Timberline Knolls – Drug Addiction Treatment Center Review

Located in Lemont, Illinois, Timberline Knolls is an all-female treatment center for adolescents, teens, and adult women facing eating disorders, chemical dependency, and co-occurring conditions.

Offering an individualized treatment that is a blend of clinical and holistic therapies, patients here get a sense of investment, empowerment, and ownership of their recovery process.

With a dedicated medical staff, healing environment, and a good cafeteria-style food, this 43-acre facility also provides daily 12-step practice and on-site medically monitored detox for a long-term recovery.


1.      Treatment

Timberline Knolls provides comprehensive treatment for depression, drug and alcohol addiction, trauma and PTSD, eating disorders, and mood and anxiety disorders. Patients here receive a holistic, medically informed approach to their treatment, while the staff constantly helps women to make real-life changes. Furthermore, the center helps patients strengthen 5 core aspects of the self, including: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social.

Moreover, the first step is the comprehensive medical and psychiatric assessment that will help the staff gather information about medical history, psychiatric history, and past abuses. Each patient receives an individualize treatment plan and they work individually with a primary therapist, family therapist, psychiatrist, as well as an internal medicine physician, dietician, and addiction specialist. Residents at Timberline Knolls engage in approaches that will help them constructively experience their emotions, including:

  • one-on-one therapy sessions
  • expressive and experiential therapy
  • education about disease processes and recovery
  • meal support and regular consultation with dietary staff
  • group sessions
  • family therapy (including family participation)
  • onsite and offsite twelve-step meetings
  • weekly psychiatric consultation
  • trauma awareness and recovery
  • educational services
  • art therapy
  • equine assisted psychotherapy
  • dance/movement therapy
  • movement therapy
  • outdoor recreation such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, badminton or gardening


Typical Day at Timberline Knolls

Patients at Timberline Knolls are women of all ages and races, as well as of all financial and spiritual background. Days here are busy and highly structured. Mornings start at 5:30 am with the blood draws and weigh-in for the patients who suffer from eating disorders. Morning group sessions start at 7:30 am, followed by breakfast, process groups, recreational activities, as well as on and offsite 12-step meetings.

Moreover, younger patients can continue their education during treatment via the Timberline Knolls Academy, which is approved by the Illinois State Board of Education. Residents also engage in holistic and experiential therapies, including yoga, dance movement therapy, art therapy, massage, equine therapy, and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing.

In addition, patients seem overall satisfied with the treatment, saying: I attended TK for 3 months to address my eating disorder. The experience was great I loved the fact that family was so integrated into the program. I left without an eating disorder and it has stayed that way for 6 months. I whole heartedly recommend TK.


2.      Accommodations and Food

Located a few miles southwest of Chicago, Timberline Knolls is an oasis of tranquility and comfort. The campus is surrounded by beautiful 19th century buildings, along with modern and architecturally award-winning buildings and living quarters. Bedrooms are spacious and patients share a room with two or three other people. The scenic and landscaped outdoor grounds feature a lake, reflecting pond, as well as fields for recreational activities, and art studio. Patients don’t need to do any chores except from keeping their rooms nice and tidy.

Furthermore, food is reportedly “good enough”. All meals are cafeteria-style but healthy, and nutritious. Every patient who suffers from eating disorders follows a meal plan and sits on a table with a Behavior Health Specialist who monitors their meals. There are plenty of healthy options, and the staff can accommodate any special dietary requirement including vegetarian and vegan. Favorite meals include black bean burgers, spinach, cheese quesadilla, lasagna, as well as Mac and Cheese, and grilled cheese. Patients here won’t find any sweets or junk food, while coffee is available only in the mornings.

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3.      Staff

The dedicated staff at Timberline Knolls possesses extensive expertise treating dependence on drugs, dual diagnosis, as well as on eating disorders, and other psychological and medical conditions. The staff includes family therapist, primary therapist, psychiatrist, internal medicine physician, as well as an addiction specialist, registered dietician, and eating disorder specialist. Each members of the team has achieved at least a bachelor’s degree and is able to practically apply years of experience. Moreover, the Master’s level teachers at the Academy are certified and trained as learning behavioral specialists.

For more information about the staff, please follow this link.


4.      Reviews

Timberline Knolls has a 3.1-star rating on Google Reviews, 3.9 stars on Rehabs, and 2.5 stars on Yelp. Reviews are mixed and include:

I had the best treatment team. They cared so deeply about me and helped me gain some much needed confidence in myself. Now, 2 years later, I have my own apartment, but also an amazing job, and I’m out of my house more than I am even in it. Moreover, my eating disorder is in remission and I feel amazing. This place literally is what kept me alive. – J.M.S

I went there twice. I loved my first time there and the staff was great. The second time in the summer of 2015 I was back and things had quickly taken a turn for the worst. They are understaffed in most areas, some of the nurses were awful and did not care, there is no support staff available at night, there’s hardly any 1 on 1 help attention since around 25-30 girls live on the same lodge, etc. – L.O

Absolutely wonderful environment. I loved it so, so much. Every minute I spent there. The staff is carefully cultivated to only include people who truly care about the residents. Not once did I feel like a number instead of a person. Thank you so much, TK. – Stacey

Low resident to staff ratio, spiritual options available, excellent programs and support. Cost and financial assistance were downfalls. – Bridget

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5.      Pricing

Timberline Knolls costs $1000/day. The center accepts insurance from numerous private companies, including Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Humana. In addition, Tricare is also accepted, and financial advocacy services are available.

Read more about payment and insurance information here.



6.      Summary

The majority of alumni and family members praise the center and give high ratings for its dedication, professionalism, and assistance. Loved ones of the residents describe Timberline Knolls as “absolutely wonderful”, “caring and supportive”, but “pretty expensive”

Patients applaud the rehab’s comprehensive and varied approach, saying it was “an amazing place to be’.

Overall, Timberline Knolls offers an absolutely wonderful environment with caring staff, impressive programming, fair rules, comfortable accommodations, and many recreational activities.

For more information about Timberline Knolls, please visit their official website.

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