Williamsville Wellness – Addiction Treatment Center Review

Situated on 400 acres of Virginian farmland, Williamsville Wellness Center specializes in the treatment of gambling, substance, drug, and alcohol abuse.

With a treatment program heavy on one-on-one talk therapy sessions, its first-rate staff and inviting atmosphere will leave most patients feeling charmed and amazed.

Helping each individual to find recovery of mind, body, and spirit, patients at Williamsville Wellness Center are able to relax in a peaceful environment and understand themselves better.


1.      Treatment

Williamsville Wellness Center’s program primary focuses on individual treatment sessions with an average of 4-5 individual sessions daily. The 28-day treatment also features 18 hours of group education, and participation in on – and off-site 12-step and SMART recovery meetings every week.

Therapists at Williamsville Wellness implement multiple therapy approaches including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

Furthermore, family members can visit their loved ones on-site, talk by telephone, or by video conference. Family members get the chance to receive education on addiction and learn how to support the patient.

Patients can engage in art therapy where by creating art, they can increase awareness of self and others, and cope with symptoms. They can also take part in mindfulness coaching, hypnotherapy, anger management, peer counseling, and yoga. There are various laid-back activities available including bowling, miniature golf, and going to the local gym four times a week.

Williamsville Wellness Center also offers an intensive outpatient program that begins with an accelerated program. The program entails many addiction treatment therapies, one-one-one counseling, and rehabilitation techniques to create a custom plan for success.

Typical Day at Williamsville Wellness Center

Residents at Williamsville Wellness Center range in age from teens to 60s, include men and women, both gay and straights, and people from different social and ethnic backgrounds.

Days at the center are long and intense, with lots of therapies and sessions. Residents wake up between 8 and 9 am to attend breakfast, though they usually cook for themselves. Breakfast is followed by morning group sessions and one-on-one therapies until lunch at 1 pm. More group therapies take place until 5 pm, followed by dinner, and AA, NA, and GA meetings twice a week.

Residents usually get one hour of free time during the day, though attending therapies is voluntary. There are no chores or jobs, except cleaning after oneself. Residents can drink coffee, read non-recovery literature and use electronics of all varieties to their hearts’ content.

For more information about the treatment, please follow this link.


2.      Accommodations and Food

Located in the leafy countryside of Hanover, Virginia, Williamsville Wellness Center is a historic landmark, one of the few buildings to survive the burning of the city during the civil war. Offering a peaceful environment where patients can process what they’re feeling and understand themselves better, the center offers scenic views of undeveloped wood land, farming areas, and hiking trails.

The plantation home houses a total of 16 residents, eight men and eight women. The house offers great privacy and comfort, since patients don’t have to share a room. There is one main facility, six smaller buildings, a pond to fish, gym with a massage chair, sauna, gazebo, and fire pits.

Moreover, clients are responsible for making their own breakfast, while the in-house chef prepares lunch and dinner. The chef can also accommodate any dietary preferences. Snacks and coffee are available 24/7, as well as cereals, fruit, and juices. Favorite meals include New York steak with mashed potatoes, and the pork and ground turkey plate.


3.      Staff

Although doctors are not in residence at all times, the on-site staff is reportedly “dedicated and truly gifted”. The treatment team at Williamsville Wellness are licensed professionals that support the patient on their journey towards recovery.

Daily treatment boasts a one-to-one therapist-to-client ratio, and a variety of therapists with different specialties oversee the process. Each client can meet with visiting doctors once a week to discuss medications and overall well-being.

Read more about the staff here.


4.      Reviews

Williamsville Wellness Center has a 3.7-star rating on their Facebook page, and 3.5 stars on The Fix. Some of the comments include:

This rehab is by far the best you will find! They surround you with natural beauty and find the beauty within you. Thank you Williamsville Wellness… I am forever grateful! – K.L

Changing lives one day at a time! This is the #1 facility for those that need help! – G.J

I relapsed my first weekend back home. I never got a follow-up call like they said they would. – Mona

This is a treatment center that helps Gamblers who have NOT been able to stop by going to GA. I was in GA for 4 years, never putting together more than 1 month of clean time. I have not gambled since the day I walked out of Williamsville, 19 months ago. The cost was $20,000, which seems high, but by not gambling I have saved 10 times that amount. Try GA first, if it doesn’t help, come to Williamsville. – H.B

This place is a joke, they didn’t submit my insurance correctly and still have yet to do so… I was called and harassed by their attorney who then called my next door neighbors to try to get ahold of me because of the “debt” that I owe… That to me is just un-ethical and harassment. – Dirk

Read more reviews here.


5.      Pricing

Treatment at Williamsville Wellness Center costs $25,000 for 28 days. The center works with many insurance companies that will help with or cover addiction treatment. In addition, the major insurances the center works with are Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Beacon Health Options, United Healthcare, and others.

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6.      Summary

Despite an intense daily regimen of one-on-one therapy sessions, Williamsville Wellness stands apart as the center that provides the most effective recovery assistance.

If patients’ main problem is gambling and seeking refuge in Virginia sounds manageable, Williamsville Wellness Center could be well worth the trip.

For more information about Williamsville Wellness Center, please visit their official website.

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