The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare – Addiction Recovery Treatment Center

Located in Georgetown, Texas, The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare offers an integrative and holistic approach to treat a broad range of addictions as well as underlying mental health and psychological issues.

With a full continuum of care and 24/7 medical surveillance, the center provides a comfortable, comprehensive, and long-term program on a 67-acre ranch.


1.      Treatment

The Arbor consists of a 15-month program that includes two phases: a 90-day residential treatment program and a year-long aftercare program. Apart from residential and aftercare treatment services, the center also offers sober living, family program, as well as relapse prevention. However, there’s no medical detox on-site.

Since women and men differ and respond differently to addiction and co-occurring treatment, all residential treatment programs are gender-specific. The Arbor offers a wide range of treatment modalities that include a comprehensive continuing care plan, 12-step programming, relapse prevention, as well as treatment of dual disorders and other addictions.

Moreover, The Arbor’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), Supportive Outpatient Program (SOP), and Aftercare services offer supportive care for those completing inpatient treatment, as well as those who prefer outpatient drug or alcohol treatment. These programs include a unique blend of addiction treatment modalities, with evidence-based practices, experiential workshops, 12-step support, spiritual development, and life skills.

In addition, Arbor Extended Care is a link between inpatient treatment and sober living. The program entails 90 days of stay, toxicology testing, 12-step programming, individual and group sessions, as well as daily meditation groups, and philanthropic development.

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Typical Day at The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare

Upon arrival, each patient undergoes a detailed assessment that will determine what level of care is needed. Following assessment, each patient receives a personal support team that includes the medical director, the recovery manager, a recovery coach, primary therapist, and a psychiatrist. The patient will meet with each of these primary care experts on a one-on-one basis at least once a week.

Days at The Arbor are busy and well-structured. Patients attend a wide range of therapies that treat the mind, body, and spirit. Apart from individual and group counseling that take place 5 times a week, patients also go to both on-site and off-site 12-step meetings. In addition, there is also equine and art therapy, nutritional counseling, as well as meditation, yoga, and relapse prevention planning. Rehabbers can participate in EMDR that helps them unlock past traumas and get past them via a series of memory-based exercises.

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2.      Accommodations and Food

The Arbor is a 67-acre ranch along the San Gabriel River just outside of Georgetown, Texas. The landscape is scenic with an urban ranch feel that provides a relaxing and soothing setting. There is an abundance of greenery, as well as horse stables where patients attend equine therapy once a week.

The facility’s other amenities include a swimming pool, an outdoor patio, and a stone waterfall. Each patient shares a room with a roommate. The bedrooms are not luxurious and come with queen-sized beds, large bureaus, and private bathrooms. Moreover, The Arbor is a co-ed facility, meaning men and women reside in different lodges. The center offers housing for 14 men and 18 women in total.

At The Arbor, proper nutrition is an important part of the healing process. Healthy meals are intended to heal and nourish the body damaged by addiction, reduce cravings for drugs and alcohol, reduce stress, and encourage self-care.

Additionally, all clients are taught about nutrition and food preparation. During residential care, an on-site chef prepares and serves all nutritious and well-balanced meals at the main house dining area. Patients in extended care and in sober living prepare meals for the group, under supervision.

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3.      Staff

At The Arbor, staff members work with each patient to heal their mind, body, and spirit. The center employs a professional and knowledgeable staff that helps rehabbers develop new life and coping skills that result in long term recovery. Staff and clients work together to re-integrate the individual back into the community.

The multidisciplinary team is comprised of physicians, therapists, chemical dependency counselors, recovery managers, and mentors.

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4.      Reviews

The Arbor has a 4.8-star rating on their Facebook page. Some of the comments include:

I am an interventionist and have had the pleasure to work with this amazing facility. My clients have thrived at the Arbor and the staff is also phenomenal. – G.C.R

The Arbor helped save my life. I recommend this place to anyone who is struggling with addiction! Three months there will change everything, it has for me! The staff, the work, the facilities, the equine, everything is amazing. – H.S

The Arbor is a top notch program. They have dedicated personnel and programs that address everything from intervention to aftercare, and they also have family support groups that were very helpful to our family as our daughter went through their program. – B.S

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5.      Pricing

The 30-day treatment at The Arbor costs $16,500. The admissions team will verify your benefits and explain the treatment options based on your policy’s coverage.

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6.      Summary

According to reviews and testimonials from employees, alumni and their loved ones, it’s clear that The Arbor can truly help individuals obtain long-term sobriety through a comprehensive array of health services spanning all levels of care.

Given the reasonable cost of the program, the professional on-site staff, and the comprehensive aftercare, those deciding on The Arbor can expect a long term emotional stability and permanent sobriety.

For more information on The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare, please visit their official website.

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