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For longer than a decade, Visions Adolescent Treatment Center welcomes teens ages 13-18 in its clinically-based environment. Located in Malibu, CA, the treatment center provides top-notch care with a minimum recommendation of 45 days, up to 90 days of treatment.

Visions Adolescent Treatment Center relies on a team of “highly skilled professionals who use effective techniques and current modalities” when treating teens with substance abuse, bipolar behavior, eating disorders, and other mental health issues.

1. Treatment Program

The center offers gender-separated, “a safe, supportive, intensive program filled with daily activities that help the resident come to terms with their problems.” The center intensifies the role of family involvement in the process of recovery. They also provide 24/7 crisis interventions and staff supervising.

Residential Treatment

As in every treatment center, Visions’ team recommends an inpatient treatment program to ensure better results. They offer highly individualized treatment, where every teen is assigned a counselor and a licensed therapist for daily support and encouragement.

Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers also develop an individual program and therapeutic methods for every mental issue or abuse the adolescent faces. They establish a variety of treatment approaches, including medical and substance abuse assessment, as well as psychosocial and psychiatric assessment.

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Every client goes through a medical evaluation. Afterward, the team creates the teen’s treatment plan where they identify the issues and desired goals. Hence, Visions Adolescent Treatment includes process group therapy, substance abuse groups, individual sessions, Psyco-education groups, family therapy, equine therapy, art therapy, anger management groups and much more.

The residents also have a tailored-made fitness program that centers on “five main goals: cardiovascular endurance, muscle endurance, strength, flexibility and relaxation through the release of nervous tension.”

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Visions Adolescent Treatment’s discharge and aftercare plan, among the rest, include continuous individual and family therapy, 12-steps meetings, and outpatient programs designed to meet the social, family, and academic needs of the teen.

  1. The facility provides “two Los Angeles Outpatient structured programs which address all aspects of building a healthy lifestyle while preserving an adolescent’s dignity and individuality.”

Day School

On weekdays, all residents attend three hours of individualized schooling. The program teacher contacts each resident’s previous school to get access to their current curriculum. The facility creates an environment for the teens to continue the educational course they currently visit.


NeXt is Visions Adolescent Living and Education Program, with the title of being California’s 1st Licensed Adolescent Extended Care Facility. The program provides care in gender specific environment for teens ages 15 to 18, with a minimum length of stay of 90 days.

NeXt’s objectives are to “teach every adolescent to seek out and actively become involved in community-based resources including healthy peer groups.”

2. Accommodation

In Visions, teens don’t have the privilege to stay in a private room, so they sleep two per room. The facility offers a “home-like, family feeling that expresses a sense of warmth and security.”

Visions Adolescent Treatment Center bedroom

Male and female residents have “separate sleeping quarters,” and according to one former alumni, “even at meetings girls may not talk to boys and boys may not talk to girls.”

A registered dietitian manages the residents’ nutrition needs. Special diets are also available, and the staff monitors the eating patterns of those patients that need supervising.

3. Visions Adolescent Treatment Staff

The center’s staff consists of professionals such as licensed therapists, medical doctors, registered dietitian, equine and art therapist, supervising nurse. Family therapist and eating or other mental disorder specialists are also part of their team.

Therefore, one of the alumni says, “Visions has the most caring, thorough group of staff I have seen.”

However, one disappointed alumni says, “The staff is constantly changing, and there is no consistency. The staff is less than understanding, and less than trained, especially when it comes to flashbacks and trauma.”

Former employees have nice things to say about the center as well. One of them says by working in Visions, “I have learned patience and tolerance, as well as how to deal with rowdy individuals, in a calm and effective manner.”

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4. Price and Reviews

One month at the treatment center costs approximately $40,000  (with a minimum stay of 45 days), and the facility accepts insurance.


The reviews vary, but the overall impressions and experiences are quite positive.

“My daughter went to Visions and it helped her tremendously. The staff is able to walk the line between being fun and playful with the kids and yet completely professional… We had a therapist, my daughter had a case manager, she spent the day doing online school and the afternoons in groups and therapy and the evenings at 12 step meetings… I highly recommend Visions.” – Ash D.

“As someone who has been to many programs and rehabs, I can honestly say visions was one of my worst experiences. Not only were the therapists beyond incompetent, but it didn’t emulate real life at all whatsoever.” – Sophie V.

Visions Adolescent Treatment Center

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5. Summary

Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers provides care for teenagers and families facing addiction or mental health issues. They offer a dual diagnosis program and individual therapy.

The center’s staff consists of experts that provide a variety of treatment approaches. The facility is also gender-separated, and every patient goes through an evaluation.

For more information about Visions Treatment Center please visit their official website. 

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