Wilderness Treatment Center Review

Assisting individuals in their recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, Wilderness Treatment Center introduces a healthier way of life with increased self-esteem and feeling of empowerment.

The center is located on a 4,000 acre working cattle ranch in Montana and offers adventure in a disciple setting where patients can build the necessary tools to live a life of joy and sobriety.


1.      Treatment

Wilderness Treatment Center is the first addiction treatment program to apply a traditional 30-day inpatient with an outdoor experience. The program assists boys and men between the ages of 14 and 24 with their addiction and mental health issues. The program provides a unique and safe treatment for individuals and many major medical policies approve of it.

This innovative model engages patients to participate in a wide range of activities, such as meditation, recreation, equine assisted therapy, service work, and psycho-educational lectures.

Residential treatment at Wilderness Treatment Center consists of 30 days in the house and 16-21 days out in nature, providing individuals with structured living, 12-step meetings, intensive therapy, and a camping trip. A licensed addiction counselor and wilderness instructor leads each wilderness expedition.

The patient’s family is an essential part of the program at the center. Families are kept informed of addiction treatment planning and progress of their loved one on a weekly basis. The center’s family program offers reconstruction of family wholeness and health where counselors work closely with family members throughout the course of the treatment.

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Typical Day at Wilderness Treatment Center

The first 30 days of treatment, all patients live on the ranch and receive the conventional residential experience. Wake-up time is at 7 am, followed by the morning meditation and chores. Patients then attend group and individual therapy, as well as 12-step meetings, and educational lectures. Generally, group topics include family relationships, relapse prevention, life skills, nutrition, stress management, and trauma. An important part of residential treatment is the 12-step work with patients participating in AA/NA meetings every day. Clients have a few chores to attend to, such as tending the animals, building wooden furniture, and maintaining the land.

The second part of treatment is the outdoor experience that usually lasts for 16-21 days. During this phase of the treatment, patients learn how to set camp, make their own food, and face the challenges of living in the woods. Activities here include skiing, rope courses, hiking, and rock climbing. After spending a few weeks in the wilderness, patients return to the ranch for another week to process their new experience and prepare for discharge.

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2.      Accommodations and Food

Wilderness Treatment Center is located on a 4,000 acre, working cattle ranch, near Kalispell, Montana. Built in 1924, fifty percent of the original log buildings are still in function today.  With picturesque ponds, scenic woods, and farm animals just a short walk away, the center is a charming place to relax and heal.

The center houses 35 patients in single-level log cabins. Each cabin comes with four sets of bunk beds and two bathrooms, offering accommodation to six clients in total. Wilderness Treatment Center also includes a dining hall, offices in the barn house, and a main hall where patients attend therapy. In addition, there is also a functional challenge course, fishing creek, Frisbee golf course, skiing trails, and access to Serenity Falls.

In addition, there is an on-site chef who prepares well-balanced and nutritious meals. According to testimonials, patients’ favorites include ribs, burgers, and BBQ chicken.

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3.      Staff

Wilderness Treatment Center employs the best and most professional staff that works directly with every client. The center has a staff-to-client ratio of 1:5 and the team includes a medical director, a consulting psychologist, licensed addiction counselors, and wilderness instructors.

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4.      Reviews

Wilderness Treatment Center has a 4-star rating on Rehabs and 4.5 rating on their Facebook page. Some of the comments include:

I came into WTC desperate and hopeless, and left with a peace of mind I never thought was possible. I am finally the person I have always wanted to be – a kind, loving, and responsible man – and WTC laid the foundation for all of it. – M.E

Money well spent. It’s the foundation on which I built what self-worth I possess, and a standard to which I hold my ambitions. Knowing that perseverance even exists within my person is without a doubt the only reason I’m still here. Than you WTC.  – T.F

My wife and I recently attended Parents Week at WTC. From the moment we stepped onto WTC it was very clear that our son was in the right place for his recovery. The entire staff cares and engages in the recovery for all the young men. In closing, I can’t say enough about the staff and experience at WTC. – J.M

A fresh start to a productive life and way of living. This place opens up doors to new positive attitudes and ways of thinking so that young men get the whole shot at staying clean. – T.W

They need to expand their treatment to help adults, and offer grant funding to help those that can’t afford it, I called looking for help for my very sick 27 year old son he was begging for help. They told me they could not help, the biggest part being the money and his age. How do you expect them to get help? – K.E

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5.      Pricing

Wilderness Treatment Center costs $450 per day. Charges include accommodation, therapy, training sessions, wilderness trip, ropes course, family week, transportation, doctor visits, physicals, nurse visits, and airport pickup. Furthermore, clothing for the expedition, fishing license, backpacks, tents, stoves, skis, and food is also included in the price.

The center accepts most major insurance plans, as well as direct payments through check, wire transfer, and all major credit cards.

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6.      Summary

Combining conventional rehab with a wilderness adventure to help struggling boys and young men obtain long-term sobriety, Wilderness Treatment Center provides its clients with a new beginning, a new freedom, and life of happiness.

Respected for its honesty, innovation, effectiveness, and staff’s level of training, the center offers a mesmerizing setting and an innovative model that is built upon the therapeutic journey from discovery to recovery.

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