am to you. As I’ve moved on in my life since Sunset Malibu there’s not a day that goes on that your voice isn’t in my ear encouraging and helping me through.

In an exit survey, a resident wrote: I will always be grateful to Sunset for the direction you gave me. Your supportive and caring staff helped me tremendously in identifying the type of drug treatment that I needed. Thanks again.

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Sunset Malibu

4.  Reviews

Sunset Malibu has a 5 star rating on The Fix, and many positive reviews. Some of the comments include:

This place is no joke. My first rocky days up on Malibu were super rough, but after two months, I felt like all the therapy really helped me. Good people, both in treatment and the caregivers. – Arturo

Sunset Malibu is a great facility that offers many amenities that aid in the recovery process. Location and food was great. Staff was very supportive and respectful. Highly recommend for anyone going through hard times. – K.T

Their staff and treatment is superb and made me feel comfortable during the whole process. Four months after graduating, and I’m still feeling so much better. – D.R

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Sunset Malibu

5.  Pricing

The price at Sunset Malibu is $58,000/month for a semi-private room, and $88,000/month for a private room.

The accepted forms of payment are self-payment and private health insurance. Some of the major insurance providers this facility accepts are Aetna, Anthem, BlueCross BlueShield, as well as Value Options and UnitedHealth Group.


Sunset Malibu

6.  Summary

From daily therapies, one-on-one sessions, and spiritual counseling, to experimental therapies like acupuncture, DBT, and hypnotherapy, Sunset Malibu is truly a game-changer.

With the help of the individualized care and the expertise of the staff, patients at Sunset Malibu successfully recover from all types of addictions and start a new life of hope and sobriety.

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