The Watershed – Drug and Alcohol Rehab Review

Located in Boca Raton, Florida, The Watershed is a top-rated drug and alcohol rehab that has treated over 50,000 people since 1998.

The treatment that includes 12-step programs and individual and group therapy is specialized for women, men, young professionals and families from all backgrounds.

Affordable and with a high success rate, the center offers medical detox, inpatient and outpatient care, and sober-living facilities for individuals struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.


1.      Treatment

Treatment programs at The Watershed are gender-specific and tailored to the patient’s individual needs. They are a combination of 12-step programming with treatment modalities from psychotherapy, psychiatry, and medicine.

Furthermore, the center offers medically assisted detox that is a stepping stone to a long-term recovery. After patients complete their detox, they can move to the extensive inpatient rehabilitation program where they will learn how to avoid relapse, learn about the addiction, and work on their emotional issues. This is the most intensive level of treatment, offering 24-hour care in a secure environment.

The Watershed also provides professional, individualized and comprehensive residential treatment that will help patients rebuild their life and restore relationships with family and loved ones. Moreover, the partial hospitalization program (PHP) is offered in conjunction with sober-living facilities. This is a step-down package from residential care. The PHP includes counseling and care from physicians and nurses.

Patients who have progressed in their treatment through the Partial Hospitalization Program will then be able to transition into the Intensive Outpatient Program. Here, they will practice recovery management skills and techniques while transitioning to independent living.

Typical Day at The Watershed

Patients wake up at 7am and gather together for the breakfast meal. Following a morning group, all rehabbers attend their primary therapy group at 9:30 am. Groups are hour-and-a-half long, gender-specific, and kept at a maximum of 10 clients. These daily groups teach patients about anger management, chronic relapse, grief and loss, and anxiety reduction. Furthermore, patients also participate in bi-weekly psycho educational lectures.

In addition to group psychotherapy and individual counseling, patients also engage in family services, off-site 12-step meetings, and employment assistance. The Young Adults Program treats patients ages 18 to 30, assisting them in facing the reality of their addiction, find motivation for recovery and take ownership of their lives. On the other hand, The Professionals Program that treats doctors, lawyers, government agents, religious leaders, and teachers, focuses on helping patients achieve long-term sobriety and regain control over their careers after treatment.

Although the center does not offer activities like acupuncture or massage, patients can indulge in yoga, Zumba, and gym and pool time. Fridays are Monopoly and Twister nights, while on Saturdays everyone gathers together for movies and talent shows. Every Sunday rehabbers go to off-site 12-step meetings, as well as to the nearby beaches and parks.

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2.      Accommodations and Food

The Watershed of Boca Raton is just two miles away from the Boca beaches. It is a comfortable health care facility equipped with a fitness center, spacious bedrooms, and a full service kitchen.

Furthermore, The Watershed of the Palm Beaches is the center’s inpatient addiction treatment center that offers the ideal ambiance for a safe healing. This facility includes a pool, health and fitness center, and a full service kitchen.

The Watershed Apartments Halfway House offers long-term recovery to patients enrolled in the Partial Hospitalization Program and progress into Extended Care. Nestled between the beautiful Palm Beaches of Florida, it features a private pool, sand volleyball, on-site laundry, and private balconies.

Finally, The Watershed Residence is a secure sober living community and the next phase after the patient completes their day treatment program at The Watershed Apartments. Like all other Watershed facilities, the residence comes equipped with furnished apartments, a pool, gym, computer lab, and flat screen TVs in each room.

At The Watershed, patients enjoy delicious and nutritious meals daily in a school-like cafeteria. Former patients say that snacks like peanut butter and fruits are available at all times, as well as salad bars and soft-serve ice-cream. The professional chefs at the facilities prepare mouth-watering themed meals like waffle Wednesday and Turkey Tuesday.

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3.      Staff

The staff at The Watershed is a team of executive management employees, doctors, psychologists, therapists and founders of the rehabilitation center. Most alumni give high ratings to the staff who has decades of experience in the field of addiction and recovery.

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4.      Reviews

The Watershed has a 4.4-star rating on Google Reviews, 4.2 stars on Rehabs, and 2.5 stars on The Fix. Some of the comments include:

The sanitary conditions are deplorable. The cleaning staff speaks no English. There is no security staff, and there’s no locks on room doors. I had to pay 5000 dollars a week for this!!! What a rip-off!!! The medical staff are a joke and most of them never had a kind word to say to you. My therapist was a joke she cared more about looking good than therapy. – P.H

The Watershed showed me a different way to cope & allowed me to finally start truly living! I owe them everything for where I am today & they continue to be an integral part of my recovery. They honestly did save my life with all the things I have “found” & what I continue to learn on this journey. I am beyond grateful to be a recovering alcoholic. – C.S

I am reminded every day of the amazing, care & concern that The Watershed extends to people who come through their programs. The alumni staff that I come in contact with are a constant reminder that the possibilities of recovery are within reach of anyone ready and willing to make changes…..and the possibilities are endless. – D.M.B

This rehab didn’t get me any closer to being clean, and I actually have serious anxiety because of the experience. Overall, it was an awful experience and I would never, ever suggest this place, even to my worst enemy. I have over two and a half years clean now, but that is no way thanks to this place or its program. – S.M.A

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5.      Pricing

Treatment at The Watershed costs $16,000 for 30 days. The center accepts most private insurance policies, including PPO and HMO plans. Unfortunately, they do not accept insurance plans that are provided through Medicare or Medicaid.

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6.      Summary

Most of the positive reviewers described The Watershed as “a very welcoming and comfortable place with an effective treatment program”. Yet negative reviews claimed that the staff was rude, the building was not how it was described over the phone as it is in real life. It was a rundown hotel atmosphere.”

Overall, The Watershed is most certainly a place worth checking out, especially for those who live in southern Florida and are into talent competitions and board games.

For more information about The Watershed, please visit their official website.

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