The Clearing – Addiction Treatment Center Review

Located on San Juan Island in Washington, The Clearing is a dual diagnosis residential treatment center specializing in alcohol and drug abuse, depression, anxiety, and other conditions.

Offering a powerful, intellectual, and transformative treatment program, the center focuses on the underlying core issues that cause addiction.

With amazingly high success rates and an anti-12 step approach to addiction, The Clearing combines evidence-based psychotherapy with new-age spirituality.


1.      Treatment

The Clearing is a 12-step alternative program that offers treatment to those battling with alcoholism, drug and substance abuse, gambling addiction, depression, anxiety, bi-polar, as well as with eating disorders and traumatic events. There is no medical detox on-site, but the center can refer patients to one of the nearby detox facilities. Once medical detox is complete, patients can move on with the residential treatment.

The residential treatment at The Clearing lasts a continuous 28 days and attracts people of all ages, genders, religions, and backgrounds. The ages of male patients range from 45 to 65, while female residents are usually in their 20s and 40s. Treating 8 patients at a time, all groups start and complete the treatment program together to avoid the disruptions caused by people entering and departing the group throughout the month. The residential program involves workshops, homework, projects, reading, meditation, as well as individual and group therapies.

Furthermore, The Clearing’s spiritual psychology program follows the 21 principles of healing and recovery, created by Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick from the University of Santa Monica. This spiritual psychology helps clients discover the underlying core issues causing the addiction and it also enables them to gently resolve them. Core to the spiritual psychology work and healing are methods and techniques called Basic Skills. These skills include Seeing the Loving Essence, Heart Center Listening, Conscious Sharing, Expressing Feelings, as well as Accepting Personal Responsibility, Silence, Positive Self Talk, and many more. Additionally, the main strategies used in the Spiritual Psychology Program include: Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, as well as Psychosynthesis, Animal Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and other.

Typical Day at The Clearing

Days at The Clearing start early and are tightly scheduled. Mornings begin at 7:30 am with yoga/tai chi exercise before breakfast. After that, they attend intense workshops, as well as therapy sessions. Lunch is at 1 pm, followed by group and individual counseling. Dinner is scheduled at 6 pm and after that patients finally have some free time to relax, complete their homework, watch movies, go to the study room, surf the Internet, and the likes. Families can visit their loved ones on Sunday afternoons.

Moreover, patients cannot use their personal electronics, but are welcome to use the Internet-enabled laptop on-site. Most noteworthy, they also engage in many activities like exploring San Juan Island’s trails, kayaking, visiting local towns, and doing alternative therapies including yoga, acupuncture, and meditation.

If patients relapse, they can enroll into the program once again, free of charge.

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2.      Accommodations and Food

Situated on a 64-acre working farm with a variety of animals including horses, alpaca, sheep, goats, dogs, cats and more, the facility offers the most impressive and picturesque views of the surrounding area. The house is a former bed and breakfast that has been transformed into a cozy and peaceful space where patients can recover. Accommodations are rustic, charming, and comfortable. Moreover, each patient has a private room with desk area and attached bedroom.

Furthermore, a local chef prepares customized meals and snacks, using the freshest and the healthiest ingredients possible. Meals are nutritious and the chef can accommodate any special dietary requirements like vegetarian, vegan, kosher, and the likes. Breakfast usually includes eggs, bacon, and muffins, while lunch and dinner are heavy on chicken, beef, lamb, and seafood. There are various drink options available like juice, tea, soda, and coffee, as well as desserts like chocolate chip cookies and banana bread.


3.      Staff

The staff at The Clearing includes a Ph.D. level clinical director, a VP of operations, a CEO with academic credentials in both business development and spiritual psychology, as well as a director of complementary therapies, administrative personnel, and most importantly, experienced therapists and counselors. Counselors and nurses are available round-the-clock, and there’s also a psychologist on-site at all times.

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4.      Reviews

The Clearing has a 3.7-star rating on Facebook, 4.9 stars on Rehabs, and 3.5 stars on The Fix. Some of the comments include:

The atmosphere at the farm was very peaceful, welcoming and also comfortable. There is no comparison to other facilities, which tend to be chaotic and more institutional. I felt very welcome, comfortable and respected by all staff. – K.N

I felt safe and cared about! They don’t treat you like there is something wrong with you. It is more focused on finding out who you are! Healing underlying issues that keep coming up in your life. AND creating a life that you love! I absolutely LOVE the staff at the Clearing. I think of them as family! – Katy

I don’t like anyone putting 12 step programs down though … 12 step programs work for a lot of people including me… Let your program stand on its own Merritt and not on slurring the 12 step programs… How about some statistics to show how many people stay sober after completing your rehab program (or whatever it is). – C.B

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5.      Pricing

The Clearing’s 28-day program costs $35,000. The fee covers counseling, meals, and any other program expenses, but does not include travel costs to the location, replenishment of personal care products, extraordinary personal expenses, and emergency room and medical expenses. Moreover, the center also accepts most forms of insurance and has partnered with Prosper Healthcare Lending, a company which specializes in addiction treatment financing. Insurance typically covers 30-80% or more of the program cost, depending on the patient’s plan.

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6.      Summary

The Clearing differentiates itself with its own unique, loving, and spiritual program, an unmatched staff, comfortable accommodations, and an inviting atmosphere.

Helping its patients experience life on four levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually – The Clearing is the ideal pick for anyone looking for empowerment, clarity, and a life-long freedom of addiction.

For more information about The Clearing, please visit their official website.

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